Title: Be Careful What You Wish For
Author: Hannah
Summary: Taurus: Romance is well-starred but, if the dream doesn't materialize, the temptation will be to overindulge in some way to compensate.
Category: Sam/Josh PWP
Rating: NC-17
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Disclaimer: See the people over there with the expensive lawyers? These characters belong to them.
Notes: Thanks to Jesse Morgan for her fantastic beta-work and the title of the story. This fic was inspired by a horoscope in TV Choice (17-23 July 2004), which is given as the summary. The 'joke' Sam remembers is taken from Philadelphia.

Be Careful What You Wish For by Hannah

Well, it could have been worse, Sam thought to himself wearily. Nope, probably not, he instantly amended. Hearing a bout of snoring start up behind him, he rolled over to shoot a disgusted glare at his bed-partner. And that was certainly the right term to use, he decided. 'Friend' was probably no longer applicable, since following the events of an hour earlier, he strongly suspected he would never be able to look Josh in the eye again. And 'lover' suggested something a whole lot more successful than the fiasco of that night.

After many, many years of unvoiced, unacknowledged lusting and the several weeks recently filled with cautious flirting, which had culminated in Sam's provocative banana-eating performance in Josh's office earlier that day, Josh and Sam had, the previous evening, found themselves together in a cozy Georgetown bar. CJ had other plans, Toby decided to work late, Charlie had begged off claiming he needed to get back home to his sister, and Sam had been quick to decline Josh's reluctant suggestion that they call Mallory and invite her to join them.

Sam and Josh had drunk beer and joked about their colleagues, and touched each other on the thigh so many times that neither could have had any doubts about how the evening would end. So when the pitcher was empty and the two men rose to head out of the bar, Josh had placed his hand lightly on Sam's bare forearm and, an eyebrow raised, asked, "Your place or mine?"

A feeling of lust had rushed through Sam's veins and he had needed a moment to collect himself before answering "Mine. Now."

The atmosphere in the cab had crackled with tension and the second Sam's apartment door closed behind them, the two men had collided in a passionate kiss. Josh's hands had tangled with Sam's as they rushed to undress each other. After a seemingly endless few seconds, they stood naked in the hall.

"Bedroom?" Sam had asked.

"Yeah," Josh replied. That was really the moment, Sam reflected, that things had begun to take a turn for the worse.

They had fallen onto the bed then frozen, staring at each other, suddenly unsure how to proceed. To cover for the fact that neither really knew what to say, they started kissing. Josh's hand reached for Sam's erection and, at a loss for anything else to do, Sam had reciprocated.

After a few minutes, the dryness of Josh's hand on his dick started to hurt Sam, so he pulled back. Totally misreading his intentions, Josh rolled onto his front and slid a pillow under his hips.

"Are you sure?" Sam asked hesitantly, hoping that there was a way of not doing this. Somehow, the evening didn't seem to be working out quite as he'd hoped. Maybe by not actually having 'sex' sex, they could find a way to salvage something out of this.

But Josh assured him that this was very much what he wanted to do, so Sam slid on a condom, not sure how to broach the subject of whether it was needed or not, and worked some lube into Josh's ass with his finger.

Normally when Sam and Josh were in the same room in was hard for anyone to get a word in edgeways, and the silence surrounding them made Sam feel even more uncomfortable.

With a grunt he pushed his cock into Josh and begun to thrust, as he moved one hand forward to jerk at Josh's erection. Quickly realizing that he was the one doing all the work while Josh just laid there, Sam had felt a momentary twinge of annoyance, but then Josh started shifting, which mollified him somewhat. It was a few minutes before Sam realized that Josh hadn't so much been writhing in pleasure as trying to make himself more comfortable.

Josh moved a hand down to join Sam's around his dick and it wasn't much longer before Josh came, covering Sam's not-exactly- cheap bedspread with his sperm.

And that left Sam, still hard but nowhere near ready to come, thrusting away into Josh, unable to think of a single thing he could do to hurry this along.

He had been reminded of the 'joke' he had heard back in his days of practicing corporate law: 'How does a faggot fake an orgasm? He throws a quart of hot yogurt on your back.'

Not that Sam wanted to fake anything with Josh - that had never been a consideration when he had imagined this happening. But he was beginning to worry that this encounter of theirs would never end. Perhaps by focusing on his fantasies he could find a way to come and end this increasingly nightmare-ish attempt at sex.

Sam's mind drifted to thoughts of Josh sitting in his office dictating memos to Donna while, under the desk, Sam gave him the blow job to beat all blow jobs; escorting Josh home after one too many drinks, only to be spun around and pinned up against the wall as his friend thrust into him, hard and fast, proving how not-drunk he really was; taking a shower in the gym after a tough workout to find Josh in there with a hard-on that desperately needed taking care of, the risk of discovery adding extra zing to the encounter.

And there it was. Finally. He thrust one final time into Josh and held his dick inside him while his cum spurted into the condom. He quickly pulled out, closing his ears to Josh's muttered "ow", and went to the bathroom to clean up. By the time he returned to the bed, Josh was already fast asleep, sprawled on his front, apparently too tired to move from the wet spot.

