Title: What She Doesn't Say
Author: Mirabehn
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Author's website: http://www.fluffhouse.org.uk/mirabehn/library.html
Pairing: Josh/Sam (but also Josh/Donna and Josh/Joey)
Rating: PG
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Disclaimer: *So* not mine.
Warnings: Some het content.
Summary: Donna wonders...
Notes: Thanks to Ixwin for betaing.

What She Doesn't Say by Mirabehn

Donna wonders, sometimes, why she never tells him. Certain that one day, perhaps one day soon, he'll no longer resist her chatter and her teasing and her thinly-veiled affection and he'll see that what she wants from him is no longer sisterly. She's not at all sure that he wouldn't want her too, if it came to that.

But if it comes, she knows that she will hate that day as much as she will bless it.

So she throws him towards Joey Lucas, as hard and as impudently as she can. She throws them together because she likes Joey, and approves of her. She does it because Joey is kind and beautiful and brilliant and funny. Because Joey is the idealist with the numbers to back it up. Because she matches him word for word and wit for wit, her dancing hands eloquent as his virtuoso backchat. Because Joey would be good for him.

And because, unlike Donna, Joey has not noticed the way Sam Seaborn watches him with those exquisite and exhausted eyes. Because Joey has not heard enough to hear what neither man will ever say: that there once was something, something beautiful, and that he may no longer want it, but Sam still does.

Because Joey has not promised herself with every ounce of selflessness she can muster, that if Sam cannot have Josh, then she is not going to have him either.

Donna follows Josh with a whirl of words that (she knows) uplift and annoy and comfort him in equal measure. But there are some words he will never hear her say.

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