Title: Reasons
Author: Elina
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Pairing: Sam/Will
Rating: pg-13 (I think... Feel free to disagree.)
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Disclaimer: This is a fictional story, all the characters are fictional and - in fact - not mine (could you imagine that? *G*). They're this guy's and his co's.
Summary: There are always a thousand reasons not to.
Notes: Hi! I just joined this group and I thought I could start of with a little fic. This is my first WW-slash fiction, and first try in second person (Shoshanna, you inspired me *wink*), so please be gentle. ;) It's also one of my "fast-written pieces" so I most likely didn't think it through properly before I posted. Oh, well... Here we go.

#REASONS# by Elina

1# He's too confident for you.

2# He's too scared for you.

3# He's too reliable for you.

4# He's too powerful for you, too much in control - unlike you.

5# He's going to win the Orange County. You know it.

6# You were supposed to be in Nice.

But you couldn't help it. When his mouth took over yours, wordlessly claimed it his, you let it. You let his fingertips burn holes into your skin as they wandered down your naked body, and the moans that you breathed into his ear certainly weren't ones of complain.

This wasn't supposed to happen, but it did. You weren't supposed to spend your last night in California tangled in sheets that had a scent of pleasure in them, trapped under the arm of a sleeping man lying half next to you, half on you. You weren't supposed to feel comfortable. There are a lot of things you weren't supposed to. There are a lot of reasons why you should slip away from under his arm and tiptoe into the corridor with your clothes still only half on, why you should just let it be. There are always a thousand reasons not to touch his sleeping face and decide you'll stay just a little while longer, just a second or two. (Yet you'll know the seconds will become minutes and the minutes will be hours and before you know it, you'll stay until the sunrise.) There are always a thousand reasons not to want more.

7# He's too much for you.

He's everything you ever dreamed of and more, and you know you can't have it for more than just one night. You know you should just leave and save yourself - and him - from everything that is already on its way, closing every second you spend spread on his bed.

But the salty taste of his skin won't leave your lips, no matter how much you try to lick it off, as the warmth that is his body covering yours glues you to the bed.

And you know that even the best reasons couldn't make you leave.


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