TITLE: Without Anyone Telling Me To
AUTHOR: Julian Lee
EMAIL: thwarted1066@yahoo.com
URL: http://geocities.com/thwarted1066/index.html
CATEGORY: Sam/Will, post-ep for "The California 47th"
Rating: CHILD
ARCHIVE: Ya want it? Ya can have it!
DISCLAIMER: I own not a single character of situation of "The West Wing." I don't make any money from this venture. I just idolize Josh Malina from afar.
SUMMARY: Sam can worry as much as Will.
NOTES: I so badly wanted Sam and Will in a room together in "CA 47th," but, my, that was a slashy phone conversation they had there, so I guess that'll do. This is part of my ever-growing series of Sam/Will post-eps. I swear I didn't intend for it to get like this. Damn you, Malina!


Without Anyone Telling Me To by Julian Lee

"Good to see you out of jail, Toby."

"Don't for a minute think that, just because you no longer work for me, I can't kick you ass."

"You're really going to swoop in and take over my campaign?"

"Working for the leader of the party has its advantages."

"Except that, for the next week, you work for me. Hey! You work for me now. That's pretty cool."

"Don't get any ideas, Sam."

"Of course not. Can I say something? And I don't mean to second-guess your judgment, which I have always found to be impeccable when not motivated by personal factors, but what the *hell* are you doing to Will?"

"He's fine, Sam."

"Except that, he's not. The entire speechwriting team quit because of him; he's alone in Communications writing all of next week's remarks with no one to help him but Elsie and a team of interns who are apparently all named Lauren—"

"Only three of them."

"One of whom seems to think he's hitting on her."

"That might not be such a bad thing."

"Oh, no, Toby. Don't you be that guy."

"The rumors are already starting, Sam, and I don't like them."

"Will is gay, Toby. Will is gay, and you're going to be hearing about it. All of you."



"And you're allowing this?"

"Okay, first of all, I'm his boyfriend, not his mother, and secondly, yes. I absolutely support him on this."

"Great. Just what we need a crusading gay staffer."

"He's not crusading. Will standing up and saying 'This is who I am' is no more crusading than when you stood up and said Andy was pregnant."

"Oh, God, Andy. Sam, do you if you think Andy's in a fight now because she didn't tell her voters she's pregnant do you have *any* idea what the voters of the California 47th are going to do to you when they find out you're gay and didn't bother mentioning it to them?"

"I'm not going to win this election, Toby."

"You can. Now that I'm in charge, I can make this election happen for you."

"I don't want it to. I'm running because I promised Horton Wilde's widow, and because I promised Will. But I'm certainly not looking to win."

"Why the hell not?"

"Because I don't represent the people here. The kind of people who would harass a pregnant woman in a bar and support the Republican tax plan tell me how a bisexual Democrat is the representative they want."

"He's not."


"Too bad. We could've used you on the Hill. There's I don't know how many dead in Kundu, and there's this stupid Republican tax plan—"

"And nothing I could do about that which wouldn't be much, and you know it would help a guy who never had any intention of becoming the President's deputy director of communications."

"Are we back to this?"

"Of course we're back to it, Toby. You haven't promised me you're going to help him."

"How, Sam? How can I help him?"

"You can...get him speechwriters who'll be mature enough to give him a chance. Get Leo and CJ and Josh on his side."

"They *are* on—"

"You know what I mean, Toby. The junior staffers will do anything the senior staff tells them to do no matter how you tell them. They're watching the way you guys treat Will, and if you're still hostile—"

"Josh is always going to be hostile. A lot of people are going to be hostile as long as Will continues not to be you, which I'm guessing is going to be quite a while."

"Please, Toby. I'm asking you as a personal favor. Send the message that you support him."

"I *do* support him. I made him my new damned deputy, didn't I? But he has to help himself, too. Tell him to stop being so goddamned passive. He can't ask for anything without apologizing for it five times. He's trying to do everything himself so he doesn't have to ask anyone for help—"

"Because he knows he won't get it!"

"And he's going to burn himself out. He's no good to me burnt out, Sam. Tell him that."

"I will. Thank you, Toby."

"You're really willing to do all of this for him?"

"This? This barely scratches the surface of what I'm willing to do for him."

"He's lucky to have you."

"I'm not getting such a bad deal, myself. I've missed you guys."

"As well you should."


"All right, fine. I guess we've missed you, too."

"That wasn't so hard, was it?"

"I really can still kick your ass."



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