Author: Anne Marsh
Title: The Day - Newest in the Reuniverse.
Pairing: Sam/Josh
Rating:PG-ish to NC-17for now (don't worry, the rating'll get a big boost on their wedding night)
Summary: The wedding of the century.
Notes: Sam's POV.
Archive: Yes
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The Day by Anne Marsh

"This is so stupid." I sighed, leaning back into Toby's couch.

"Hey, it's tradition." He shrugged.

"It's a stupid tradition." My head lolled to the side and I looked out the window, at the stars, at the moon. Imagined Josh was doing the same.

Tomorrow we'll be getting married. Married. Just thinking the word is still enough to set me abuzz, or aglow. A-something, and I can't believe it's tomorrow...

Of course, because tomorrow is the day we'll be getting married, tonight I'm not drifting into dreamland in Josh's arms. Bad luck, or something equally *stupid*, and Toby's got me sleeping on his sofa.

"It's not a stupid tradition." Toby grumbled. "I saw Andi before our wedding, look how that turned out."


"Sam." He said warningly, and I shut up. This isn't the first instance of Toby's superstitions affecting our plans. We were going to use a burnt-out lightbulb for the breaking glass-- reduce, reuse, recycle, and all that. Toby just shook his head and said we were asking for bad karma, using a burnt-out lightbulb to symbolize the happiness of our union. So we bought a new lightbulb.

100 watt-- Josh said we might as well go all the way, made me laugh in the middle of the hardware store, and so I bought the stupid 100 watt bulb.

"I can't sleep."

"I can." Toby shrugged, heading down the hall.

"Well, I can't!" I whined, crossing my arms. "I don't have my Josh."

Of course we'd already said goodnight at the house before Toby spirited me away-- first with a quickie in the shower neither one of us had needed, then with a long hug-and-kiss in the doorway. We'd said goodnight again over the phone not fifteen minutes later. Now it was late, but I couldn't help myself. I dialed the house phone.

I got a busy signal.

At *this* hour!

I sighed, dejected, and settled down to a sleepless, Joshless, nerves- on-edge night, when my cell phone rang.

"Sam." I answered, and at the same time, Josh said my name, so we got a nice effect there. "Hey, baby."

"Hey. You were trying to call me, right?"

"Yeah, I--"

"I know, I was trying to call you, we cancelled each other out."

"Good thing you don't give up." I smiled, pulling the afghan over my shoulder. "Tomorrow."

"Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you, tomorrow, you're only a day away..."

"Josh, we're gonna be married."

"I know."

"I'm excited."

"I know."

"I can't sleep."

"Me either."

"But you better." I yawned. "Sleep. So you'll be all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning."

"You, too. I just-- I love you, Sam."

"Love you, too, Josh. Sleep tight."

"Mm, sweet dreams."

"Mm-hm. I'll see you tomorrow, Mr. Lyman."

"Last time you can call me that." I could hear the grin. "After tomorrow, I'm putting 'Seaborn-Lyman' on all the stationary, and on the return address label stickers... and on the mailbox... I've been thinking about getting it tattooed across my forehead."

"That's so gross." I giggled-- yeah, I giggled, you wanna make something of it? "No tattoos. Your mother would kill you."

"See you tomorrow, Mr. Seaborn." He smiled-- yeah, I can tell when he's smiling, and even how big, just from his voice. This was that soft, lazy smile. "Love."

"Love you." I blew a kiss down the wire, and he did the same, and neither one of us hung up.

Finally, I heard Josh's sigh. "On three, Sam."

"On three."


My palms were sweating.

That was the one thought that really solidified itself in my mind. My palms were sweating, but I couldn't wipe them on my pants, because I was wearing just about the nicest tuxedo I've ever seen in my life, and it was like I was in a bubble, and everything outside was fuzzy, and moving at the wrong speed, and my head was pounding, and--

"Sam?" CJ touched my shoulder, making me jump.

"Oh! You broke my bubble."


"Sorry, I'm... funny. In the head."

"Little wonder." She smiled, handing me a handkerchief.

I wiped my hands, grateful.

"Go ahead and hold onto that." She shook her head. "You ready?"

"Oh, yeah."

It was the truth-- I was absolutely ready. I couldn't wait to be up there, couldn't wait to say the words, to see Josh, to-- to be *married*, for Pete's sakes, I'm getting married!

"You're up." Toby touched my other shoulder. "Come on, Sam. You can do this."

"Yeah." I nodded. The world spun a little faster on its axis, throwing me off as I started moving. Bad science or not, that's what happened. Me, I'm perfectly steady. Not nervous at all. I know what *I'm* doing.

We're getting married in a freaking *castle*-- one of those palatial southern California places that get rented out for weddings. Neutral ground, religiously, so that both our families feel-- well, as comfortable as they're gonna feel, all else considered. The seating is done in three sections, two small side areas seperated from the big middle by two red-runnered aisles. One of the small seating areas has my people, the other Josh's, but since the bulk of the guests are mutual friends, we just sat them in the middle. I walk up the aisle on my side, Josh walks up the aisle on his side. Or is that down the aisle? We're exiting on his side-- we decided by flipping a coin. Weird, maybe, but when he came up with the idea, it certainly seemed brilliant.

I'm going first, just by a little bit, so the people in the middle don't have to choose where to look. Toby and CJ are already in place up front, I'm here, I'm here... Josh had objected to the traditional wedding march-- we'll still exit with the traditional music-- so on our entry, the organist is playing an instrumental version of an old Billy Joel song, and it's not making me cry, only-- only it is, because of course it's one Josh had put on the CD, and well why shouldn't I tear up just a little, it *is* my wedding day, and Josh is here, I can feel him beside me...

The moment I turn to face him still takes my breath away. He's a little pale, a little teary, a little sweaty, and he's got the biggest grin splitting his face. And I probably look about the same. And as unattractive as the pale/teary/sweating combination may sound, I swear I've never seen anything so beautiful.

He mouthed a 'hi', I almost laughed. This feeling is like-- like there's a balloon in my chest, and somebody's inflating it, and it just keeps inflating and inflating, until I feel like maybe it'll go too far and I'll explode, but the thought only makes me happy.

The whole 'we are gathered here' was like a low buzz in the background as my blood thundered in my ears. I couldn't take my eyes off of Josh, was having a hard enough time as it is keeping the rest of me off of him, and he reached out, fingers just touching one side of my tie, not quite tweaking, just touching, and he swallowed, and his eyes all shining and I'm only vaguely aware that at any minute, I will be expected to do more than just look at him. Words, I'll have to say words, and what are those? Why do I need them, have I ever spoken words before?

Well, never like this.


"The couple has written their own vows. Samuel, will you recite your vows to Joshua?"

