Title: Becoming a Man's Man
Author: Sunny
Rating: NC17
Pairing: Toby and Will
Summary: Toby teaches Will how to be a man's man.
Notes: So I am supposed to be writing chapter 8 of I Don't Think We're in Washington Anymore, but my slashy-Toby muse has been yelling in my ear. `Damn it Sunny,' he yells. `Will's been around for months and I haven't gotten any from him yet. Do something!' How can I resist him when he's yelling like that? So, here it is.

Becoming a Man's Man by Sunny

Will walked into Toby's office and slammed the door closed getting Toby's attention immediately. "What do I have to do?"

"Excuse me?" Toby asked in confusion.

"What do I have to do?" Will repeated.

"For what?" Toby asked still not understanding the younger man's conversation.

"To stop the hazing," he replied loudly. "What do I have to do to stop the hazing?"

Toby frowned. "You're still being hazed?"

"I am," Will agreed. "And you know it."

"Why would I know anything about it?" Toby asked innocently.

"Because you're the mastermind," Will accused.

"I'm a mastermind?" Toby repeated a sly grin creeping across his face.

"Yes. You are."

"I'm flattered," Toby stated as he sat back in his chair.

"Flattered hell!" Will cursed. "You're damn proud."

"Yes." Toby smiled. "Yes, I am."

"So?" Will asked in frustration. "What do I have to do?"

Toby leaned forward and placed his elbows on the desk. His eyes captured Will's and refused to waver. "What are you willing to do?"

"I don't know if there is anything left," Will gulped his eyes locked with Toby's. "I've worked in an office with bicycles and a goat. I always have a pocket full of olives. I've embarrassed myself in front of the President. What's left to do? What did Sam do?"

"Sam became a man's man," Toby replied softly.

"A man's man?" Will repeated. Toby nodded. "I hate to ask but what is a man's man?"

"It's the opposite of a ladies man," Toby said cryptically.

Will thought for a moment before suddenly completely understanding what Toby was talking about. "Are you kidding me?"


"If I became a man's man, would the hazing stop?"

"I'd see to it personally," Toby smiled.

"Oh God," Will groaned as he covered his face with his hands.

Toby grinned widely. "Take your time to think about it."

"How much time do I have?" Will asked.

"About a minute."

"Shit!" Will cursed again. Nervously he looked around the room before allowing his gaze to fall on Toby. He contemplated his options; turn Toby down and face the hazing for who knows how long or take Toby up on his offer and have the hazing stop now. It couldn't be that bad, he thought. Sam lived through it and he was fine. What's the worst that could happen? "Fine," he said finally. "Do I have to do this with you?"

Toby shrugged. "I could see if Leo's available."

"No!" Will shrieked horrified. "I'd rather it stayed in this office if you don't mind."

"I don't mind," Toby chuckled. "But I'd rather not do it in the office."

"I agree. I have a hotel room," Will offered.

"You're still living at the hotel?" Toby frowned.

"I haven't had time to find an apartment and move," Will explained. "It's not like this is a busy time or anything."

"Hmm," Toby hummed thoughtfully. "We'll have to take of that too. You're a permanent part of the staff, you need a place to live."

"Thank you." Will nodded.

"You can stay with me," Toby said matter of factly.

Will raised an eyebrow. "How big is your place?"

"Does it matter?" Toby asked. "There's room for two in my bed."

"Lucky me." Will muttered.

Toby chuckled then said seriously, "Go. Do some work. We'll leave early, check you out of the hotel and get you settled into my place. I'm sorry. Our place."

"Ok," Will said hesitantly before turning and leaving Toby's office.


True to his word, Toby ushered Will out of the White House early. They managed to leave at six o'clock after explaining to Leo that Will needed to move and both of them promising to work late for the rest of the week. Leo waved them out with a grunt and a nod not seeing the grin on Toby's face or the look of desperation on Will's. They drove over in Toby's Dart as Will didn't have a car yet either.

After paying the bill and gathering his stuff, Will joined Toby in the lounge for a quick drink. They left after one drink and Toby took Will to his place. He gave Will a quick tour, made room for Will's clothes in the closet and dresser then sat on the bed and watched as Will unpacked.

"Briefs, huh?" Toby remarked as Will placed his underwear in a drawer.

