Title: Wants and Needs
Summery:Jed knows well the difference between the necessary and the unnecessary.
Disclaimer:if i owned this show, certain people would run around nekid a lot more.
Notes:i recently read a fic called 'desecration' by priya (Woman, you have GOT to stop putting plot bunnies in my head!) i got to wondering what that scenario would look like from Jed's point of view. i haven't posted to y'all for awhile, so let me know you're out there. P.S this is my first attempt at smut, so be kind please.

Wants and Needs by elicesmithus

I want him.

I'm sitting here in Senior Staff watching that man talk and talk and plan and strategize and all I want is him.

I want him spread and open and panting. I want him bent over my desk, on the nearest couch, sprawled on the eagle in the center of my carpet. I want him in his office, in my office, in the residence, at his hotel room, anywhere I can get him. I want to grab him right in front of the whole staff, throw him onto the floor, rip that damned Armani suit off of him, and make him scream. I want him to make me scream. I want to taste him. Not just his come, but everything else. I want the salt of his sweat on my tongue. The sweetness of his tears in my mouth as he shouts for me and God at the same time.

Will you quit that goddamned pacing. Watching you move is driving me insane. I can see you move in my mind. See you writhe and thrash as I ride you into oblivion. See you buck and moan and whine for me. I can see you walk up to me, fall on your knees, and worship at my feet. I want to find that spot behind your left ear that makes you stiffen like you've been hit by a bolt of lightning.

Oh God, you're talking. Shut up. Just shut your mouth and come over here. I can find ways of shutting you up. Like kissing you. Driving my tongue so deep into your mouth that I touch your tonsils. Tasting you. Scope and tomatoe juice and you. That taste that is wild and musky and far more addictive than any liquor or pill.

Quit making jokes, Sam. Can't you see I'm suffering over here? Mother Mary and all her saints, he's smiling. A real smile. Not that half- smile he normally gives. A full blown grin. I want that mouth. I want him to smile like that at me. Just like that right before he takes me into his mouth and transports me to Heaven. He can do that, 'ya know. He does this thing where he takes me into his throat and hums. He hums 'Ode to Joy', and 'Imagine', and when he hums 'Hail to the Chief' I go off like a rocket every time. I want him humming. NOW.

Will this thrice-damned meeting never end? I want all of you people out. Go away so I can make Leo McGarry sob. I can do that. Tease and taunt him till he's crying and begging for me to take him. And then giving it to him so hard and fast that there are tears of joy on his cheeks when he comes. It's beautiful to watch. I wanna' see that now. The way his eyes change when I take him. From blue to green to grey as he watches. I always make him watch me going into him. I love to see the wonder on his face as he watches his body accept everything I give and beg for more. I want that.

"I'm gonna' tell you guys a little story. Once, when I was very young, my mother took me shopping with her. I told her I needed this toy or that piece of candy once too often, and she pointed to a homeless man on the street and said that that illustrated the difference between wants and needs. I never used that phrase again when trying to cajole my mother. This meeting is over. Thanks, guys."

"Leo, I need you to come to the residence with me for a few minutes."


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