I swallowed, mouth suddenly dry, hands still sweating, and for a minute, it was like I couldn't remember how to speak, and then Josh smiled reassuringly, and suddenly not only could I speak, I could probably fly if someone told me to.

"My darling Joshua; Without you, my life is colourless, directionless, and every time you've come into my life, you've brought with you a tremendous, infectuous passion. You've made me strive for great things, you've enriched my life with your friendship. And-- and the one thing that seems to me to prove that miraculous things happen, that they happen every day-- you fell in love with me. You tell me ever day, not only with the things you say, but with looks, touches... Not a day goes by that I don't feel incredibly *blessed*, to know you, to love you, to be the man you've chosen, to face the world at your side. Once I thought I might lose you... it was the most terrifying thing I'd ever felt, to think I might never tell you how much you meant to me. This-- all this-- means I never have to feel that way again. You know, and the world knows, that I love you, that I can't lose you. That whatever happens-- whatever happens..."

Oh, for crying out loud, not now, not right now... breaking down with emotion, and I'm just over halfway through, and-- oh. CJ gave me a handkerchief. No. After. Just get through the rest of this, then you can cry...

"I wrote these vows, struggling to come up with words, and with ways to say them, that could possibly explain just what you are to me. You're my everything. My life, my love, my soul. All these things seem insufficient-- you are my Joshua, and I don't know how to communicate to anyone, just what that encompasses, but Josh, I wouldn't be here without you. I mean, I wouldn't be anywhere without you. And I wouldn't want to be. And from this day onward, I'll never-- I'll never have to be, because where we were two, now we are one. From this day onward, Joshua... you are my best friend, my lover, and now, my husband."

"Joshua, your vows to Samuel now."

Josh had been trying to hide a quick hiccough of a sob, and he grinned at me. "Tough act to follow."

I just returned the reassuring smile he'd given me.

"Samuel Norman Seaborn; I know I don't have-- see, I don't have your way with words. I'm gonna try, I've been trying, when I wrote these, and it's not Shakespeare or anything, but it's how I feel, and--"

Aw, Josh... I'd give anything to kiss him right this instant, but there's a time and place for that, and it's not too far in the future, and I do want to hear what he's come up with, but... aw, Josh... he oughta know better than to be nervous-- Then again, I was pretty nervous, and I was a speechwriter to a former President of the United States, so... Josh regained his composure.

"From the day we met, I knew I needed you in my life. I-- I thought I had it all planned out, we were gonna be the greatest of friends, we were gonna rule the world someday. Well, it didn't take me long to fall in love with you, I guess... Somewhere along the line, the plan changed-- I wouldn't give up the greatest of friends for anything, but we *both* needed more, found ourselves the greatest of lovers, too. I-- the circumstances were... not ideal, but I'd do it a hundred times over again if I had to, for your love. Anything in the world would be worth that-- this."

I shuddered a little. The last thing I needed Josh to do again was *that*-- after all, the catalyst to our relationship was-- it was Rosslyn, and-- but still, he meant what he said... He was getting nervous again, wiping one hand on his tuxedo pants, fumbling with the speech he'd practiced in private.

"I know I don't have your way with words, but I realize maybe I don't need to. I mean, I've got my moments, and sure, I try. I try to do the romance thing. Actions, I hope, speak louder, because I'm just-- man. I'm tripping all over my tongue up here, but I wouldn't change this, either, because I'm up here, I'm getting married. *We're* getting married, Sam. I-- And it's all because-- because of you, because seeing you happy makes me feel like a million dollars, because *making* you happy makes me feel a million times better than that, even, because-- I'm a better man for knowing you, for loving you. And I'm going to love you. Until the day I die, and on into whatever comes after, Sam, from this day onward. I am-- I am overwhelmed, overjoyed, proud and ecstatic, to call myself your husband."

"The rings, please."

I turned to Toby, Josh to Leo, fumbling rings from pocket to hand to hand and in, like, five seconds, Josh is going to be my husband.

Okay, so five seconds is just the first amount of time that popped into my head and sounded good. Right now my temporal sense is on the fritz. As is my sense of anything not-Josh.

"Samuel, if you will place your ring on Josh's finger, and repeat: With this ring, I thee wed."

"With this ring, I thee wed." I whispered, choked.

"Joshua, if you will place your ring on Sam's finger, and repeat: With this ring, I thee wed."

"With this ring, I thee wed." He wasn't any more articulate than I was.

"Then in the eyes of the Lord, and those gathered here, I now pronounce you husband and husband, in your hearts. And that is where it truly matters. You may now kiss each other."

Josh framed my face with his hands, we looked into each other's eyes a moment more-- and his eyes are fathomless, deep, tears welling out, and my arms are around him, and I can still see his eyes, but now mine are closed, he's kissing me, soft and sweet and loving...

We break apart half-laughing, half-crying, hands slipping down to join, and someone's placed the bag, the velvet bag with the lightbulb in it, down between us.

Josh stamped down on it, the lightbulb made a loud popping sound, and it was a done deal, we were married, and they were playing the march, and we set off back down the aisle in a half-run, arm in arm, still laugh-crying, still desperately drunk on each other, and never drunk enough, never enough of his eyes, his smile, his laugh, his touch.

Outside there was millet-- I said millet, no rice, because the wrong kind of rice will kill birds-- and some people blew bubbles, and they released a pair of trained white doves, and bells rang, and people cheered, and Josh stopped us, at the top of the stairs, and turned, taking the crowd in. Grinning hugely, he waved at the assembled friends, relatives, and placed his arm firmly around my waist.

"See this guy?" He shouted joyously. "This is State Senator Sam Seaborn-Lyman, this guy, he's a serious politician, he's a brilliant lawyer, and he's in love with me! He loves me!"

He laughed, crowed, something, and I kissed him again, laughed against his mouth, and somehow we got into the limo.

"You look gorgeous." He touched my face. I pulled him into a hard hug, sniffling, kissed him a third time when I was sure my nose wouldn't run or anything embarrassing like that.

"*You* look gorgeous." I laughed, pulling him into a fourth kiss, just a quick one.

"Man, I want you so bad..."

"Josh!" I motioned towards the rest of the wedding party, with whom we were sharing a limousine.

"Well, I do. I knew we should've gotten two limos... then I could've had you to myself..."

I gave him a slight swat. "I still wouldn't have let you deflower me in a limousine."

"Oh, you so would have."

"And technically, hasn't he already deflowered you?" Donna pointed out helpfully. At least, helpfully in Donna-land. I blushed.

"Oh, yeah." Josh said, in that boastful tone of his. "All the time, and in ways you could only imagine."