"Yeah," Will replied shortly. "You?"

"I prefer wearing nothing but I own boxers," Toby smiled.

Will blinked. "Now there's an image to send home to Mother."

Toby grinned. "I only go smokeless at home."

"Smokeless?" Will repeated.

"No underwear," Toby explained.

"Yeah because that would be hard to explain in the Oval Office."

Toby thought for a moment. "Other than CJ talking about being good in bed, we've never even come close to the subject of underwear. Unless you count the President's underwear."

"CJ talked about being good in bed? In the Oval Office?"

"Imagine all of our surprise," Toby chuckled.

"Why would you be discussing the President's underwear," Will asked confused.

"It was in a book," Toby explained.

"I'm sure the President was thrilled," Will stated.

"I'm not sure that he noticed."

Will finished unpacking and put his suitcase in the closet. "Well, that's done."

"Are you hungry?" Toby asked softly as he began to loosen his tie and unbutton the cuffs on his shirt.

"Not really," Will swallowed.

"Want to take a shower?" Toby asked.

"Alone? Or with you?"

Toby cocked his head to the side and stared at Will. "I was thinking you could shower while I fixed dinner but I'd much rather wash your back." Before Will could reply Toby stood and pulled the tail of his shirt out of his pants then pulled both his shirt and t-shirt over his head.

"You know," Will began. "I've seen a lot of naked men but I never really looked at them before."

"Well here's your chance," Toby said flinging his arms wide. "Look all you want and touching is encouraged as well."

"I'm not sure if I'm ready for that," Will admitted. Toby shrugged and began loosening his pants, which subsequently fell to the floor. Tugging at his boxers he let them drop to the floor too and stood there wearing nothing but a smile.

Will gaped dazedly at the naked man before him. He had thought that this was just another part of his hazing but now that Toby was naked he realized that the older man was serious. "Toby," he began. "I'm really nervous about this."

"I know," Toby said softly as he slowly moved across the room. Will watched wide-eyed as Toby approached him. "It's ok to be scared."

"I'm not scared," Will defended himself. "Well, ok, I am scared a little. But mostly I don't want to come off as some sort of virgin who has no idea what is going on. Though I have no idea what is going on. But I'm not a virgin. Except with men. Am I rambling too much?"

"Yes," Toby answered. He lightly grabbed Will's left hand and placed it on his chest. Will allowed his hand to rest on the warm skin beneath his hand, absorbing the heat and the gentle pulse of Toby's heartbeat. He flexed his fingers softly scraping the skin and dark curly hairs that were generously spread across the older man's body.

Toby moaned in appreciation causing Will to move his hand more freely. Will's eyes were fixated upon the hand on Toby's chest. He placed his right hand on Toby's hip softly caressing there as well. Flicking his gaze upward he saw that Toby's eyes were closed and he wore a contented look upon his face. The overwhelming urge to please Toby coursed through Will's body.

"Teach me Toby," he pleaded. "Teach me to please you!"

Toby's eyes blinked open and focused on the man in front of him. "You're ready to learn?"

Will nodded. "I want to learn, I need to learn. Will you teach me?"

Toby smiled. "Of course. Come lay with me."

"Should I undress," Will asked as Toby made himself comfortable on the large bed.

"If you want to," Toby acquiesced. Will quickly shed his clothes and joined Toby.

"What now," he asked nervously.

"Relax," Toby whispered. "Put your hand on my chest."

Will reached over and laid his hand on Toby's chest again reveling in the warmth under his palm. Toby lay on his back, hands at his sides and eyes closed.

"Touch me," Toby commanded. "Anywhere and everywhere."

Will let his hand slid across Toby's chest letting the curly hairs tickle his palm. He brushed across a nipple and smiled as it instantly hardened. He let his fingers linger there tracing circles around the little nub, flicking it gently, pinching slightly and causing Toby to moan and shiver in pleasure.

His hand moved down the side of Toby's ribcage noting the softness of the skin he found there. Smiling devilishly as Toby squirmed slightly under the teasing cares. Will's fingers traced the outline of bone and muscle, dipping into the older man's bellybutton for a second before moving on.

