Title: The Right Stranger
Author: Michelle K. (CageyGrl@yahoo.com)
Site: http://glimmershine.tripod.com
Category: Crossover (Angel/The West Wing); f/f slash (Fred/Donna)
Spoilers: A: "Harm's Way"; TWW: "California 47th"
Rating: R
Summary: Fred needs a one-night stand. Or something.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't sue.
Notes: for minttown1, by way of fan_the_vote. And happy birthday, yo.

The Right Stranger by Michelle K.


Fred wasn't sure what to make of bonding with Harmony. After all, she insulted her as much as she didn't. But she was entertaining and a little sad, so maybe that made up for it.

"You should have sex," Harmony said. "Unless you are having sex, which I don't think you are."

Fred coughed. "No, I'm not. Is it that obvious?"

"Not *obvious* obvious. But obvious enough that you should have sex."

Fred stirred her drink with a tiny straw as she considered the advice. It had been a while, and both Wes and Knox weren't exactly pursuing her with the sort of ardor that would lead to sex any time soon. "So. One-night stand?"

"Sounds like the proper phrase for what you'd get in a bar."

"Yeah. I don't do that."

"You're a prude?"

"No! I like sex." She made sure not to say that loud, as declaring enjoyment of the carnal in a bar could only lead to attention from creeps. "I just don't like having sex with strangers."

"Ever think you've met the wrong strangers?"

"Can't say I've thought about it much, actually." Fred straightened a crease in the short skirt she'd worn on Harm's prompting. She had to admit it wasn't terrible. The overly sweet lip-gloss Harmony had given her? Kinda was.

Harmony stared off to the side, pensive. "What do you think of lesbians?"

Fred's eyes widened. "I have no idea how to answer that."

"Well, what do you think of having sex with them?"

"Um..... I like you as a friend." Fred's voice reached an obscene high until she was speaking in a squeak. She cleared her throat. "I don't mean that as an insult. It's just, we're really becoming friends, you and I--"

"Not me, silly," and Fred was surprised by how much it didn't sound like an ego protecting lie. "There's this woman who keeps checking you out. She's staring at your legs a lot. I *told* you that skirt was a good idea."

"That's why you brought up lesbians? And one-night stands?"

"Well, what better time to bring it up than when there's a lesbian interested in a one-night stand?"

Fred shook her head; she was a girl who attracted people over time, not a desirous bar pick-up. "She's looking at you."

"You haven't even glanced!"

"Okay." Fred sighed. "Where is she?"

"Over your right shoulder."

Fred turned her head to find a blonde studying her rather intently. It was possible that the woman shifted her gaze to her after the flash of movement, so she wasn't too convinced. After a moment, the woman smiled and waved. Fred quickly rotated away.

"Oh my God. That was so rude. Which I don't reject outright, but still." Harm kicked Fred under the table. "Go."

"Ow. Don't kick me."

"Well, don't ignore her."

"What's this about?"

"It's about giving you a kick to talk to an interested party like you did for me. Granted, that ended with a dead body in my bed, but that will probably not happen to you. Really, what would be the odds?" Fred didn't say anything. "I'll kick you again."

"Okay, okay! But if she's crazy, I'm coming back and kicking you."

Harmony smiled. "Having a gal pal is so great."

Fred exhaled, sliding off her seat. She took her drink in her hand and sipped it before making her way to the woman's table. Appraising her without Harmony, Fred decided this woman was attractive. Maybe even enough to play with the one-night stand thing?

"Hi," Fred said. She grinned nervously. "Would you like some company?"

She smiled. "Sure."

After she settled into the seat adjacent to her, Fred extended her hand. "Fred Burkle."

"Short for?"


"My name's Donna." She gripped Fred's hand and released it after a quick shake. "Donna Moss."

"Short for?"


"I really wasn't expecting you to have an answer for that."

Donna titled her head. "I like to start things off with a surprise. Thankfully, your question has saved me from concocting an elaborate lie about my pet snake Lily."

"You have a pet snake?"

"No. That would be one of the many lies in this nonexistent story."

Fred wasn't sure if Donna was crazy or just quirky, but she thought she already liked her.


Eventually and predictably, the conversation turned away from snakes and to what they "do for a living."

"I work at an evil law firm," Fred blurted out.

Donna was unalarmed. "Like Republican?"

"Uh. Kinda," Fred said. She *had* overheard some of her demonic co-workers discussing the tyranny of taxes with that creepy guy from the Club for Growth. "Maybe I shouldn't have used the word *evil*." ....in the company of someone who she can't explain the true weirdness of Wolfram and Hart to. "And you?"

"I work in politics. A non-evil section. I'm in town with President Bartlet." She paused. "Did that sound like I was bragging?"


"I'm not."

"I know."

"I'm an assistant. Anyway, we're here campaigning for Sam Seaborn for Congress."