"Stop that!" I swatted at him again. "I don't want her imagining!"

"Oh, she's not imagining!" He sighed.

"Au contraire, mon frere, she is imagining." CJ chuckled.


"I think we're *all* imagining." Toby grumbled. "And I, for one, would really rather not."

"Yeah, no offense, you guys, but... I'd rather not picture the two of you en flagrante delectico." Leo smirked. "And you can both keep your clothes on until after the reception's over."

"I knew we should have had the wedding earlier in the day!" Josh smacked his forehead. "Then we'd have time to check into the hotel before the reception."

"Our stuff is already at the hotel."

"Yeah, but we don't have time to *check in* before the reception!"

"Oh, don't whine." Donna kicked his ankle.

"Hey, if you just got married-- *especially* if you just got married to a guy even half as great as this one-- you'd find it had an effect on *your* libido, too." Josh put an arm around me, and settled down, despite his mini-lecture on libido. I happily snuggled up to him, and we spent the rest of the ride in a coccoon of bliss, half-hearing the conversation around us.

"You so would." Josh whispered in my ear.

"Yeah." I mumbl

Josh and I were seated at the head table, his hand clasped to mine, and both of us beaming like we'd-- well, I guess like we'd just gotten married. I really don't need to come up with an analogy for that one. Leo stood, raising his glass and waiting for the room to fall silent.

"Everyone... I've known Sam for some years, and Josh all his life. I could say a lot about these two men; I could tell you they're intelligent, I could tell you they're committed. I could tell you that they're caring, or I could tell you how talented they are. And I'm sure a lot of other people could say the same, and Toby at least is gonna do a better job of it than I could. So instead, I'll just say this; More than anything else, I can tell you that Josh and Sam deserve each other."

There was some laughter at the backhanded compliment, and Leo motioned for the crowd to settle.

"Seriously, I mean that, I do. I think it's obvious to everyone here, the love between the two of them, and I wish them all the best in their years together. They have something special, something not everyone has. And I know if anyone can treasure that, it's Josh and Sam. They have a good thing going, and they know it. And all kidding aside, more than anything else, they deserve to be together."

Josh made a covert swipe at his eyes, and I kissed the back of his hand. Leo sat, and Toby stood.

"Well... I've worked with both Sam and Josh-- Sam, mostly, but I've worked with both of them. I got to be... friends with them. So help me, I came to care about them as human beings. So it brings me great pride to have been invited to stand at that altar as Sam's best man, to witness their union from that vantage point. Over my period of association with these guys, I've seen how they work together as a team-- they both have strengths, and they both have weaknesses. Those strengths and weaknesses compliment each other, almost perfectly." He shot me a look. "Almost. It's rare that two people with so much in common, personally, as Sam and Josh, should have that perfect working balance. It's been my experience that most people who are that alike personally have the same strengths and weaknesses. Sam and Josh had a balance struck between them that made them a formidable working team. It is my hope that that same balance continues to serve them well as a domestic team. Mazel tov."

When Toby sat, CJ stood. "Okay, first of all, I have a confession to make-- Toby helped me write my speech. What can I say, I know my strengths and weaknesses, too. But he did use my-- you know, my thoughts, he just put them into better words. So, here's my speech, and if you guys think it sounds good, thank Toby."

She paused, both for the laugh, and to clear her throat. Josh squeezed my hand as we settled back to watch her speech.

"Some things go better together." CJ began. "Now, if you had asked me eight-- or seven-- or six... heck, if you had asked me as long as, just over four years ago, I would not have said Sam and Josh were one of those things. Not because they didn't get along-- you only had to look at them to see how well-- but because proximity to Josh seemed to lower Sam's judgement, and vice versa. Sure, it made for some amusing anectodes, but you'd never ask them to run a meeting together. Not twice, anyway. I think I changed my mind, maybe the day after Sam left us for California. I still wouldn't want him running a meeting with Josh, but you could tell the difference-- a Josh without Sam just wasn't the same. So I guess it made some amount of sense to learn that they loved each other. In retrospect, it made-- a whole lot of sense, really. And the more I found out about their story, just, the more wonderful and perfect it all seemed. They have a great romance behind them, and an even greater one ahead, as a married couple now. And I wish them the best."

Donna was next. Josh seemed a little nervous. Which I suppose I can't blame him for entirely... after all, after Esther and me, Donna probably knows the most embarrassing stuff about him.

"I'm going to have to second everything CJ said about judgement." Donna smiled. "I remember the time these guys set a fire in the building--"

"It was in a fireplace!" Josh interrupted, warring between indignance and amusement.

"Anyway... I also want to second what Leo said, about them deserving to be all happy together, and what Toby said, about being honoured to be there today. And I want to say-- I've gotten to know Josh pretty well... and I think-- I think it's great, that we all, all of us stayed friends, and I just-- I am so overwhelmed, that I'm here giving a toast at his wedding, to Sam of all people! This is, like, one of the top ten things I never thought would happen, but I am so happy for you guys!"

Donna was finally bawling like-- well, let's see, Josh, CJ, Esther, my mom, and I had all cried so far... anyway, I think Donna was probably a little teary earlier, but she was one of us, now. Josh stood and wrapped an arm around her, and I followed suit.

Bartlet stood. "I know I'm not a part of the wedding party, but may I?"

"Yes, Sir!" I nodded, taken a little aback.

Josh didn't seem so taken aback-- after noticing his non-reaction, I decided it wasn't really all that odd for Jed Bartlet to be speaking in front of a bunch of people, under any circumstances.

"These are both wonderful men. They are brilliant, and I am glad to have made their accquaintance years ago, when they helped get me elected. They were both there for me, any time I needed them, no matter what for, and I feel honoured to be able to be here for them, as a friend and ally, political and personal. I think they're very fortunate, to have done this, to have found each other, first of all, and to have been able to have this beautiful ceremony we all just attended. Legally recognized or not, it was a wonderful wedding, and it's going to be an even more wonderful marriage. These guys are a team, let me tell you. The love they share is so obvious, and so heartwarming to see... They are very fortunate-- a lot of people never find a love like we see in Sam and Josh today. Now, I was lucky to have found mine, some years ago, but a lot of people never do, and I am aware that a percentage of those who have never have a wedding. And any couple could count themselves lucky to have a wedding like this one-- not only beautiful, but with such *feeling* behind it, and to see all these people around you, knowing they care for and support you. And I think that they see how lucky they are. And I'm very thankful for both of them, and for the bond they share. It's a rare thing, and I trust that they will guard it. Congratulations, and mazel tov."

