Title:Santa Claus is coming tonight?
Author: Sunny
Pairing: Toby/Josh with a dash of Leo/Margaret and CJ/Danny
Rating: definite NC17 (SLASH warnings!!!)
Disclaimer: I don't own them. I'm just playing with them.
Summary: Josh and Toby has a not so secret, secret. CJ falls for Danny. Margaret wows them all in more ways than one. Oh yeah, and there's some smut in here too.
Notes: This is for Jenn, who loves Josh and writes Toby/Josh stories for me. And for Karen who said write something damn it and finish it! Well, she said it a lot nicer than that. Karen, I guess it worked, here's a story all wrapped in bows. Santa Baby lyrics by J. Javits and P. Springer as originally sung by Ertha Kitt

Santa Claus is coming tonight? by Sunny

Toby stood in the back of the pressroom and watched as CJ charmed her way through another mundane briefing. It was Christmas and for now there were no emergencies to handle, no shootings, downed planes, fires, or imminent attacks on foreign nations. The world was cooperating with the plan for peace. There was no reason for him to be watching the briefing other than the fact that he really had nothing better to do.

CJ was wrapping things up and with a smile and a nod as she began walking towards the exit. Toby was about to turn away when he saw her look back over her shoulder at Danny Concannon without stopping her feet and the inevitable happened; she tumbled off the steps. In typical CJ fashion, she threw her hands in the air tossing her papers far and wide. Toby covered his mouth as he chuckled at her. Several reporters got up to assist her to her feet and pick up her stray papers.

Toby wandered down the stairs to make certain she was all right but also to make sure none of the reporters "accidentally" forgot to give back all of her papers.

"Don't say a word," CJ warned when she saw him. He put his hands up in defense as she turned to the reporters. "I can only hope that none of you will pass this on to the public but as there is little else in the news I don't suppose I will get that lucky."

"I always knew you would fall for me eventually," Danny smiled.

"Go away now," she growled.

The reporters laughed, handed CJ her papers and filed out of the room. Toby stood by quietly and waited to follow her out of the room. She turned to him and mock frowned. "I suppose you laughed at me," she asked icily.

"Me," he replied innocently. "I wouldn't do that to you."

"Liar! I heard you," she said as she turned and walked out of the room.

"You did not," he said to her back as he followed her into the hallway.

"Nice swan dive, Claudia Jean," Josh said as he was passing by.

"Shut up," she yelled.

"Hey Toby, can I talk to you," Josh asked.

"Uh…sure," Toby said turning mid-stride to follow Josh instead of CJ. They entered Josh's office. Toby closed the door behind him. As he turned around Josh was suddenly kissing him. Toby leaned back against the door pulling the younger man with him. They kissed for several minutes before coming up for air.

"What was that for," Toby asked when his lips were released.

"I missed you this morning," Josh whispered as he nibbled on Toby's neck.

"You're the one who went off with Sam last night, got drunk, and passed out in the hallway when you got home," Toby pointed out.

"And you're the one who left me there," Josh pouted.

"I wasn't picking up your dead ass and carrying it into the bedroom," Toby growled as he grabbed his lover's head and pulled him up for another kiss. He slipped his tongue into Josh's mouth and explored at a leisurely pace. Josh moaned and leaned into him pressing their hips together. They were both startled at a sudden knocking on the door.

"Joshua," Donna yelled through the door. "Are you ready yet?"

Josh sighed and dropped his head onto Toby's shoulder. "Kill me now," he whispered.

Toby chuckled as Donna knocked again and tried to open the door. "Why can't I open the door?"

Toby pushed Josh back and opened the door for Donna who stepped in and closed it again. "Are you guys making out in here," she accused.

"Yes," Toby said as Josh simultaneously said, "No." Donna frowned and tapped her foot as she glared at Josh. "You're a bad liar Joshua Lyman. You need to get dressed."

"I don't want to do it," Josh complained.

"You really don't have a choice," she said.

Josh looked up at Toby who shook his head. "The President said you were doing it this year."

"Please" Josh whined.

"No," Toby said emphatically.

