Title: The Seductress
Author: Femslashqueen
Rating: R
Character: I wrote it with someone in mind but the total lack of pronouns allows you to draw your own conclusion, comment and tell me who you think it is
Archive: Ask first
Spoilers: None
Written for: daily15 word #76
A/N: Sorry is the formatting is screwed up, dumb LJ.

The Seductress by Femslashqueen

se•duce P Pronunciation KKey (s -d s , -dy s )
tr.v. se•duced, se•duc•ing, se•duc•â€¢duc•es
1. To lead away from duty, accepted principles, or proper conduct. See
Synonyms at lure.
2. To induce to engage in sex.
a. To entice or beguile into a desired state or position.
b. To win over; attract.

She smiles at the woman sitting uncomfortably three stools down from her at the dyke bar she has happened to stumble into to this night, out in the suburbs, Maryland, far enough from DC that no one would know her.

She had one goal this night, seduction, a one night stand, stress release, simple fucking, no emotional attachment, the blonde sitting nervously three seats down from her is the perfect target, she can tell that she feels out of place, unsure, it is possibly her first time here.

She closes in, introduces herself, a pseudonym, Kate, her real name is too recognizable, although her face is not, she has leant this, from experience, she has learnt the fine art of seduction, the art of wining over another, to manipulate, and then more often than not to fuck, a simple one night stand, who would have thought it would require that much effort?

The girl smiles back, introduces herself; Sarah.

The perfect target for the perfect seductress.

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