Title: (This is Love) This is Porn
Author: Michelle K. (CageyGrl@yahoo.com)
Site: http://glimmershine.tripod.com
Category: Mandy/Amy/Donna
Rating: NC-17
Summary: Two bitches and the naïf.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't sue.

(This is Love) This is Porn by Michelle K.


You wonder if this is Josh's fantasy: fucks of past, present, and future, all naked. At the very least, this is the beginning of a porn flick: Two Bitches and the Naïf. You can picture the cover -- Donna in the middle wearing virgin white, flanked on either side by you and Amy, both wearing leather and holding whips.

It'd be *bad* amateur porn, though, if the current situation is any indication. You, with your head between Donna's legs. Donna, frozen like no one's ever gone down on her before. You'd worry that you're doing something wrong if you gave a shit beyond overexerting your tongue.

"I can't do this all night," you say as you look up.

"That's no fun," Amy says. She tilts her head, looks as if she's contemplating something meaningful. You think about how truly pathetic this is. "You just need time to relax, don't you?" she says, turning to Donna.

"I don't know what I need," Donna mumbles.

"Well, you had to have wanted something to get this far," she counters, leaning forward and closing her mouth over Donna's nipple.

Donna groans, arching against her. You wonder if they've fucked before, if it was Amy's lead she followed when she came here.

You move away from Donna and sit on the floor, leaning back against the bed. Donna groans again. Begs Amy to touch her. You listen to the clicking sounds as Amy fingers her. More, Donna says. More.

You're frequently being left out -- but, not being part of the fucking going on in your own bed? Gotta be a new low.

Amy slides between Donna's thighs, and you watch from the corner of your eye as she strokes her folds with fingers and tongue. Donna writhes against Amy's mouth, saying her name in quick gasps.

Yeah, they've definitely fucked before. You wouldn't have thought Donna slept with Josh's women...but, hell, if she was willing to go to bed with two of Josh's ex-lovers, what would a previous set of one-on-one encounters really mean?

Amy lifts her head, looking at you. "See? She just needed time to relax."

Donna pushes her head back down, resuming the Amy-chant. After she comes, Amy crawls back up Donna's body. You hear Amy mutter, "We can't leave Mandy out anymore." Donna doesn't reply. "I want to watch you fuck her."

"Maybe," Donna says, "this wasn't a good idea."

"Nah. It's a great idea. You want to have fun, right?"

Donna hesitates. "Yes."

"Mandy. C'mere."

Amy draws you into their kiss, lingering for a few moments before pulling away. Then, it's just you and Donna again -- at least she's loosened up. Getting fucked will do that to a girl. You hover over her. She exhales.

"Donna, touch her," Amy orders.

You feel Donna's hands on your back. She slithers down until your breasts are hanging over her head. She kisses your flesh with soft, quick pecks before telling you to get on your back. Then, she's on top of you, mouth devouring one breast while her hand massages another. She periodically glances over to make sure Amy's watching, and you get the feeling she'd stop if Amy closed her eyes for one second. She better give amazing head, because this is fucking annoying.

She slithers down, and you glance over at Amy due to curiosity. You don't find the sight of her playing with her clit as fascinating as Donna seems to, but you suspect no one is as obsessed with Amy Gardner as Donna Moss. It takes a special kind of infatuation to let Amy coerce her into getting between the legs of someone she can barely look at. And you guess she uses some of that infatuation to pretend you are Amy when she eats you out, because she is actually pretty good. The Amy staring, though, is still pretty fucking annoying.

"That's it," Amy says, hand still moving between her thighs. "Fuck. Yes."

She comes before you do, and the loss of her panting seems to make Donna lose her momentum, so you hastily move your hand between Amy's thighs, fingering her just enough to keep her moaning but not enough to make her come. You don't want her to be unfairly rewarded for getting herself off too soon.

Donna looks obscenely proud of herself when you come. You're sure that she hears trumpets when she pulls Amy in for a kiss. Fuck. Getting laid is not worth all this bullshit.

"Mandy," Amy says, leaning out of Donna's embrace, "do you have--"

"Oh, God. Why do you have such an obsession with strap-ons?" Donna pouts.

She doesn't appreciate the way you laugh at her.

"Tonight?" Amy says. "We're doing what I want."

"I'm fully aware of that."

This time, Donna's pout only makes you smirk.

You take out what Amy was looking for. It's been a while since you've had a reason to use it. So many women think toys make them less of a dyke, like a fake cock counteracts the fact that it's attached to a woman they've just gone down on. You like it not just for the novelty, but for the irked look Donna gets as she watches you on top of Amy. She's probably hatching ways to touch Amy without having her fingers brush against your skin.

You pull back and slam hard into Amy. Amy cries out. Donna, for the first time, looks like she's jealous of you. You're not sure if Amy picks up on it but if so, that might have something to do with her subsequent request to be on top for awhile.

Donna moves behind Amy as soon as her hips straddle yours. Amy on top of you, concentrated on moving up and down your dildo, is a beautiful sight. Despite her vocal distaste for the toy, Donna is similarly enthralled, staring over Amy's shoulder as she squeezes her breasts. Donna slides one of her hands down Amy's stomach. You quickly move your hand between Amy's legs, beating her to her destination and announcing your win with a firm pinch to her clit. Amy groans. Donna's resentful visage returns until Amy reaches back and strokes the back of Donna's head. Donna whimpers as she returns her hand back to Amy's chest and kisses the back of Amy's neck.

You push up against her so Amy doesn't forget who's actually fucking her.

Amy smiles and lowers herself down further. You pinch her clit again. Donna keeps touching and kissing and staring at Amy's hips. You work up a rhythm together, though you think Donna is a bit out of sync. But you might just believe that because she seems like such a tight-ass. Well. For somebody who will fuck in front of people.

Amy takes more of it in than ever before, and she looks half-way between pain and rapture. Donna's massaging of her breasts becomes gentler as your pinching of her clit becomes rougher. When Amy does come, her face is all elation, while you try to prolong the orgasm with the tips of your fingers. She slumps when she comes, the cock still buried inside her, but she seems content not to move anymore. Amy lifts herself up so your toy's no longer inside her, but stays hovering over you. Donna keeps touching her.

"Thanks for that. Donna won't use one," Amy says, and Donna slaps her arm like there's anything you haven't figured out about them.

"It's my right."

"I never said it wasn't."

Amy turns around to kiss her. You wonder if you should ask them to leave or make Donna watch as Amy fucks you. Amy chooses the latter for you, leaning forward and kissing you.

"I thought we could go now," Donna says. "Amy, I--"

"You're staying here a little while longer," Amy says, fingers sliding between your legs.

Donna frowns silently, looks more depressed as Amy adds, "This is just the beginning."

You just smile.


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