Josh's mother stood next. "Oh... I just can't believe-- only yesterday, it seems he was just a little boy, and now... married! My Joshua, I have never been prouder of you, and I know-- I know if your father was alive today, he would be proud, too. What you've done, it takes the kind of courage and conviction that's rare and wonderful. And your grandfather, my father, he would have been proud, too, to see that courage, the kind of courage it takes to stand up and be who you are, to know that whatever hardships life brings, however much harder it may become because of the path you've taken, you did what was right, you were true to yourself, to your heart. And I couldn't ask for a better son in law than Samuel... I'm sure your parents are proud of you, too, the man you've become. And it's so wonderful-- to see how happy you've made each other. I just think it's beautiful... and I'm so happy for you both! Mazel tov."

Josh lifted his glass towards her, smiling, blushing, and tearing up again. I kissed his cheek. As Esther sat, I was surprised to see my father stand.

"If I may? I'm Sam's father, I know most of you don't know me. Josh, your mother was dead on there. Sam-- I am proud of you. You showed a lot of courage today, and when you came out. You've always been someone I could be proud of. I wish I'd been someone you could've been prouder of, but Sam, you never let me down. You and Josh, you have something special... I'm glad-- I'm glad that you invited me to come, it was-- a beautiful ceremony. So... to my son and his husband!"

"To Josh and Sam," Leo stood, raising his glass, and there was a mass toast, clinking and bubbles, and echoes of our names, laughter and tears...

"To us," Josh whispered, linking his arm with mine.

"Us." I swallowed, my throat suddenly thick. We drank, kissed, fed each other bites of chicken and pilaf...

Dinner was going smoothly-- everyone talked like old friends, even people who'd only just met today. Even my parents. And there was me,

and there was Josh, and I kind of forgot to care about everyone else for a while.


"Well, as Wendy Wasserstien wrote; 'We're gonna Hora like no one's ever Hora-ed'." I stood, taking Josh's hand. "Whatever that means, exactly. Shall we?"

"Let's shall." He kissed my cheek warmly. "Mm, eventually."

There was another kiss, before Toby and CJ ushered us none-too-gently down to the dance floor. Donna had a camera out, and Leo was just smirking.

So, I have never before in my life done this. You know, sat in a chair while other people hoisted it up and danced around the room with it. Also, I didn't think to invite more muscular wedding guests. When we were making the list, I didn't rank guests in the order of who I thought could dance while supporting our weight. And there was a handkerchief involved, but not the one CJ had given me, but mostly I was trying not to think about being dropped, and keeping my eyes on Josh's.

The minute my chair had been set down, Josh was in my lap, grinning and laughing and kissing the end of my nose. I put my arms around him, couldn't help joining in with the laughing, grinning thing. We stood-- not that we were in a hurry-- and back-pats and congratulations milled around us. Josh got pulled away briefly, but I was distracted, so I let it happen.

"Sam..." My mother touched my elbow. "Honey, I have to leave early..."

"Oh, not already?"

"I'm sorry." She gave me a quick hug. "I haven't been well today, and I've got a bit of a headache coming on."

"I'm sure someone has somethi-- Earlier, CJ said she had aspirin in her purse."

"There's nothing for it." She shook her head apologetically. "I'm going to need to lie down... I'm sorry, really, dear. I'm-- I'm glad I made it to the wedding and through dinner, but I've got to go."

"Well-- hang on, can I give you money for a cab? You don't want to drive if you've got a migraine coming on."

"No, I'm fine, dear, the cab's on the way, and I'll take care of it. You-- you go on and have fun."

"Well-- I'll call you tomorrow before we go." I hugged her. "Feel better, okay, Mom? I'm sorry you couldn't stay for the cake-- we could wrap some up and have Aunt Jane take it to you, she's staying with you."

"Well, if Jane wants to. Goodbye, Sam." She touched my cheek and left. I felt... off, about it. Not about the headache-- she gets migraines, which is probably where *I* get them from. Not about her being sorry to go, she was. But I felt bad about the goodbye.

"Sam!" Josh was shoved back against my side, his arm coming around me. "They're gonna play our first dance. On our feet, anyway. My mom'd kill me if I said *that* didn't count."

"Okay." I wrapped my arms around him, and for a while, I forgot everything else. All that existed was Josh in my arms as the music played. Queen's 'You're My Best Friend'-- it had been playing on the radio the night we first made love. It had been St. Valentine's Day-- coincidence, mostly, because Josh had just been deemed fit enough for sexual activity the first week of February, and it took him not quite another week to be ready for it on a personal level, to be used to his body, and ready to get used to mine. And this song was playing on the radio as he took my tie and we kissed for the first time with intent.

It was the first chance we had, and it was on St.Valentine's Day, of all days, and the only night I could be with him, the first night he could be with me-- in another sense of the word. And it wasn't perfect; we'd had to be careful, had managed little more than an awkward hand job, and he kept his pajama top on the entire time, still ashamed of the scars, and after he came, and I kissed him, and the song had ended, though we weren't listening anymore, then I had unbuttoned the shirt, revealed his chest for a moment only and kissed the raised tissue, then closed it again, re-did the buttons and pressed another soft kiss to his lips. It was those moments that made it the perfect first time, the before-kisses and after.

"Remember?" He whispered. "I remember the next morning, you wrote it down..."

I blushed. Yes, it's true, I kept notes-- not on the sex, on the song. I wrote it down, and said to Josh 'this is so I'll never forget what song was playing when we first made love', and he'd teased me about it, but 'You're My Best Friend' made it onto the CDs he'd burned me, every one, and he'd been the one to request it for the first dance...

"I remember a lot of embarrassing things you've done after." I countered, and Josh laughed.

"Yeah. You make a fool out of me on a regular basis."

"I love you."

"I love you, Mr. Seaborn-Lyman." He sighed, lips pressing gently on mine, in a lazy smoosh of a kiss, leaning into each other and merely soaking in a beloved presence. "Mmm, very, very much."

"Very, very much." I smiled.

The song had ended. The DJ announced that the next dance went to our mothers, and I felt incredibly lost in that moment when Esther came up to dance with Josh and I realized that my mom went home with a migraine, and I wasn't sure what I was going to do.

"Sam's mother had to step out just recently with a migraine," My dad laid the source of my current turmoil out, standing up. "Since it looks like she's out... Sam, I've never danced with another man before, but if you want to show me the ropes, I'll try to salvage this situation."

I was either laughing or crying. "Thanks, Dad. You, um, you don't have to."

"Well, I'm not going to let anything ruin your reception."

I hugged him. "I love you, Dad."

"Sam, for the past five-- nearly six years or so now, I wondered if I'd ever hear that again. I am certainly willing to dance with you in front of a roomfull of politicians if that means I've earned my place back in my son's heart."

"Aw... Dad, I-- Well, you're my dad!" I hugged him again. Josh leaned over and put an arm around each of us.