Fred didn't recognize the name as that of a client, and was rather pleased. What wasn't pleasing was the feeling of 'what now?' What should they talk about? How did she know if Donna should be her one-night stand? How did she know she wanted a one-night stand?

"Want another drink?" Donna said, and at least that was a question she could answer.


"This one," she said, "will be on me. Not literally."


"I kinda needed to unwind today," Donna said. "I saw people get arrested. I was photographed with a Communist."

Fred silently listed all the more taxing things she'd been through in the past year, but not with malice because Donna was sweet. And cute and maybe she would be a good candidate for the casual sex thing.

"It wasn't a naked photo."

Fred blinked. "Should I have assumed that?"

"No! Just... you quieted down. I thought assumptions were being made. Also, the arrest was not in relation to a crime I was part of."

"Noted. Although," Fred continued, "I wouldn't have anything against you if you were a naked criminal Communist."

Donna smiled widely. It was in the category of dazzling. "And yet you hardly even know me."

"Buying me a drink gets you a lot of credit. Buy me a cake? I'll give you power of attorney."

"You know why that's great? I have some money to burn and an insatiable desire to act on someone else's behalf. What will a cake and a pie get me?"

"Let's not get ahead of ourselves," Fred said. "You haven't even purchased the cake."

"What if I told you I had a cake in my bag?"

"I'd say that I'm not going to accept second-hand cake."

Donna sighed with faux frustration. "Damn it."

"So," Fred said. "How long are you going to be in town for?"

"A couple of days."

Certainly long enough for a one-night stand. And? She did like her. And? She must be interested. So...

Fred waited for Donna to make a move. Then she'd try to figure out what she wanted.


During a lull in the conversation, Donna exhaled. "You know what I think we should do now?" She ran her tongue over her lips.

"I think I have an idea."

"That was cheesy, wasn't it?"

"Yeah," Fred admitted. "But from my end, too. However, I'd still kiss you."

Donna sighed. "Good. I hate it when my cheesiness detracts on the kissing thing."

Fred moved her chair over a little, the sounds of scratchy movement bringing the sexy down quite a bit.

"They should totally put carpet on the floors," Donna said.

"Yeah, but then the chair would move really slowly. That might be more annoying than the noise."

"Maybe." Donna leaned forward and touched the side of her face. "Maybe they should have less squeaky chairs."

Then, Donna kissed her. A good kiss, too, and she wasn't surprised. Then, there was a second kiss (she was glad Donna wasn't dissuaded by the taste of the lip-gloss), and another, then more until she could definitely call it a rather fervent make-out session.

She pulled away to find the smiling faces of two blondes before her. Donna, very close, and Harmony, in the distance. Fred found herself wondering why Harmony was smiling, then considered the possibility of a blond conspiracy to turn her into a vampire. (Stranger things have happened. Seriously.) The words "Don't bite my neck" came close to falling out of her mouth. Thankfully, she ended up saying, "I have to go to the bathroom."

Donna nodded politely. "Come back soon."

Fred heard heels clink against the floor as soon as she passed Harm's table. In the bathroom, it occurred to her that Harmony didn't look suspicious. But, when one is living in this town, anything's possible.

"You're getting along with her, huh?" Harmony smiled. "I have to admit that I'm a little disappointed that I'm not the one getting made out with, but the night's still young." Harm peered at Fred appraisingly. Her nose scrunched up in disdain. "Oh my God! You thought I was plotting with her to vamp you."

Fred raised her eyebrows. "How'd you know that?"

"I didn't." Harmony crossed her arms. "I bet Angel never gets this from you."

"Well.... He's never watched excitedly as I made out with a stranger."

"The fact that he's boring is *totally* not my fault." Harmony paused, sighed. "I came in here to do girly gossipy things and that's what I'm going to do. Do you like her?"

Fred smiled. "Yeah."

"Great. Please note that my sarcasm is a result of anger and will fade by tomorrow, when you tell me what she's like in bed."

Fred turned to her. "I didn't say I was going to sleep with her. The one-night stand idea was a maybe, and I told you I didn't do that--"

The statement seemed to entertain Harmony enough to make her lose her anger. "You were in a bar make-out session with a good-looking person. If there's no sex, that's a crime against orgasms."

"I'm not sure how to reply to that."

"Sheesh. That's all you ever say. Now, go! You're wasting casual sex time."

Harmony quite literally pushed Fred out of the bathroom.

Fred exhaled and smoothed her skirt. She wondered if the obsession with getting her sex made Harmony really sweet or really, really weird. She tried to look as composed as possible during her walk back to Donna's table. By the time she sat back down, she was smiling. "I'm back." She paused. "Well, you can tell that."

"Yeah, I did notice." Donna titled her head. "I don't want to be too... something... but...."


"Maybe we should go somewhere more private."

So. Harmony wasn't the only one interested in getting her sex. At least this made more sense for a variety of reasons, and didn't have to make Fred consider the sweet vs. creepy quotient.

