Title: Please Come Home (After Christmas)
Author: Michelle K. (dalurve@gmail.com)
Site: http://glimmershine.tripod.com
Pairing: CJ/Ainsley
Rating: NC-17
Summary: CJ was like an open secret.
Disclaimer: Aaron's. NBC's. Etc.
For fallon_ash. Happy birthday! :)

Please Come Home (After Christmas) by Michelle K.


Ainsley's father was less than comfortable about her sexuality, but Ainsley knew it could be worse. She could be disowned or loathed, but her father still loved her. He was still proud of her.

He just didn't like to hear about her latest girlfriend.

Now, Ainsley knew that wasn't really *that* bad either but, as she listened to her sister sing the praises of her new fiancée without getting interrupted, the fact that all she was allowed to say about CJ was, "I'm seeing someone," was becoming increasingly insulting.

"I really wish he could be here," Rose continued, "but he had to be with his family. His grandmother's really sick."

Ainsley pushed a carrot around her plate. Oh, did she wish someone were looking for excuses for her being alone. Even a "Hey, what's her name?" would've made her Christmas a little brighter.

But, yeah. It could've been worse.


"But other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play?"

Ainsley waved her hand. "I said it wasn't that bad," she said. "We sang Christmas carols. My dad wore his Rudolph sweater with the blinking red nose."

CJ's eyes widened. "You have to state your case a little better."

"Seriously. My family is nice. If... silent about things. Though my sister gave me a Melissa Etheridge CD, which shows a desire to reach out."

"No Indigo Girls?"

"She knows I already own them."

"Wow," CJ sighed. "I wasn't aware you were so stereotypical."

"Only in my musical choices. But not really, because I feature a lot of variety in my CD collection. Classical, country, punk rock--"

Raise of the eyebrows and, "Really?"

"There is so much about me you have yet to learn." Ainsley leaned in for a kiss. "But I'm just really glad to be home. I mean, at your apartment. I'm not saying I feel like I live here, though sometimes I do, but not really because--"

CJ pulled Ainsley's mouth back to her own. After their kiss had ended, she breathed, "I know what you meant."

"Well, then. Good."

Ainsley straddled CJ's hips as she kissed her again. Their lips parted, foreheads pressed together. Ainsley breathed in her scent, an aroma she'd grown to miss in the short couple of days. She wanted to say, "You should come with me next year," but didn't want to burden the moment with promises of a future. So: she led the way to CJ's bedroom.


There were a lot of things Ainsley loved about CJ, and she was only slightly ashamed to admit one of them was her tongue. The way it drew circles on her flesh, the way it stroked her folds. CJ -- or her tongue, if Ainsley was going to continue to put importance on an organ -- instinctually knew how to lengthen the wait for climax without skirting the realm of being an annoying tease. It was the sort of skill Ainsley hoped to learn, if only to make CJ's body hum in the way Ainsley's body currently was.

Yeah. She could never take CJ to her parents' place. They certainly wouldn't be able to do this, and that would drive her crazy. As Ainsley was canceling plans they'd never made for reasons that could be easily overcome, her hips bucked. CJ closed her lips over Ainsley's clit, suckling and licking until Ainsley came.

"You know, every time you do that, it gets better. It's like the Splash Mountain of sex."

CJ licked her lips. "Punk rock and Splash Mountain. You're full of surprises, aren't you?"

"Actually? I think those are the only two."

Ainsley captured CJ's mouth in a kiss, pressing her breasts against CJ's before bringing her hands to cup them.

"Have your parents ever met one of your girlfriends?"

"In the future," Ainsley said, "could you not use the word 'parents' when I'm feeling you up? Anything related to family, in fact. Also, you shouldn't be thinking about my ex-girlfriends while we're having sex."

"It's only a problem if you do that. Mostly because I don't know them."

Ainsley knew this wasn't exactly true, but she was damned if she was going to give a list of women in DC she'd gone to bed with.

"Well," Ainsley kissed her way down CJ's neck. "Once, they did have the pleasure of meeting someone I was involved with." She glanced up. "Why? Does this really bother you?"

"Not bother. Fascinate, sorta. It's so... repressed. I thought the South was a bit looser."

"Well, we're rich Southerners, and having money always trumps whatever loose behavior you imagine us to engage in."

"The poor, repressed rich."

Ainsley continued her journey down CJ's body, keeping her hands at CJ's breasts. She felt the nipples harden against her palms, lightly pinched them as she placed a kiss onto CJ's damp curls. She snaked her tongue inside, lapping at her folds, feeling the wetness drench her tongue. She cupped CJ's breasts again, thumbs circling the areolas. Ainsley decided not even to really try to be all CJ-like, committing herself to getting CJ off as quickly as possible.

She succeeded.


Afterwards, they lay in bed.

Ainsley tilted her head. "Do you really think my parents are that awful?"

"I wouldn't say awful. Just... short-sided."

"Well. Maybe." Ainsley shrugged. "But it could be worse."

"Yeah," CJ agreed.


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