Title: Misery Loves Nothing
Author: Michelle K. (CageyGrl@yahoo.com)
Site: http://glimmershine.tripod.com
Challenge: tww_words #2: broken
Rating: R
Pairing: CJ/Donna
Spoilers: through "The Benign Prerogative," vaguely
Summary: Broken by the same culprit.
Disclaimer: Not mine. Sue not.

Misery Loves Nothing by Michelle K.

You've both been broken by the same culprit: the disappointment at apathy replacing the passion that used to drive your lives. You suspect she's starting to feel that apathy about you. That you could disappear from her life and she wouldn't care.

But you try to downplay it. You're in her bed now, her body over yours, her hands on you.

That's more than nothing.

She kisses you hard, biting down on your bottom lip. You want to ask her to tell you anything that would make you feel that the world isn't continually crashing down around you.

You don't.

She pushes two rigid fingers inside you. They hurt like jags breaking your flesh, but you don't protest. She pumps them hard and fast without any discernable rhythm, like she doesn't care about you enjoying this. You're surprised when you come, but not by the dull whimper it sends throughout your body.

You roll on top of her and lower your mouth to her breast. She doesn't respond no matter how hard you suck her nipple, but she does stir when your mouth meets her sex. You try to imitate her, try to pretend you don't remember how to make her come. But unclear patterns disappear as she rocks against you, as desire to feel her shudder around your tongue outweighs your false stoicism. The orgasm is not as hard as you would've hoped.

You lie down next to her.

"I'm miserable," she mutters.

"So am I," you whisper.

She kisses you.


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