"Mr. Seaborn, I love you, too." He grinned. "Thanks."

"Thank you, Josh." Dad shook his head. "You had a lot to do with this reparation."

Then Esther was there, and there was a huge group hug, and the music started and I was dancing with my father. Surreal, and quite possibly embarrassing or something, but you know what, I spent too much time not talking to the man, and if he's willing to do *this*-- most of my relatives wouldn't even come to the wedding. Aunt Jane on my mom's side, and nobody on Dad's. His upbringing was fairly conservative, religiously-- Mom's, too. Not majorly so, but I know what my aunt and uncles on the Seaborn side think of homosexuality, and what my granparents thought. What presumably my grandfather still thinks. I can only imagine Dad was raised to hold the same view, but apparently God thinks pretty well of me, because he's given me not only Josh, but a father who loves and accepts me, in spite of what he's been taught, and all the years of 'training' I thought meant I'd be cut out of the family.

"I meant it, Sam. Josh is a fine man, I'm happy for you. I think what you've done today took a kind of courage you don't see too often nowadays. You don't see it in any of the places people look for courage. Nope, this is a whole different animal, Sam. It was a tremendous gesture to the world-- I hope an example to people, to act on their convictions. I guess you know your grandparents-- Well, they never talked about it when I was growing up, of course. No one did. But it was when you were a kid, and in high school, later in college, and it was something people saw, they were... vitriolic. Anyway, I know you were raised right, Sam, and beyond that, you *are* right, where it counts, on those levels where it doesn't matter what you teach. And I just don't think a man as bright and as fundamentally good as my son could be branded somehow wrong for falling in love. I want to make sure you understand that, Sam, is all. I want to make sure you understand that how you live your life has nothing to do with-- well, with sexual preference, and I know that. And it shouldn't make any difference to anyone, and it doesn't to me."

"Dad-- does-- You talked to mom, some... does she--?"

"I don't know exactly what your mother's feelings are on the subject, but she was here today."

"Okay. I just-- I wondered, if she'd said anything to you."


"That's okay. Thanks for saving the day, Dad."

"Thanks for letting me lead, Sam."


The reception had an open bar, and I went for a Shirley Temple while Josh was accosted by Donna. Actually, I think he was dancing with her. Anyway, once my drink was in my hand, Josh was back at my side like he'd have to be surgically removed. Well, standing just behind me, actually, and that's just where I like him, pressed gently against my back, his hands on my hips...

"What's that?"

"Shirley Temple." I mumbled, looking down into it.

"Speak up?"

"It's a Shirley Temple." I admitted. "Yes, a girly, non-alcoholic beverage."

"Can I have your cherry?" He rested his chin on my shoulder, arms around my waist.

"Sure." I said, taken aback at the lack of mockery.

"I got Sam's cherry..." Josh leered in a sing-song voice, fishing it out by the stem.

"Honey, you had that a *long* time ago." I elbowed him softly. "Behave."

"Mm." He nuzzled my ear. "So is the Shirley Temple 'girly' and the Roy Rogers somehow more masculine, or is any non-alcoholic cocktail 'girly'."

"Dunno. I just-- I mean, there was champagne, and chances are there will be more champagne, and... well, I didn't want to have too much to drink, because tonight's our-- well, you know, we'll be..." I was blushing.

"Sam, you can *say* it."

"We'll be doing things a person doesn't discuss in mixed company."

"No one's listening to us." He sighed. "Are you embarrassed?"

"Well, I just don't think it needs to be front and cent--"

"I meant about your girly drink."

"Oh. Well... I mean--"

"Sam, I switched over to sparkling cider halfway through the night." Josh laughed. "I don't think I need to get drunk tonight, either. Besides... I get no kick, from champagne... Mere alcohol doesn't thrill me at all..."

He spun me in a circle, then settled himself back against me.

"You get a kick out of me?"

"Nah, you're more of a biter."

"Josh!" I hit his arm half-heartedly.

"I get a kick out of you, baby..." He snuggled into me, tightening the embrace. I started to relax, when I felt the soft, nibbling kisses along the nape of my neck, just over the collar, sneaking up under the edge of my hair.

"Mm, Josh, don't do that in public..."

"Mm, Sam..." I felt the tip of his tongue, tracing just below the collar of my tux now.

"Josh!" I hissed, thumping his arm lightly again. "Stop."

I still whimpered, bereft, when he did stop. He pulled back, just a little, and I didn't need to see him to know what that grin would look like. "You don't sound like you mean it."

"Josh, you really, *really* can't keep doing that in public..." I whispered.

"Aw, I'm just trying to get a rise out of you..."

"Well, you're well on your way to a pretty spectacular job of it!"

"Okay." He pulled back, until his arms were only just resting around my waist. "I'm sorry."

"You don't sound like you mean it." I teased, turning to face him.

"Yeah." He winked at me.

"You are so terrible..."

"Oh, yeah. You know it's 'cause it turns you on."

"It does not." I protested. My protest made rather weaker by the fact that I was grinning and blushing like a teenager.

"Okay." He kissed the end of my nose, then rested his forehead against mine, and we swayed absently with the music, just enjoying the time in each other's arms.

"You look so good in a tux..." I pulled back enough to look him over. "You clean up nice, Josh."

"Thanks. I think I'm probably the second-best-looking guy in the room... Wow, you look fantastic..."


"I mean it, you are *hot*." He fingered my tie again. "Look at you... like you were born to wear it."


"I can't help thinking about what's under it, either..." He whispered, coming in closer. "I'm looking forward to getting it off you, one... layer... at a time..."

"Josh..." I groaned warningly.

"Sorry. I told you I couldn't help thinking about it. Slow..."

"Remember when I said you were terrible? I'd like to repeat that sentiment, but to the tenth degree."

"Remember when I said it turned you on? I don't think I even need to repeat that sentiment."

"Why do the good ones always fall for the bad boys?" I ruffled the front of his hair teasingly. "You're cute..."

He snorted, but looked pleased at the compliment.

"No, really. I think this is the first time I've actually seen you in a yarmulke..."

"Yeah, it-- Mom wanted me to wear it." He said, choked. "It-- it was my dad's. When they got married. She said I ought to, you know... and--"

"Well, you look good in it. She was right, you know. He'd be proud of you today."


I opened my mouth to speak. I wasn't sure what I was going to say, but it didn't matter much, as someone tapped their champagne glass with a spoon, and then everyone was doing it, and Josh placed a finger to my lips.

"Hold that thought," He said, voice low and sensual, eyes smouldering. "I think that's the signal for the newlyweds to kiss..."

