Title: Close Call
Author: Michelle K. (dalurve@gmail.com)
Site: http://glimmershine.tripod.com
Pairing: CJ/Donna
Rating: NC-17
Summary: It's all the fault of that Republican.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't sue.
For xyellowroset on the occasion of her birthday.

Close Call by Michelle K.


"--and out of nowhere, he brings up nucular proliferation."


"Yeah. Why?"

CJ moves closer to Donna, hoping to initiate sex and leave Donna's tale of a strange Republican behind. "You said it like 'nucular'."

"I didn't say nucular. I said nucular." Donna covers her mouth with her hand. "Oh my God. I said nucular."

CJ leans back; a spiral of obsession is coming. She curses her decision to correct the pronunciation. "A lot of people say it wrong."

"Don't you understand? The Republican dumbass I've been making fun of is probably somewhere making fun of me." She pauses. "Say the word."


"Nucu--" Donna's brow furrows. "Damn it."

CJ puts her hand over Donna's. "So, big deal. You can't say nuclear."

Donna exhales. "That really scares me."

"It's just a word. You don't have to say it."

"I've only heard one person say it like that, and he was the worst President in American history."

"You know you're being too hard on yourself, right?"

"You can say that when you look like an ass in front of a dumb Republican."

"Maybe," CJ says, "you said it right in front of him."

"But I can't say it right no matter...." Donna stops and stares thoughtfully. "Oh," she smiles. "Did you see the lightbulb of realization?"

"Can't say that I did."

"Well, still. It's his fault."


"The Republican! He kept saying nucular. He broke my brain."

"You sound exorbitantly happy about this."

"Yeah. Because my brain can be fixed. And I can still feel intellectually superior to a virtual stranger." Her smile widens. "This calls for a celebration."


CJ is pleasantly surprised to find that Donna's idea of celebrating is what CJ was looking to do to begin with. Donna's hand on her breast, Donna's tongue on her clit. CJ takes hold of Donna's other hand, interlacing their fingers. Donna strokes the back of CJ's hand in a way that strangely compliments the roughness of her tongue and the hard pinching of her fingertips. Donna gives CJ's nipple one last pinch before sliding her hand down to meet her mouth. She easily slides three fingers inside her as she keeps licking CJ's clit. CJ's hips arch, and Donna burrows her digits in deeper, curving just so.

CJ bucks when she reaches orgasm and her grip on Donna's hand tightens. Afterwards, Donna looks at her triumphantly.

"See how I just used my tongue for good and not embarrassing myself? That's genius."

"And the other times we've had sex?"

"Genius for different reasons."

Donna licks her fingers, then her lips. Still holding onto CJ's hand, she straddles her hips.

"God," Donna groans. "I can't believe that jerk used his Republican hoju to make me forget my ability to pronounce."

"One word," CJ disentangles her fingers from Donna's and strokes Donna's hip. "And I really don't want to talk about Republicans in bed."

"What if they're hot Republicans?" Off CJ's perplexed look, Donna adds, "I've *dated* some."

Donna leans forward, her breasts lightly pressing against CJ's as she kisses her.

"I don't really go for Jack. No offense."

Donna licks the corner of CJ's mouth. "What about Ainsley?"

"You want me to say nuclear again?"

"You're so, so mean. I should *spank* you while a team of hot Republicans watch--" CJ slips her fingers over Donna's slit. Donna gasps. "You think touching me will make me stop talking dirty?"

"Yeah. If I tell you I'm going to stop unless you do."

"So, so mean."

Donna's arms frame CJ's head as she rocks against her hand. CJ can still smell herself on Donna's excited breaths, and she must admit it gives her a narcissistic thrill. Then, when Donna starts saying her name....

Well, it would almost seem *too* much of a narcissistic thrill.

Donna's eyes squeeze shut as her orgasm hits. Afterwards, she sighs, "Hot Republicans."

"And I'm the mean one?"

Donna smiles. "Well, you could spank *me*."


"Nuclear," Donna whispers into CJ's ear. "I can say nuclear."

CJ blinks against the morning light. "I knew you could."

"And I knew that sex could repair the part of my brain damaged by idiocy." She pauses. "Well, I know that now."

"You don't just think it's that you're no longer putting pressure on yourself to say it right?"

"Maybe. But I'm leaning toward the sex explanation."


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