Josh gave up fighting and moved across the room. He picked up the clothes bag and opened it up. "You guys going to watch," he asked with a grin.

"Maybe," Toby replied as he leaned against the door again and looked at Josh through hooded eyes.

"And the room warms up again," Donna said as she fanned herself. "I'm leaving. Toby? Could you move away from the door?"

"Sure," Toby replied not taking his eyes off of Josh who was unbuttoning his pants. Donna stepped around him to go out but stopped and looked back at Josh who was staring at Toby as intently as Toby was Josh.

"On second thought," she said grabbing Toby's arm. "We're both leaving."

"But I don't want to leave," Toby protested as she pulled him into the hall.

"Josh needs to get dressed and get his ass down to the ballroom where the President is waiting," she said as she closed the door. "He doesn't need you making eyes at him and getting him excited."

"But its so much fun," Toby grinned.

She shook her head and leaned over to kiss his cheek. "You're incorrigible."

"I know," he replied saucily.

"Are you going to the thing," she asked.

He nodded. "I wouldn't miss this for anything."

"I'm going to make sure he gets everything put on correctly," she said nodding at Josh's door. "I'll see you down there."

"You're not going to let me go back in there," he asked.

"Hell no," she cursed. "We don't want Santa arriving with a hard-on or smelling like sex."

"Party pooper," he frowned at her.

"Is Josh ready," Leo asked as he walked across the bullpen towards them.

"Almost," Donna replied. "Merry Christmas."

Leo smiled as she kissed his cheek. "Thank you. Have you seen Margaret? She's late."

"Not since last night," Donna frowned. "Has she called?"

"No. And that has me worried," Leo replied.

"Did you call her cell," Toby asked.

Leo glared at him. "Do I look stupid?"

"No sir," Toby replied meekly.

"Well apparently I am," Leo shot back. "Donna would you try her cell phone for me?"

"Sure," Donna smiled softly as she stepped over to her desk. "Don't let Toby go into Josh's office."

Leo eyed Toby carefully. "Were you guys making out again?"

"No," Toby lied quickly. He blinked as he tried to look innocent.

"I don't believe you," Leo said. "Go away. Do a job or something."

"I don't have anything to do," Toby sighed.

"Do you want me to find something for you?"

"No," Toby replied nervously.

"She's on her way," Donna announced as she bounced over. "She had a flat tire."

"Did she get it fixed? Is she ok? Does she need help? Tell her I'll send someone," Leo rattled off quickly. "Toby…"

Donna laughed and interrupted him. "She already changed it and is on her way. She should be pulling into the lot any minute now."

"She changed it herself," Leo bellowed. "I'm going to meet her at the door."

Leo stormed off leaving Toby and Donna laughing in his wake. "You'd think she was a child the way he watches over her," Toby remarked.

"Just someone special," Donna smiled. The door to Josh's office opened and out stepped Santa Josh. "Put the beard on Josh."

"It itches," he complained. "It has all these prickly things attacking my face."

"I don't care," she replied forcefully as she grabbed the beard out of his hand.

Josh looked over at Toby and waggled his eyebrows. "Have you been good this year little boy?"

Toby grinned. "Oh Santa, I've been very, very bad."

"Well then Santa is going to have to make a special trip to your house," Josh grinned.

"Stop it," Donna hissed. She handed Josh the beard back "I trimmed the little snags. Put it on."

"Joshua," CJ yelled from across the room. "You're late."

"You're looking awfully sexy Claudia Jean," Josh grinned. CJ was wearing a very short green dress, high heels and elf ears.

"Shut up and lets go," she ordered.

"You're not going to fall over again are you CJ," Toby asked worriedly as he eyed her legs.

"You! Shut up too," she growled.

"Again," Donna asked.

"She fell off the podium," Josh stated.

"In front of the press," Toby added. "Of course, if you fall over now they'll see all of your many charms."

"I'd like to see her charms," Josh grinned at Toby. Toby grinned back and nodded.

"Can you guys contain yourselves," Donna asked.

"You two have been making out again haven't you," CJ accused knowingly.

"When aren't they," Donna said for them. "And Toby here, lied to Leo."