One hand cupped the back of my head as he leaned over me, the other was at the small of my back. I wrapped my arms around him and let him lead, responding in pretty equal measure to the thorough passion with which he kissed me. When the clinking stopped and Josh pulled away, it was with one final soft kiss.

"I love you," He whispered.

"I love you." I held him, my head on his shoulder.


There was an informal receiving line of sorts-- not for the gifts, but for best wishes and congratulations. The Bartlets had passed us, Charlie and CJ and Toby had passed us, Ainsley and Donna had passed us...

"Congratulations." Leo made an aborted movement to shake hands with Josh, but hugged him instead. "You too, Sam."

I was just as surprised when I got hugged, even after seeing him do it to Josh. I mean, Leo's a sweet guy, but he's not a hugger.

"And I wish you both the best. In everything."

Bartlet had doubled back, and tapped Leo on the elbow. "Hey, Leo..."


"Dance with me."

"Have you been drinking, Sir?"

"Oh, come on, it's 'Jed' now. And no, I have not been. It just seems like this is a wedding where we ought to see more same-sex dance partners. Besides, Abby's sitting in the corner cursing at her shoes, so..."

"Jed, I don't dance."

"Leo, I'll give you fifty bucks if you dance with him." Josh laughed.

"Josh, I don't need your fifty bucks."

"What do you need?"

"You couldn't possibly give me anything that would make *this* a-- a thing I would do."

"Could I?" Bartlet elbowed him again.

"No." Leo scowled, but it was his good-natured scowl. We've all learned to recognize the many moods of Leo by which scowl it is he's using.

"We'll discuss this later." Bartlet shrugged, walking back over to his family.

"I am eigh-- I am seventy-five percent sure that the champagne went to his head." Leo sighed. "Anyway... again, congratulations and best wishes."

People from work-- Josh's and mine-- came and went with the usual words. We were just about to the end of the line.


"Matt!" Josh shook hands with the other man. "You made it!"

"Of course I made it. I had to offer my support, didn't I? Besides, I have you to thank, Sam-- if you hadn't left DC for LA, the Republican party would be no closer to running the city."

"I'm sure Josh made it hard enough on you for those last four years." I said, grinning over at my husband.

Matt Skinner shook his head, chuckling. "Are you kidding? I could beat Josh with one hand tied behind my back any day-- provided you're on the other side of the country."

Josh shrugged, giving me a quick squeeze. "Maybe we'll come back and save America from your evil clutches someday."

"I hope not."

"Come on... You gotta admit, this is a good idea." He gestured expansively. "Gay matrimony is good for the economy. It could be good for you, too, you know. You bring a guest?"

Matt shrugged. "Not this time."

"Well, someday, you're gonna find someone, and you're gonna wanna marry him, and you're gonna see I was right all along."

"It won't play in Peoria, Josh."

"Screw Peoria. We're not banned in Boston."

"Look-- seriously, I'm happy for you."


He looked around with exaggerated unease. "Josh, your guest list reads like the DNC... I feel a little out of place."

"You're not the only republican here. Ainsley Hayes is over there dancing with an attractive blonde." I pointed her out.

"I like Ainsley. I don't know her well, but I've seen her on Capitol Beat. Probably my favourite person from the Bartlet White House-- after the two of you, of course."

"Of course." Josh smiled. "Well, thanks. I'm glad you came. And ha, I did so invite republicans to my wedding. I think the major rule for being a republican at the Seaborn-Lyman wedding is that I have to worry they've got the hots for Sam."

"I never had the hots for Sam." Matt laughed. "Sorry, Sam."

I shrugged. "I'm not my type, either."

"Liar," Josh called after Matt. "Everyone has the hots for Sam. It's like, a law."

"I can't believe you got a job in the private sector!" Matt fired back.

"Natural law!" Josh clarified, before planting a kiss on my cheek.

Joey Lucas came over and hugged us both.

"Congratulations." She smiled.

"Congratulations." Kenny shook hands with us.

"We heard." Josh grinned.

"From me."

"Thanks for coming."

"I wouldn't miss it." Joey kissed his cheek, then mine. "I'm very happy for you two."

"Thank you."


We swayed to the music-- our last dance for that night. Josh's arms were around me, close and warm. His lips neared my ear, blowing softly once before he began to sing.

"In every heart, there is a room,
A sanctuary safe and strong,
To heal the wounds from lovers past,
Until a new one comes along.
I spoke to you, in cautious tones,
You answered me with no pretense.
And still I feel I said too much,
My silence is my self-defense.
And every time I held a rose,
It seems I only felt the thorns.
And so it goes, and so it goes,
And so will you soon, I suppose.
But if my silence made you weep,
Then that would be my worst mistake.
So I will share this room with you,
And you can have this heart to break..."

I misted up. I mean, I misted up real bad, my head resting on his shoulder, my hands pressed soft against the warm of his back... I never want this to end... I never want to stop dancing with this man, this beautiful, amazing man...

"And this is why my eyes are closed
It's just as well for all I've seen.
And so it goes, and so it goes,
And you're the only one who knows...
So I would choose to be with you,
As if the choice were mine to make.
And you can make decisions, too,
And you can have this heart to break."

He continued, swayed with me as he sang soft in my ear.

"And so it goes, and so it goes,
And you're the only one who knows."

"You're so beautiful..." I whispered the words into his shoulder, fighting a losing battle with tears as I dug through my pocket for CJ's handkerchief.

"I-- if I was, you know, good at coming up with that stuff, that's still the stuff I'd come up with, mostly." Josh whispered back. "I mean-- I mean I mean it, about you, being, you know-- You understand, and-- and I love you so much, Sam... and I trust everything I am to you."

"That's not 'good at coming up with that stuff'?" I asked, incredulous. "Josh!"

I laughed, we kissed. The dance was over, but while I had said I never wanted it to end, it occurs to me that there are other things I say I never want to end... and with the evening winding down, we can go and do them...

"We have a hotel room..." I whispered, rubbing one of his hands between both of mine.

"It *is* getting late..." He grinned, nuzzling my cheek. "Call it a night?"

"The reception'll be over in five minutes, anyway." I went to the bar and got another Shirley Temple, brought it back over to where Josh stood. "In the meantime... cherry?"


We cut the cake, fed each other bites while friends took pictures. It was chocolate cake with a sort of a cream cheese frosting-- Josh insisted that buttercream frosting made him want to vomit, and I said chocolate cake or not, the frosting will be *white*, so it came down to vanilla or cream cheese.

Josh got frosting on my nose, laughing.

"Hey!" I shoved his arm gently and did the same to him. Still laughing, he leaned in and kissed the frosting off. I decided it was only right to return fire on that one, too.

