Title: Passing Through
Author: Michelle K. (dalurve@gmail.com)
Site: http://glimmershine.tripod.com
Category: Donna/Jordon, implied Donna/Leo
Rating: NC-17
Spoilers: through "War Crimes"
Summary: Everybody uses someone else.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Don't sue.

Passing Through by Michelle K.


"We can't do this anymore," Leo told her. "You deserve better than sneaking around. You'll realize you don't really want me."

"We can't do this anymore," Cliff told her. "I deserve better than this. You don't really want me."

They both were a little right.


She's not in love with Leo.

When she said it to Cliff, he didn't believe her. What she wrote in that diary -- a ghost hanging over their every moment together -- always mattered more to him than what she actually said.

Well, screw him.

She's only a little in love with Leo.

Taking a sip of her beer, she glances around the room. Men leer. Women do, too, but they are more discreet. Leo was like a woman that way -- small glances that could never be noticed, ones that sent chills up her spine. None of the people in the room do that for her now.

She's in love with Leo.

And she's mad at herself for not being mad at him -- his reasons for breaking it off were so sensible, and she knows it was never going to end in marriage and two point five rosy cheeked kids. It was going nowhere.

But it would've been nice for it to go a bit further.


Donna wants to be wanted by someone, anyone. She flirts with the bartender, with the woman next to her, with the guy across the bar, but they seem to sense the angry desperation after she talks for a couple of minutes.

All she can do is think of Leo. Leo, and his smile. Leo, and the moments that felt like love. Leo, and the whispered secrets in bed. Leo, and his tongue on her body.

Leo. And he can go fuck himself for all she cares.


Donna's really drunk by the time *she* enters. It's no secret that Leo's been screwing his lawyer -- it's simpler than fucking his deputy's assistant, Donna supposes -- and it's also no secret that women are unkind to the ex's new girlfriend. And Jordon, Donna knows, isn't that good looking. She's not graceful, she doesn't *seem* nice.

She's not good enough for Leo.

Jordon orders a bourbon and sits two stools away from Donna. Donna stops her glaring, eyes shifting to the beer bottle.

"I know you."

Shit. Donna puts on her tense, toothy smile and looks over at her. "Oh. Really?"

Jordon nods. "Do you have any idea?"

Donna plays dumb for a moment. "Oh, you're Leo's lawyer, aren't you? Jordon," she smiles. "I work in the West Wing. I'm an assistant. You've probably seen me walking around. That's what I do. Walk." She knows she's laying the cheery act on thick, but if she doesn't, she's afraid she'll end up being a total bitch.

She doesn't want to be that much of a cliche.

"And your name is?"

"Oh, sorry. Donna. Donna Moss."

"Oh. Right." Jordon nods. "Leo's told me about you."

Her spine stiffens and her eyebrows rise. "What did he tell you?"

"Don't be scared. He told me you're a good girl. A good worker," she adds. Maybe she thinks 'good girl' would be offensive to Donna.

Donna's just happy to hear that Leo's been talking about her.

"So." Donna slides down a stool. "What else did he say?"


Just as it's no secret that Jordon's the new woman, and the new woman is always evil, Donna can't deny the desire to fuck around with her. Be icily devious for once. And she knows that Leo's titillated by the less-than-straight girls -- he used to make her whisper stories into his ear of the women she'd been with.

<I>What did she do after she took off her clothes? What did she look like? How'd she like to be fucked?</i>

Not that he really had to pull her arm. She can still picture the lust in his eyes, feel his finger on her clit. And there's something that arouses her about Jordon straddling Leo as she tells him about the blond girl that went down on her. Using past tense and vague description to keep from clueing him in that she fucked his employee during the beginning of their affair.

<i>It was in a bar. She was in her twenties. Sexy.</i>

Donna bites her lip to keep from moaning. Takes a sip to keep from tasting bile.

"How is he doing? Leo, I mean," Donna says.

"You see him every day, don't you?" Her lips curve slightly. "Maybe I should ask you."

"But you know him better, right?" Donna's amazed by how civil it sounds. "I mean, I know you keep it low-key so people won't talk, but people.... well, they do talk."

"That doesn't surprise me."

She leans forward, smiling. "Nothing surprises me."

Donna takes a deep breath, inhaling the alcohol and perfume. She shifts so her skirt rides up. Jordon is looking.


Donna can feel the dampness in her panties, cringes at the fact that it has nothing to do with the woman who's bought her two drinks. But this is his fault. Her fault. The fault of the needy part of her that wants to keep herself a part of his life, even if it's the fringe.

Jordon looks down at her legs again, and she can't stand it anymore.

"So," Donna says. "Are we gonna fuck?" Her voice shakes as she says it, because she doesn't know her. She doesn't like her. She's going to have sex with her.


"You usually spend an hour talking to strange women without expecting sex?" She smiles. "Because you don't seem like the type to waste time. Though, if you are, that might just be better--"

"We spent half that time talking about Leo."

"And you spent the other half staring at my legs." She shrugs. "It's no big deal." She swallows the lie. Licks her lips. Goes to the bathroom.



"No strings attached, right?"

"Right." Donna kisses her, pushing her against the stall's wall. "Just sex."

Jordon captures Donna's bottom lip between her own, sucking on it. She feels a rush of superiority as she notes to herself that she'd never do this to Leo. She'd never fuck around on him.


"Now," she says, pulling up her skirt and pushing aside her panties. "Touch me," she adds, guiding Jordon's hand between her legs, to the flesh that's too slick and swollen for Donna to ever consider herself decent again.

Jordon seizes her lips for another kiss as she works her folds. Donna closes her eyes and rocks her hips.

<I>And she was so wet before I even touched her. The first was easy, so I just kept fucking her until she came again.</i>

Donna's knees buckle as the second orgasm hits. She leans against the wall for support as she pants. She allows Jordon to kiss her, but keeps her own lips passive. Slowly, she slides to her knees, pressing her nose against the other woman's crotch. Jordon's hands slide through her hair, and Donna quickly pushes up Jordon's skirt. She isn't wearing any panties.

Maybe she came here looking to write a new story for him.

Donna moans as she drags her tongue over Jordon's slit. She grunts as she pushes her tongue in deeper.

<i>And she was so turned on by licking me she started to touch herself. She kept moaning against my clit--</i>

She keeps saying Leo's name, but it's nothing to Jordon but some mumbling. Nothing, and she comes without being any wiser.

When Donna comes again, she doesn't feel anything.


Afterwards, they clean themselves up. Jordon's putting on lipstick when she says, "I won't tell Leo."

"That's not true," Donna says, and she catches Jordon's questioning look in the mirror. "I mean, you don't know what's going to happen. Maybe you'll want to get even with him one day."

Jordon's gaze turns even more suspicious.

Donna doesn't say another word before leaving.


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