Title: Kiss Me
Author: Heidi
Pairing: Jed/Leo
Disclaimer: Aaron owns them, I just like taking them out and playing with them once in a while.
Summary: Leo shuts Jed up the only way he knows how…
Author's Notes: This came about because of a challenge from another fandom and Leo just kept saying those words over and over until I gave in and listened to what he had to say.


Kiss Me by Heidi

"Kiss me."

Jed stopped mid word and looked at Leo. "What did you say?" he had to ask, unsure if he'd heard Leo right.

Leo smirked. It had worked. He managed to distract Jed from the never-ending tirade on human rights and the countries that failed to even give the barest minimum rights to many of its citizens. "I said, 'Kiss me'."

"That's what I thought you said but I wasn't sure," Jed commented. "Why?"

"To get you to shut up and because I'm tired of standing here listening to you rant about something neither one of us can do anything about at this particular moment, especially when you could be doing many other more pleasurable things with that mouth of yours," Leo answered and knew Jed's diatribe was over when he saw the desire pop into his lover's eyes.

"Oh I can, can I?" Jed asked coming around the furniture until he was face to face with Leo.

"Yeah," Leo answered moments before Jed claimed his mouth for a deep and searching kiss. When the kiss broke, he once again muttered, " oh yeah," but this time it had a completely different meaning.

The end

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