After cake was finished and arrangements were double-checked, I grabbed a half-full bottle of Moet & Chandon, and Josh swept me off, out of the ballroom, down the hall, into the elevator where he kissed me deeply, and finally, to the door of our honeymoon suite...

"I've got the key," I said, throat a little dry.

"Who's carrying who over the threshhold?" Josh tilted his head to one side as we both stared at the door.

"Um... I hadn't thought of that."

Josh pushed the now-unlocked door open and hefted me over his shoulder, kicking the door shut and dumping me on the bed, where he fell after me, the both of us laughing again. I barely managed to set the champagne safely to the side.

"When we get to the next one, you can carry me." He shrugged.

This suite we had for tonight-- it was apparently part of a package deal with getting the ballroom for our reception. The honeymoon we'd planned was a romantic sort of road trip, most of our stops along the California coast, places Josh had never been and wanted to see. For our last stop on the way up, we'd be spending a couple of nights in Ashland, Oregon, home of what I'd heard was one of *the* best Shakespeare festivals in the country. Their season had just begun, and I had picked the quiet little theatre town. I was looking forward to the whole thing, to exploring with Josh, to finding the most romantic views and restaurants and things, and to spending a lot of time in a few nice hotel rooms...

Starting with this one... the laughter died away, and Josh kissed me, softly at first.

"You astound me." He smiled against my skin. "Here..."

He slid the tuxedo jacket down off my shoulders, down my arms... his fingers nimbly undid my tie-- incredible how good he is at getting those *off*, considering the trouble he has putting them on. He started in on the shirtstuds when my hands on his stopped him.

"You have some catching up to do." I reminded him, taking his coat, untying his tie. I got a small box from the suitcase that had already been sent up, setting it on the bedside table. "Don't lose the shirtstuds or the cufflinks," I instructed, dropping a couple of his into the box.

"Right..." He kissed me, undressed me. We toed off shoes and pulled off socks with mouths still fused together. Watches joined the studs in the box, my vest and cummerbund wound up halfway across the room, and I was tugging up at the hem of Josh's undershirt.

He obligingly lifted his arms, took mine in the same fashion before waging war on my pants. We were a tangle of limbs in a rush to get each other naked first, and his hand slipped into my underwear, gently fondling before he removed them entirely. I groped him through the silk of his boxers, kissed him hungrily, and somehow, without any thought behind it, the boxers-- as well as my underwear-- were gone.

"How do you want to do it?" Josh asked, gently, holding me in his arms. "I mean... anything you really want-- or don't want-- for this?"

I blushed, looking down. Which didn't help, you know, stave off embarrassment, since I was now staring straight at his cock. Not that that wasn't a favourite pasttime or anything...

"I just want it to be perfect..." I shrugged.

"It will be."

"I mean--"

"It's okay..." He stroked my cheek. "We can do it any way you want. I'm not exactly picky when it comes to you, Sam..."

"I don't know..."

"You want me to take you in my mouth?" He asked suggestively, his hand trailing down my bicep.

"Most of the time." I admitted with a wry smile. "Not this time... I-- I just..."

"You want me inside you?" Josh pulled me to lie down against him. "Or do you want to be insi--"

"No, I--" I sighed, frustrated with my own inability to articulate anything helpful. "I just-- I just want it to be perfect..."

"How's this?" He grabbed my hips, shifting me over to lie atop him, and brought us into alignment.

"Ohhh... is this gonna be enough for you?" I lifted my head, looking into his eyes anxiously.

"You have *no* idea..." He groaned, hands cupping my buttocks, grinding our lower bodies together. One hand slid back up to hold me to a kiss, and we writhed and rolled together.

The intense pleasure rippled through me, from where his erection caressed mine, from where he plunged his tongue deep into my mouth, sucked my lower lip into his, vigorously kissing me and bucking against me. One of his thighs wormed between mine. I was beneath him, above him, we were on our sides, then I was beneath him again, the kiss growing more passionate, breaking only for air, and then Josh was attacking my neck, laying sweet seige, and if only this could go on longer, but we were both building towards climax so quickly now...

I was on top again as I threw my head back, spine arching, Josh's name escaping my throat in a guttural cry as he sobbed mine out, curling forward to muffle the sound against my shoulder.

We collapsed in a sticky, happy heap, my fingers trailing along his ribcage, my head over his heartbeat, and Josh stroked my hair, then my back, whispering sweet nothings.

"That was incredible." He sighed-- the first actual words of English to emerge since we made love.

"Really?" I tilted my head up to see him. "I mean-- I was afraid it wouldn't, you know, be special enough-- I mean, for our first time as a married couple, but it was just what I wanted, so--"

"Sam, it was plenty special." He chuckled, kissing the top of my head warmly. "It's always special. And tonight-- tonight couldn't have been anything but special! It was fantastic, it-- I mean, wow, the way you... Sam, making love to you is-- you know what I mean? Frottage is just as much lovemaking as sex that involves penetration. Whatever you feel like, Sam, chances are I will feel like it, too."


"No doubt." He kissed me again, this time the end of my nose. "I love you, Sam."

"Love you, too." I sighed, relaxing against him.

"Hey... I'm gonna go get a warm washcloth, okay?" He stroked my cheek with one foreknuckle. "Clean ya up?"

"Sure." I rolled onto my back and waited. By now, I was pretty good at reading Josh, and that's *definitely* a good thing, because he can never just come out and say 'I want to be nurturing, Sam', or anything like that. I just know when he offers to do the little things that I could just as easily do, that he means it.

He was achingly tender with me, both during the cleanup and after, when he curled up beside me in bed again.

"I don't think I can sleep." He grinned, lacing his fingers with mine.

I nodded. "I know, I'm wired..."

"I'd suggest we... tire each other out, but we just tried that, and I'm still just so... wow. I mean, today was--"

"Yeah. And I just--"

"It hasn't caught up to you yet. I mean, we'll be drained later, but now..."

"I'm still on air."

We kissed-- a simple kiss this time, loving but not overly-sensual. Longer than a peck, though. Josh turned, to settle against me with his head on my shoulder, back partway leaning on my front.


"Yeah, hon?"

"I-- um, if you're still awake and all... can I-- read you a poem?"

"I'd like that." He tilted his head back to smile at me. "Neruda?"

"Not this time. Here, close your eyes... hang on a sec, I have to go get it, it's in the bag..."

"Mm." He waited patiently for me to get what I needed, and we re-settled, back to front, Josh all blissed-out with his head back against my shoulder...

"You have spoiled me for the world.
The sweetest wines seem dull after the sweetness of your kisses.
I have no eyes for fine art
Beside your smile, the Mona Lisa seems charmless, flat.
After my lips have graced your silken skin, a prince's satin sheets
would seem rough,
And in those sweet aftermoments, when our breath mingles between
cooling bodies
No myrrhs compare, to the musk at the hollow of your throat.