Or maybe, thought Sam with no small amount of dread, he had taken so long to finish that the wet spot had already dried.

Now it was 'the morning after', as his treacherous brain sadistically insisted on calling it. Josh's snoring stopped and he shifted in his sleep, causing the cotton sheet to slide down to his waist.

Sam's cock twitched slightly at the sight, and with some relief he realized that not everything was a complete loss. A naked Joshua Lyman still held some appeal to him. The sleeping man let out a small, vaguely erotic-sounding moan and Sam's erection grew.

It occurred to Sam that the worst thing that could possibly happen is that Josh would wake up, notice Sam's 'condition' and insist on another try at sex. Or maybe there was something worse than that: Josh could get all flustered and awkward and rush out of the apartment before they could get a chance to talk things through with each other.

There was only one thing for it, Sam decided. He slid out of bed and made his way to the bathroom, determined to take care of his problem before Josh awoke.

Five minutes later he was standing under a torrent of hot water, jerking himself off, refusing to think about anything but the feel of his dick throbbing in his hand. His attention being focused elsewhere, Sam failed to hear the bathroom door open.

The first he knew of another presence in the room was when a cool rush of air hit his back when Josh slid open the shower door. "Well, that was awkward," the older man announced, bravado momentarily overcoming the embarrassment that had struck the moment he woke up and realized he was alone in the bed.

Sam whirled around, his pulsating shaft still held in his grasp.

Josh stared, bug-eyed. "And this is even more awkward," he eventually croaked out.

The blood that had been filling Sam's erection flooded to his cheeks as he tried to think of anything to say that would improve the situation.

Josh plucked up his courage and stepped into the shower stall, placing his hands reassuringly on Sam's shoulders.

"What the hell happened to us, Sam?" he asked plaintively. "I know last night was pretty much the worst sex either of us has ever had, but why did you have to come and hide in here this morning? Didn't you want me to lend you a helping hand?" His attempt at humor failed.

"I don't know," replied Sam softly, unwilling to meet Josh's eyes but comforted somewhat by the grip of Josh's hands on his shoulders. He decided to go for broke and be honest. If he couldn't do that now, there was no hope of ever rescuing their friendship.

"I just... I had all these ideas about how it would be if we ever did get together and they were just so wrong. And I kind of felt that was maybe my fault. I didn't want to see you disappointed and I didn't want to risk you rejecting me as soon as you woke up." His voice faded.

Josh shrugged Sam's concerns away with a brief lift of his shoulders. "So, these ideas," he began in a smoldering voice. "did any of them involve a shower?"

Sam slowly raised his eyes and saw the look of desire Josh directed at him.

"It won't work," he mumbled.

"But we could at least give it a try, Sam," Josh said desperately. "I mean," he continued, in his persuasive-political- operative voice that he saved for special occasions, "just because one... approach didn't work, that's not to say none will. Maybe we just needed to try something else. Maybe with a bit more verbal communication."

"What do you mean?" Sam's interest, along with a certain part of his anatomy, began to grow again.

"Well, I'll repeat my earlier question: Did any of your 'ideas' involve a shower?"

"Yes," whispered Sam as he stepped closer to Josh and slid his arms around his waist.

"Tell me about one," John murmured into the other man's ear, before he took the soft lobe into his mouth and gently bit on it, at the same time as he slid a hand down from Sam's shoulder to pinch at a nipple.

"Seriously?" asked Sam.

"Yeah," answered Josh while his hand crept lower and wrapped itself around Sam's erection.

"Well," Sam began in a husky voice, "to start with, I want to get on my knees and suck you off. After you've come in my mouth I'm going to turn you round and fuck you through the wall."

"Hold that thought," muttered Josh before he dashed out of the bathroom and returned with some lube and a condom in his hands.

Josh caught Sam's lips in a bruising kiss, full of the passion, which had quickly fled the night before. "Now, where were we?" he gasped, as he finally tore his mouth away before he passed out from a lack of oxygen.

"I was going to give you a blow job - take your cock in my mouth and lick it and suck it till you shoot your hot load down my throat," purred Sam. "But there's a catch."


"Well, that thing you said about verbal communication works two ways, you know? It's been a while since I sucked a guy off. You're gonna have to tell me exactly what you want me to do: where you want to feel my mouth, my tongue, my hands..." With these words, Sam sank to his knees, trailing his hands slowly down Josh's toned body.

He knelt on the tiles and looked up, water splashing into his face and catching on his eyelashes and skin.

"Well, then?"

"You really meant that?"

"Oh, yeah." The warm air exhaled brushed across Josh's cock and he moaned.

"Suck my balls, Sam. Take them in your mouth." The younger man complied as Josh's hands moved to grasp his head. Sam scratched his fingers lightly across the skin of Josh's inner thighs as he continued to lave his tongue around his friend's balls.