"You didn't think I was going to tell him yes and get my head bit off on Christmas did you," Toby asked.

"I guess not," Donna said. She watched as Josh tugged the beard into place. "Great, Santa has black eyebrows."

"Do you have any powder," CJ asked.

"Yeah. Hold on," Donna said as she walked over to her desk. Toby snickered.

"Next year, you're doing this and we're gonna powder your whole face," Josh told him.

"I don't think so," Toby growled.

"I love it when you get all huffy," Josh teased with a wink causing Toby to smile.

"Knock off the flirting," Donna ordered. "You guys are making me jealous."

CJ took the box of powder from Donna opened it and began applying it to Josh's forehead. "We should push them out in the rain," CJ said.

"They'd only play with each other to keep warm," Donna sighed.

"All done," CJ said as she eyed her work. "Not the best job but it will do. Where's your sack full of toys?"

"I don't know," Josh shrugged.

"It's behind my desk," Donna said. "Go get it."

Josh walked over and looked at the bag sitting on the floor. "How many kids are there," he asked. "This bag is huge!"

"A lot," CJ answered. "Lets go!"

Josh grabbed the bag and heaved it over his shoulder with a grunt. "Where's a reindeer when you need one?"

Toby, Donna and CJ followed Josh as he tottered down the hall to the ballroom. They could hear music coming from inside as well as the voices of people talking. CJ stepped in front of Josh and threw open the doors.

"Look who's here everyone," she announced loudly. The room fell silent until Josh walked into the doorway and let out a hearty "Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!" The children screamed for Santa Claus and quickly surrounded him. CJ pushed through the gaggle of children and led Santa to his official seat. While Josh and CJ dealt with the children, Toby and Donna slipped inside and made their way to the bar.

"Something festive bartender," Donna ordered. Toby raised an eyebrow at her and ordered scotch, neat. "You don't want something festive, Toby?"

"I'm festive enough," he smiled.

"Toby," a voice said from behind him. He saw Donna straighten up as he turned around.

"Mr. President," he greeted. "Dr. Bartlet."

"Hello Toby, Donna," Abbey smiled warmly. She leaned over and kissed Toby on the cheek then gave Donna a hug. "Merry Christmas."

"Thank you ma'am," Donna said softly.

"Josh looks good," the President said.

"If you say so sir," Toby said softly.

"If I say so," the President snorted. "Leo told me you guys were making out again, so don't try to act the innocent with me."

"Excuse me," Toby squeaked causing Donna and Abbey to laugh.

Jed stepped closer to Toby leaned over and gently kissed him. "Maybe someday Josh will share," he whispered. Jed turned and led his wife away as Toby stood there in open-mouthed shock.

"Here," Donna said. She handed him his glass of scotch then motioned the bartender for another.

"He kissed me," Toby mumbled. "The President kissed me."

"I think he meant it out of friendship Toby," Donna assured him.

"Are you sure? I think he just made a pass at me."

"Why would the President make a pass at you," she wondered aloud.

He frowned at her. "Why wouldn't he?"

"Do you want the President making passes at you?"

He shrugged. "I wouldn't be adverse to it."

She gasped. "Do not let Josh know that. He will freak!"

"Oh shit," he exclaimed. "Josh! Do you think he saw that?"

She looked over to the corner where children surrounded Josh. "Unless he has super x-ray vision, no I don't think he saw it."

"Good," Toby smirked. "I can surprise him later."

"Toby," she exclaimed.

"Don't worry. He gets a kick out of that sort of thing," he chuckled.

She moaned and covered her eyes. "Way too much information there, Rocky."


"Yes. When you and Sam are writing you are Batman and Robin. I have decided that when you and Josh are making eyes you will be Rocky and Bullwinkle," she announced.

"And I'm Rocky? The squirrel?"

"Rocky was the smart one," she quipped. "Not to mention his penchant for nuts."

"Hah," he bellowed causing heads to turn in their direction. "You are a funny, funny woman."

"Hey guys," Sam said as he stepped over to them. "What's going on?"

"We were discussing Toby's favorite nuts," Donna told him.