Sliding down and around Toby's erection, Will explored the length of Toby's legs. He was amazed at how fit the older man was considering the lifestyle he led. After several minutes he moved back up and buried his fingers in the thick thatch of hair at Toby's groin. Through this entire process, Toby had lain still the only signs of life had been a deeply drawn breath, a ragged moan and his very obvious erection.

Will paused and took a deep breath of his own. He was reaching a point of no return, which gave him cause to hesitate. He gaze flickered to Toby's hands that were clenched into fists and up to Toby's face that was masked in a mixture of pleasure and pain. Will shook off his hesitation and tentatively touched Toby's shaft. Toby moaned and Will grasped him more firmly. He slid his hand up and down causing Toby's erection to become harder.

"That feels good," Toby encouraged.

Will looked up and saw that Toby was now watching him. The other man's eyes were dark with desire causing a spark of excitement to shoot through Will. Seemingly without thought he continued to caress Toby's shaft as he moved up on the bed. He leaned over Toby and pressed their lips together. Toby responded by wrapping his arms around Will and deepening the kiss.

Will was amazed at how much he was enjoying the feeling of being in Toby's arms and he allowed his body to press against Toby's. Their tongues twisted and teased each other as their hands roamed freely. It was Will's turn to moan when Toby's hand grasped his own turgid member.

Toby broke the kiss and pushed Will onto his back. Will released Toby's erection as the older man began nipping and licking his way down Will's body. Toby teased Will's nipples with his hands and tongue before sliding further south. Will groaned loudly as Toby's mouth engulfed his erection.

"Oh my God," Will moaned. His back arched as Toby sucked and fondled him to an all-encompassing orgasm. As Will panted to catch his breath Toby moved up and gently lay on top of him.

"You ok," Toby asked.

"Oh yeah," Will replied softly. "That was incredible."

Toby smiled. "My turn now."

"You want me to…"

"I want you," Toby said. "I want to fuck you."

"Really," Will squeaked.

"Yes," Toby replied as he nuzzled Will's neck.

"I guess it's the least I can do after that wonderful experience you just gave me," he stated.

Toby sat back on his knees and watched his new lover. "I'll be easy on you."

Will glanced down at Toby's crotch. "I certainly hope so."

Smirking, Toby leaned across the bed and opened a drawer on the nightstand. He pulled out a condom and a tube of jelly. "Lift up your legs."

Will lifted his legs as Toby rolled the condom onto himself and opened the tube of jelly. "Remember to relax," Toby warned as he spread the jelly on his erection. He tossed the tube onto the nightstand and moved closer to Will. He poked at Will's opening then gently pressed himself inside. Will gasped at the intrusion and panted for breath. Slowly Toby eased himself inside the younger man. He paused and allowed Will to catch his breath.

"Are you ready," Toby asked after a few minutes. Will nodded and was rewarded with a kiss as Toby began to pump inside him. It wasn't long before Toby began to moan as he pumped faster and harder. The pain had resided and Will was beginning to enjoy himself as well when Toby stopped thrusting and came.

As Toby caught his breath Will looked at him and smiled. "I think its time we took a shower."


Toby and Will lay nestled in the bed. The remains of their dinner piled on the nightstand, soggy towels were strewn across the floor and both men watched CNN while cuddled next to each other.

"So did you and Sam really…" Will began.

"No," Toby replied quickly.

"No?" Will asked in confusion.

"Nope," Toby smiled wryly.

"Sam never?" Will continued.

"Not with me," Toby answered vaguely as he ran his hand through Will's hair.

"So you said that because?"

"I wanted to see how far you were willing to go," Toby admitted.

"I guess I was willing to give up the farm," Will replied lamely.

"And a very nice farm it is," Toby complimented as he moved to nibble at Will's neck.

"Thank you," Will said as he turned his head to give Toby access. "I think."

"You're welcome," Toby mumbled.

"So the hazing… it's going to stop now?" Will questioned hesitantly.


"You promise?"

"Yes," Toby said firmly.

"Say it," Will urged. "Say, I promise."

"I promise," Toby said obediently.

"I'm taking you as a man of your word," Will warned.

"You do that," Toby nodded as he continued moving down Will's body.

"I will," Will promised. His hands lingered on Toby's shoulders.

"Coz you're a man's man," Toby stated.

"And now I'm your man?" Will asked carefully.

"Yep," Toby replied as he once again took Will's member in his mouth.

The End

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