"Oh, yeah, that's the stuff. Now lick my cock. Just lightly." Sam lapped at Josh's hard dick with small flicks of his tongue, working his way up one side then down the other, pausing briefly at the top to rub the flat of his tongue across the head.

His right hand slid around to caress Josh's butt cheeks, moving slowly towards the valley between them.

Pre-cum began to leak from Josh's cock as he begged, "Put your lips around the head and suck me. And, oh god, do that thing with your finger again." This latter command was in response to the circling motions Sam's index finger had been making around Josh's anus.

Sam complied, taking the tip of Josh's cock into his mouth and sucking at its juices. Josh began to moan loudly and Sam realized he was unlikely to receive any more coherent instructions for a while.

He spread lube onto his finger and around Josh's hole then slowly but steadily pushed his finger into the tight channel as he forced his mouth deeper onto Josh's erection.

Instinctively Josh began to thrust his cock in and out of Sam's mouth, using one hand to hold his lover's mouth open and the other to keep his head in place. The feel of Josh's hard cock in the back of his throat nearly made Sam gag, but he managed to control himself and concentrated on sliding a second finger into Josh.

He probed the tight channel and when Josh let out a cry of "Sam!" loud enough to wake the dead, he knew he'd hit that special spot.

Sam had Josh's balls in his left hand, stroking them and tugging on them gently. They pulled up close to the base of Josh's penis and Sam knew he was ready to shoot.

Sam pulled his mouth away from Josh's groin and looked up at the man standing over him. "Come on Josh, let me taste you," he whispered before plunging his mouth back on Josh's cock and sucking once, hard, as the fingers of his right hand pressed on Josh's prostate.

Josh came with a shout, frantically bucking his hips again and again as he shot his cum into Sam's willing mouth. When he was finally spent, Sam stood and kissed him. Sam's lips parted, allowing Josh to taste himself in his partner's mouth. It was a long, tender, passionate kiss which seemed in a strange way more intimate than the blowjob Josh had just received.

Sam wrapped a curl of Josh's wet hair around his finger and tugged gently on it, causing his partner's head to tilt to one side. The kiss ended and Sam slid his hands slowly down Josh's side, bringing them to rest on his hips. He leaned forward and kissed Josh tenderly on the cheek then pulled back and asked, "Ready for the next part?"

"Oh, yeah," came the soft reply. Sam carefully turned Josh around and used his thumbs to rub small circles down Josh's back, his fingers trailing lightly behind.

He pulled the condom over his achingly hard erection and smothered it in lube, nearly emptying the tube in his eagerness to make up for the discomfort he had caused Josh in bed.

Sam pressed a kiss to the back of Josh's neck and held his lips there, murmuring soothing noises as he slowly slid his cock up Josh's ass, pausing each time he felt his friend tense up.

Finally, he was all the way in. Overwhelmed at the sensation of the tight heat surrounding his erection Sam held still for a moment. He raised his left hand to Josh's shoulder and took Josh's right hand in his own, lovingly entwining their fingers.

"Sam? Are you going to move any time soon?" asked Josh, turning his head to catch Sam's lips in a brief kiss.

"Move? You mean like this?" Sam began to move his hips, pulling a small way out of Josh then pushing back in, marveling at the sensation.

"It feels like your ass is swallowing me up," he murmured. He winced at how stupid that sounded but was reassured by the quiet words that came from Josh's mouth in response.

"If I could figure out a way to keep you inside me forever, I'd do it in an instant."

Sam smiled against the nape of Josh's neck and slid his hand down so that he could wrap his arm around Josh's waist, holding their bodies as close together as he could.

He began to thrust harder now, pulling his cock all the way out before plunging back in. "Talk to me, Josh," he begged. "Tell me how this feels."

"Oh, Sam, it's so good. I love the feeling of you up inside me. I wanna feel you come," gasped Josh. "Do it for me, baby."

Sam did just that, fingernails digging into the flesh of Josh's waist as he shoved his cock further up Josh's ass than he thought possible. As his cum filled the condom he was unable to stop his hips moving in short, fast thrusts.

A moment later, it was over. The two men stood spooned around each other, leaning against the wall for comfort. Sam softened and slipped out of Josh. He removed the condom and threw it in the corner of the shower then held tightly on to the man in his arms, pressing kiss after kiss after kiss to the nape of Josh's neck where his damp hair was curled into ringlets.

"See, now that was much better," Josh announced smugly after a few minutes had passed and he had enough breath in his lungs to form a complete sentence. "It certainly makes up for last night, anyway."

He turned and smiled at Sam, who nodded his agreement before a worried look flitted across his face. "But what if this is going to be an alternating pattern?" At Josh's confused stare, he explained further. "You know? Bad sex - good sex - bad sex. The next time could be awful again." His voice trailed off.

"You worry too much, you know that?" asked Josh rhetorically. "But I guess there's only one way to find out if your hypothesis is correct," he continued as he took Sam's hand in his and started to lead his lover out of the bathroom.

When they reached the door, he turned and grinned. "We need to indulge in this some more."

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