"We were not," Toby growled.

"You and Josh were making out again huh," Sam scolded.

"Why do you people keep accusing us of that," Toby asked.

"Well you usually don't talk this much and that hickey on your neck is a dead give away," Sam pointed out.

"I have a hickey," Toby hissed. He glared at Donna. "Why didn't you tell me?"

She shrugged and gave him a little smile.

"I'm going to kill Josh," he threatened.

"Revenge is better than death," Margaret said as she came up behind Toby scaring him slightly.

"Flat tire lady," Toby smiled as he turned around. "Are you ok?"

She raised an eyebrow at him. "Why wouldn't I be ok? It was a flat tire. It wasn't like I had to put a new engine in or something."

"I bet you could do that," Toby said in awe.

"Bet your ass," Margaret replied. "My Dad was a mechanic for a racing team. I spent half of my life rebuilding cars with him."

"I'm impressed," Sam stated.

"Me too," Toby replied. "I can't change my own tires to save my life let alone do anything else."

"Hey where's Leo," Donna asked.

"I'm not sure," Margaret replied. "He said something about building a fire to keep me warm. I wasn't paying too much attention."

"He was worried about you," Donna said.

"I know. But if he had turned on his own damn cell phone he would have known where I was," Margaret huffed.

"Looks like Santa is leaving," Sam announced. Everyone turned and waved at Josh as he walked out the door.

"You going to follow him Toby," Donna asked.

"I am not," Toby said quietly before finishing his drink.

"You guys have been making out again I see," Margaret remarked.

"Shut up," Toby growled. Everyone laughed except Toby.

"You should stay," Margaret nodded. "Like I said revenge is better than death."

"What kind of revenge," Toby asked warily.

"I have an idea if you're brave enough," she smiled wickedly.

"Oh this is going to be good," Toby muttered.

Margaret leaned over and whispered into Toby's ear what she had in mind. He smiled, knowing it would drive Josh absolutely nuts. He nodded his agreement and Margaret wandered off to set up her plan. If she did this right Toby and Josh wouldn't be the only ones getting lucky tonight.

"Let's go sit down," Toby suggested. He headed off towards the stage area and sat at one of the tables. Sam and Donna followed close behind and sat down as well. They only had to wait for a couple of minute before being joined by Josh and CJ.

"I am so glad that is over," CJ groaned as she sat down. She snagged a passing waiter and grabbed a glass of champagne for herself.

"You're glad," Josh asked. "You weren't the one getting mauled."

"You weren't the one wearing heels who had to stoop over to talk to the children," CJ muttered.

"CJ," Toby interrupted. "You might want to take off the elf ears."

"What," she yelped as she reached up and pulled the ears off. She smacked Josh on the shoulder. "You said I looked fine."

"You did," Josh replied as he rubbed his sore arm. "Those ears look sexy on you."

"Why is it," CJ began. "When I don't want you guys to say something you can't keep your mouths shut but when I do want you to say something you say nothing at all?"

"I've been wondering that myself," Toby muttered shooting Josh a dark look.

"What did I do," Josh asked.

"You gave me a hickey," Toby growled.

Josh grinned widely. "Just marking my territory."

"Yeah well, find some new territory," Toby stated.

Josh's smile fell. "What? Toby?"

Toby turned in his seat and faced the stage. He could see Margaret in the backstage area. He lifted his glass to her in salute.

"Toby," Josh pressed. "Honey, are you mad at me?"

"Don't call me honey."

"Uh-oh," Sam muttered.

"Trouble in paradise," Donna interjected.

"Do. Not. Cause. A. Scene," CJ warned.

The conductor of the band stood at the podium and spoke into the microphone. "Mr. And Mrs. President, Ladies, and Gentlemen. If you would please have a seat, we have a special presentation for you."

There was a pause as people gathered in groups and sat at the various tables. Toby could see that the President and First Lady were sitting at a table to his right along with Leo, Debbie Fidderer and the Vice- President and his wife.

`I hope she knows what she's doing,' Toby muttered to himself.

"And now ladies and gentlemen, a special song from Miss Margaret Randall to her favorite man," The conductor announced. Everyone applauded as the music began and Margaret took the stage.

