Title: Like a Stone
Author: Michelle K. (CageyGrl@yahoo.com)
Site: http://glimmershine.tripod.com
Rating: PG
Pairing: Donna/Amy
Summary: You are not the answer. (in-ep for 'The Constituency of One')
Disclaimer: I guess it belongs to Wells now. But I'm going to tell Aaron Sorkin not to sue me. Take that, Wells!


Like a Stone by Michelle K.

You stare at Amy for several seconds before she looks back. Her gaze isn't that of a suspicious pseudo-rival, friend, lover. This look is entirely new.

This look has nothing to do with you.

This is the woman you love.

(Or have you fooled yourself into thinking that to make the nights mean something?)

No, this is the woman you love, and she's frozen by Josh running away from her.

You step forward, then stop. Waiting for her to make a similar move, your eyes travel down her hunched frame. Back up, and her eyes are still unreadable.

Embarrassed at being discarded so publicly?

Stung by Josh's words?

Apologetic for not wanting you as much as she wants him?

(All of the above.)

You want to close the distance, soothe her with your embrace. You want to tell her that you'd be the one to make her feel better if she'd give you all the time she's given him. If she would let this be more about emotions and less about sex, you'd give her everything.

(You already do.)

Finally she moves, brushing her body against yours as she passes. You say, "I'm sorry."

She half-turns. "It's not your fault."

You watch her continue her stride, empathy and sympathy gripping you simultaneously. Stopping her is your first and last impulse, but you let her leave.

(You'll let her go again -- this time for good -- tell Josh to go find her, because he's what she wants.)

You don't regret it because she doesn't. You've always been good at bending to your lover's will, malleable to the touch and eager to please.

You tell yourself that you regret nothing.

(You've always been a good liar.)


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