Fred hesitated. "Yeah," she finally said. "Sure."


Donna glanced around Fred's apartment. "Wow. Nice."

"This is what you get when you work for an evil law firm."

"Again, the folly of being on the good side is shown to me."

"Well, not really. I mean, *I'm* not evil--"

Donna cut her off with a kiss. This time, when she pulled away, Fred didn't find an enthusiastic Harmony. But Donna still looked pleased. And was unbuttoning her own shirt.

As Fred got a peek of Donna's camisole, she pulled Donna into another meeting of the mouths, moved backward to the bedroom as she held onto Donna's blouse. Donna's hands moved from herself to Fred's sides, holding onto her as they kept moving and kissing. This worked fine until Fred's foot found itself hitting against a discarded book. She fell, Donna landing on top of her.

"Oh!" Donna gasped. "Are you okay?"

Fred laughed nervously. "Yeah. Fine. Fine. Embarrassed."

"We could pretend we ended up on the floor because of passion and not folly."

"Good plan."

"I know."

Donna pushed herself up, resting on her knees as she straddled Fred's hips. Donna undid the rest of her buttons and slipped the garment down her shoulders. She discarded her bra in the same languorous fashion.

"You know what?" Fred said. "We should go to the bedroom. And? Watch our step."

Donna nodded. "You, too, can come up with a good plan."


No longer on her feet, Fred was more relaxed. That also might've had to do with the fact that Donna was kissing her breasts in a very, very nice way. Donna pushed up Fred's shirt more until it was finally over her head. Fred pulled it off the rest of the way, and Donna returned to her pleasing mouth activities.

Donna darted her tongue out against a taut nipple. "What do you like?"

Faced with a question like that, Fred actually did feel like a prude. "Uh. You know. The usual things."

"There's, you know, a lot of usual things," she continued between quick kisses and much longer licks. "Like hand or mouth. Or hand and mouth. Or a toy. Or...." Donna stopped and looked up at Fred. "I should stop listing, shouldn't I?"

"Yeah. Yeah. Just. Mouth, I guess."

"Did I make this weird again?"

"Maybe. I don't know."

"I'm sorry."

"No! Don't be. Because... don't. I'm really not uncomfortable with this. Just. The talking about it."

"Yeah. I get that. Should we stop talking about talking about it?"

"Yeah. I think that'd be best."

Donna gave Fred a tiny kiss on the lips. "Okay. No talking about talking about what I'm going to do. Sorry if that was confusing."

"I think I got it."


Donna was on her knees, tongue doing things that Fred couldn't get up the guts to specifically ask her to do, but things that made her feel a good sort of tense. Donna's fingers pressed into Fred's inner thighs, keeping them open and disallowing the vice grip around Donna's head that definitely would've occurred otherwise. Fred tried hard not to fight against Donna's hands -- it would've been impolite, one-night stand or not. And really, she should probably be most polite to her one-night stands... if she was going to make this a habit... and if she did, how long would it have to go on before it became depressing instead of fun.... and why can't she shut her mind off even during good sex?

Fred's mind was still going a mile a minute when the orgasm hit her. Donna crawled up her body to give Fred a kiss, and Fred started to wonder if she should actually like her one-night stand. Shouldn't there be something a little wrong with them, so there was no problem with never seeing them again?

She should've conferred with Harmony in more detail.

But now she had a woman on top of her, a woman who was very ready for something to happen to her if the dampness on her thighs was any indication. Fred pressed up against Donna's sex with her leg.

Donna groaned. "Would this get awkward again if I told you what I wanted?"

"Um... I guess that depends on what you want."


Donna didn't want anything kinky, but she was very specific about how many fingers she wanted inside her at a given time. "Just like that," Donna said. "Just...yes."

Fred kept moving her fingers in the same constant way, listening for any further instructions between her moans. But it was 'just like that' from then on until Donna clenched around her. Donna's fingers dug into her back as the orgasm coursed through her body.

Fred rolled onto her back, wondering if Donna was going to leave. But she didn't. Well. Maybe it wouldn't be a one-night stand if she didn't stay the night.


When Fred woke up the next morning, Donna was putting on her clothes. "I took a shower," she said, indicating her damp hair. "I hope you don't mind. You weren't awake. I didn't hog your shampoo. However, I went to town on the soap."

"As you should."

"I even stuffed a few in my bag for impromptu washing sessions."

Fred nodded and smiled. "Yeah."

So, this is it, she thought. This is over. It was fun. Fred... Fred had forgotten how much she liked fun.

Donna shook out her head and turned to face Fred. "Say..."


"I'm not leaving until tomorrow," Donna said. "Maybe we could do this again. Tonight, I mean." She sighed. "I guess that was obvious."

Fred wondered what Harmony would think of a two-night stand; she couldn't imagine she'd be against it. But, more importantly? Fred was for it.

"Yeah," she said. "I'd like that."


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