"Santa baby," she began singing in a deep sultry voice. " Slip a sable under the tree, for me. I've been an awful good girl. Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight."

She danced across the stage looking very sexy and very un-Margaret like.

"Santa baby, an out-of-space-convertible too, light blue. I'll wait up for you dear. Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight."

She moved off the stage across the floor and sat on Toby's lap.

"Think of all the fun I've missed." (She grabbed Toby's tie and pulled his face to hers.)

"Think of all the fellas that I haven't kissed." (She pressed her mouth to Toby's for a moment.)

"Next year I could be oh so good." (She wrapped her arms around Toby's head and held him to her breast.)

"If you'd check off my Christmas list." (She stood up again and danced across the room.) "Boo doo bee doo."

"Santa honey, I wanna yacht and really that's, not a lot." (She reached a table behind Toby's and sat on Larry's lap.)

"I've been an angel all year. Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight." (She hugged Larry then moved over to Ed and started playing with his hair.)

"Santa Cutie, there's one thing I really do need, a deed. To a platinum mine. Santa cutie, and hurry down the chimney tonight." (She stood up and sauntered across the floor again stopping at the President's table. She looked at the First Lady who smiled and nodded.)

"Santa baby, I'm filling my stocking with a duplex, and checks." (Margaret settled herself on the President's lap.)

"Sign your `X' on the line. Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight." (She started to rise off the President's lap but he pulled her back and kissed her on the cheek before letting her go.)

"Come and trim my Christmas tree." (She moved past the Vice-President all the while watching Leo, his eyes went wide as she straddled his lap.) "With some decorations from Tiffany's. I really do believe in you. Lets see if you believe in me."

Margaret stood up once again and moved back across the floor. She hugged Sam from behind. Walked past Josh and messed with his hair then settled on Toby's lap again.

"Boo doo bee doo."

"Santa baby, forgot to mention one little thing, a ring." (She wrapped her arms around Toby's neck and held him close.) "I don't mean a phone. Santa baby, and hurry down the chimney tonight."

She whisper sang in Toby's ear, "Hurry down the chimney tonight."

The last line she spoke, "Hurry down the chimney, tonight!"

Everyone broke into applause as she kissed Toby once again. "Think it worked," he asked. She smiled and nodded before moving off of his lap. Toby watched as she headed for the bar and was cut off by Leo. He saw Leo ask her a question, to which she smiled broadly and nodded. Margaret turned to Toby and winked. He waved at her before turning away.

"Cute," Josh whispered in his ear. "But don't think that I'm convinced cause I'm not. I know where your heart lies."

"Where's that,' Toby asked without turning around.

"In my hands," Josh replied softly.

Toby turned to face his lover and studied his face. "You ready to go home," he asked.

"Have been for hours," Josh responded.

"Lets get out of here," Toby growled.

"Once again we've been forgotten," Donna sighed as the two men stood up to leave.

"Have a good night Donnatella," Josh grinned at her.

"You too," she smiled.

"I will," he promised then he hurried off to catch up with Toby who was already walking out of the door to the ballroom.

They drove to Toby's apartment out of habit running up the sidewalk like a pair of grade-schoolers racing in the rain. Toby opened the door and fell inside with Josh tumbling in after him. Josh began kissing Toby and tugging to get his coat off.

"If you get off of me Josh, this could be a lot faster," Toby breathed heavily. "And we need to close the door."

"Oh yeah," Josh mumbled. He got to his feet and helped Toby up then closed the front door. Both men stripped out of their coats and suit jackets hanging them by the door. Toby turned and started walking away unknotting his tie as he went.

"Where are you going," Josh asked as Toby turned towards the living room.

"I was going to check the news," Toby said over his shoulder. "Screw the news," Josh growled. "Get your ass in the bedroom."

"Did you want something," Toby asked innocently as he looked over his shoulder at Josh.

"Yeah," Josh replied. "Your ass, in the bedroom. Now."