When I have long gazed upon your face, the flowers lose their beauty
A sunset is only magnificent reflected in your eyes.
After your laugh, tender in my ear
No music writ by man could move my soul again.
After the love of your soul has enveloped mine, I can imagine no
Heaven but what you have made me on earth.
And when I am in your arms, it seems
You have spoiled me for the world;

And my life is all the better for it."

Josh let out a soft sigh and turned to snuggle down against me. "That's beautiful. Not Neruda?"


"His loss, that was-- I mean, I'm not a big poetry guy, but that was really... you know. The love, it was-- what am I trying to say, Sam?"

"Touching?" I smiled, kissing his nose, then his lips.

"Palpable. I mean, yes, but the love. The love, it was all palpable. Right?"

"Sure." I cupped his face in one hand. "You're beautiful..."

"What's it called? I might want to read it again."

I swallowed. "Joshua." Josh blinked at me, and I swallowed again. "It's called 'Joshua'."

"Sam... did you--?"

I nodded.

"Oh, Sam..." He exhaled, throwing himself at me in a hard hug. "Sam, *you're* beautiful... I never-- No one ever wrote me-- had something like that, the best wedding present ever! Sam..."

"You liked it, then?"

"You wrote that for me?" His eyes sparkled as he drew back to beam down at me.

"For you. About you."

"I love it. I loved it before, and I love it even more now that I-- You *wrote* me a poem!" I was assaulted with a series of quick kisses. "That's the sweetest thing I ever-- Sam, is there anything you *can't* do?"

"Stop myself." I said, pulling him into a longer kiss.

"Oh." He finally said, smiling dazedly. "Well, I'm kind of glad you couldn't do *that*. Any time you, you know, feel unable to stop yourself from kissing me like that, you can, you know, admit it. I mean, nobody's perfect, Sam, so if you ever have flaws like not-not-kissing me, that's so totally okay with me, and I think it's a wonderful thing to--"

"Josh, you're babbling." I laughed, kissing him again.

"Sam, I am going to make love to you." He announced, grabbing the half-bottle of champagne that I'd brought-- a whole bottle of the exact same stuff had been packed up with the wedding gifts, to go in the cellar with the anniversary-wine we already had.

"Are you?" I stretched out, smiling up at him, gazing at him through my lashes. "Mm, say it again, Josh..."

"Sam," He schooled himself into a look of supreme seriousness, a man on a mission. "I am going to make love to you."

---/-/--- When I'd said earlier that there would probably be more champagne later, I had not anticipated the... innovative streak Josh has when it comes to sex...

Josh's thumb half-covered the mouth of the bottle as he let the room-temp champagne splash onto my chest, his tongue following, swirling around my nipples and lapping up bubbles.

I was stuck in a state of gasp, between the sensation of the champagne-- which had *not* gone flat in the least-- and Josh's mouth.

"You want a taste?" He offered, tracing one wetted finger along my lower lip. I nipped at him, moaning.

"Josh... yes..."

"We'll split the rest of the bottle. You want the Moet or the Chandon?" He grinned, sprinkling drops over my abdomen before letting me lick more from his fingers. I kept sucking long after the taste went from champagne to Josh alone, and his tongue circled my navel.

I gasped again as said navel became a reservoir for said champagne, and Josh's tongue smoothed over the tickled skin. He sat back a moment to examine his handiwork-- me, breathless and quite possibly wanton.

Oh, yes. Definitely wanton. You'd think by now I'd be more wary of that gleam in his eyes, too... Josh winked at me, then took a swig of champagne.

To be fair, I was in no position to notice whether or not he swallowed it at the time. I mean, the state I was in-- but I noticed when he suddenly enveloped my throbbing hard-on in a miniature Moet & Chandon jacuzzi...


Josh 'mm'ed around me, swallowed a few times, first the champagne, then my release, milking everything he could get from me.

The haze he'd sent me spiralling into lifted upon Josh stretched out alongside me, grinning smugly.


"You magnificent bastard." I gasped, rolling him onto his back. "I love you, and yes, I love your dirty, dirty mind, and I am going to get you back for that."

I was laughing by the time I'd finished, kept my thumb over the mouth of the bottle and shook it, spraying his upper body with bubbly foam and taking my sweet time licking it up.

"Oh, Sam..."

"Don't you dare," I mumbled, grabbing his wrists. "*Mine*."

"All yours... oh, Sam!"

"You are absolutely wicked, Joshua..."

"Am I supposed to say 'I'm sorry' or 'You're welcome'?" He moaned, trying once again to guide my head back towards a nipple.

"Don't know." I resisted, instead grazing my teeth along his ribs. I delighted in the shiver that coursed through his body, dribbled more champagne along the center of his chest, let him suck at my fingers as I lapped the tiny, sparkling pools up.

"Mmm, more, Sam..." He demanded, head following my hand. I wet my fingertips, painting arabesque patterns in champagne on his skin, letting him lick the fingers again as I returned to his stomach, felt him quiver under my tongue.

I got a generous mouthful of champagne-- a fairly good deal of it spilled out as I took him in-- and proceeded to insure that the words 'champagne wishes' would take on a whole new meaning in Josh's mind. He came with a small cry, and as his penis softened and slipped away, I licked the spilt dribbles of champagne from around the base.

Josh squirmed, tugged me up for a kiss.

"You're fantastic." He sighed. "Maybe *too* fantastic..."

"Tired yet?"

Josh nodded and snuggled down against me.

"Josh, I've got to--"

He grumbled, rolling off me and letting me up to the bathroom, where I brushed my teeth. A moment later, he followed, giving his teeth a brief, perfunctory going-over-- which was entirely for my sake, I knew, and I loved him for it-- and availing himself of the toilet.

By the time I'd finished with the floss and mouthwash, Josh had washed and dried his hands, and was wrapping his arms around my waist, tugging me back towards the bed.

"Tomorrow morning, you can be too fantastic again." He sighed, pulling the covers up around our shoulders.

"All right." I kissed him softly. "The next time someone asks me what I see in you, you know what I'm gonna say?"

"What?" He smiled at me.

"I'll say 'Well, I love Josh for a lot of reasons, but if you simply must know, he's very innovative."

He snorted. "Innovative. That's a terribly G way of putting it. If anyone was ever stupid enough to have to ask me what I see in you, know what I'd say?"


"I'd say 'Well, about a week ago, it was my cock.' Because I don't do the G thing."

I laughed, surprised. As Josh settled his head back down and closed his eyes, it occurred to me to say one last thing.

"Don't actually ever do that."


To be continued...

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