TITLE: With Olives in His Pockets
AUTHOR: Julian Lee
EMAIL: thwarted1066@yahoo.com
URL: http://geocities.com/thwarted1066/index.html
CATEGORY: Sam/Will, post-"Privateers"
Rating: CHILD
SERIES: "The New Guy"
DISCLAIMER: I am not Sorkin, John Wells Productions, or NBC. I earn not one dime from this.
SUMMARY: The consequences of spur-of-the-moment decisions.


With Olives in His Pockets by Julian Lee

"He asked me if I had a girlfriend."



"No. Who asked?"



"Earlier today. Before the thing."


"Sometimes I forget you were engaged to a journalist."

"Will, why did he ask? Was he testing the waters or something?"

"What waters?"

"Seeing if you're available, maybe."

"He wasn't going to proposition me, if that's what you're worrying about."

"I'm not. Not at all. Well, yes, that's a little bit what I'm worrying about."

"As near as I can tell, the man's sole ambition in life is to get Zoey back, so I think you're safe there."

"Good. Because I love Charlie, and I'd hate to have to lay the smack down on him because he was messing with my man."

"Please, *please,* Sam, tell me I didn't just hear you say that."

"No. I would never say that. Except that, come to think of it, I may have."

"Interested in taking it back?"

"You are an independent individual, in no way beholden to me."

"Other than being in love with you."

"Thank God for that. So why did he ask?"

"You are nothing if not persistent. Charlie received a 'Dear John' email from Zoey."

"I know. A year and a half ago."

"This is a different one. He got it today."

"Today? A year and a half after they broke up?"


"A 'Dear John' *email*?"

"It seemed more than usually cruel. Also, it was sort of from Zoey's boyfriend."

"Her boyfriend?"

"It's complicated. At least, it seemed complicated."

"Zoey's boyfriend is sending Charlie 'Dear John' emails? And you're sure he wasn't propositioning you?"

"I like to think that's a signal I can still pick up."

"I don't like Jean-Paul."

"I met him for the first time tonight. He's very French."

"What does that mean?"

"It doesn't mean anything. It means I've known a lot of Frenchmen, and he's definitely one of them."

"What did you say, when Charlie asked you that?"

"I said no."

"Anything else?"

"I mentioned Selena."

"The crazy drag queen your sister-in-law tried to fix you up with?"

"That's the one."

"You didn't tell him?"

"We weren't so much talking about me."

"He asks if you have a girlfriend and you're not talking about you?"

"We seemed to be talking about Zoey."

"But you didn't correct him."

"I did not."

"When Charlie asked you if you had a girlfriend, you didn't say, 'No, but I have a boyfriend,' or maybe even, 'No, but then again I'm gay'?"

"I'm not just going to blurt 'I'm gay,' in the halls of the West Wing."

"As I recall, that was *exactly* what you were planning to do."

"He asked me for advice, Sam. At this stage in my employment, that's a tremendous advancement. My status is tenuous."

"Did CJ put olives in your pockets again?"

"She did."

"Will, I love you. And whether you choose to come out around the West Wing or not, I'll support you unconditionally. But you have to *make* your choice and stick with it. You can't pull off Josh's passive-aggressive thing."

"I understand that very well, but, Sam, I threw myself on a live grenade today. Now is not the time to be doing this, too."

"No, I don't suppose it is."

"Thank you."

"No kidding, Will; that was an amazing thing you did today."

"No less than you would've done."

"Maybe. But I didn't have olives in my pockets."

"Yeah. You know the worst part? We'll never fix global warming. Even if every motorized thing in the world ran on wind and solar power - and I mean starting tomorrow - we won't be able to completely undo the damage we've done to this planet."

"I'm glad you're in such a good mood."

"Fourteen people in Alaska died today, Sam. It bothers me."

"It bothers me, too, but there's nothing we can do about it tonight."

"You're right. I know you're right."

"But I think we *can* do something about your bad mood."

"I like the way you think. You can sit next to me any time."


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