Toby smiled and casually walked over to his impatient lover. "I love it when you get all demanding," he whispered. He leaned close and captured Josh's mouth with his own. Josh groaned and pressed against the older man relinquishing all control to him. Toby's mouth left Josh's as he trailed kisses along his jaw.

"I love you," Josh whispered. "I love you so much."

"I know," Toby replied as he licked Josh's ear. "I love you too."

Toby unfastened Josh's pants and let them drop to the floor. He grabbed the bottom of Josh's shirt and pulled it up and over his head. Josh stood there compliantly allowing Toby to strip him of he t- shirt next. He stood there and watched as Toby appraised him.

"You look really cute," Toby smirked. Josh looked down he was naked save for a pair of overly stretched boxers and his pants that were piled at his ankles.

"You're over dressed," Josh replied as he toed out of his shoes then peeled off his pants and socks. Toby unbuttoned his shirt before sliding it off his broad shoulders. He laid it carefully across the back of the couch then tugged his own t-shirt up and over his head.

"Can I touch you," Josh asked as he reached out a hand. Toby nodded and Josh settled his hand on Toby's chest. His fingers ran through the soft curls of hair as he traced the lines of muscles. Fingertips softly brushed erect nipples causing Toby to gasp in pleasure.

Toby ran his hands up Josh's arms to his shoulders and pulled him close. He grabbed Josh head and pulled him into a hard kiss. Their mouth opened and tongues met with practiced ease. Josh let his hands drop to Toby's waist and he unfastened the belt. As one hand fumbled with the snap on Toby's pants his other rubbed Toby's erection. Toby moaned and leaned back to gasp for air.

"Let's get in the bedroom before it's too late for either of us to think," Toby suggested.

"You're the boss," Josh replied as he nipped Toby's shoulder. They stumbled down the darkened hallway to the room they had been sharing for months. Josh stopped inside the door and turned to face Toby but Toby grabbed him and pushed him backwards until both of them fell across the bed.

"You're killing me Toby. Get your pants off."

Toby chuckled as he reached down and tugged Josh's boxers down his thighs. His hands slid up and grasped the throbbing shaft he had been thinking of all night. Toby kissed Josh again as he gently stroked his hand up and down. Toby moved down to suck on Josh's nipples. He moved his hand off Josh's shaft to gentle caress his balls for a few minutes then moved back to the object of his desire.

"Oh God Toby! I can't hold off much longer."

Toby slid down further and took Josh into his mouth. His tongue slide across the smooth skin on the tip of the shaft as his hand continued to stroke up and down. Josh began pumping his hips up and down trying to get Toby to take more of him into his mouth.

"I'm going to come," Josh whispered. Toby stroked faster until the younger man could no longer contain himself and came. He moved up Josh's body slowly kissing and nipping as he went along while Josh settled down from his orgasm.

Toby laughed and kissed his lover. "I guess it's true, Santa really is coming tonight."

"You're fucking hilarious," Josh remarked.

"No," Toby replied. "I'm fucking you. Turn over."

Josh slid his boxers the rest of the way off as Toby stood up and removed his pants.

"Is this the price I have to pay for marking my territory," Josh asked.

"You got it baby," Toby replied.

"Maybe I should mark my territory more often," he quipped as he climbed into position on his hands and knees. Over his shoulder he watched as Toby rolled on a condom and applied a lubricant.

Toby moved up behind him and grabbed his hips. "Are you ready," Toby asked softly.

"Go for it," Josh said softly. He felt a slight pressure as Toby entered him and he relaxed his muscles to make it easier. Toby slid all the way in and paused to give Josh a chance to relax further. He nuzzled the back of Josh's neck, kissing licking and nipping.

"Why do I have the feeling I'm going to have a mark on my neck," Josh asked.

"Would I do that to you," Toby asked as he began to pull out and push back in.

"I would hope you would be as eager to mark your territory as I am," Josh gasped.

"Are you my territory," Toby asked as he pumped faster.

"Yours and only yours," Josh whispered.

Toby pumped harder and faster. "I love you," he groaned as he came.

"I love you too," Josh said as Toby collapsed on his back. "Merry Christmas Toby."

"Merry Christmas Santa Josh."

The End

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