Title: Zippers
Rated: NC-17
Author: Baked Goldfish
Pairing: Leo/Jed (duh. . .)
Summary: Zippers are evil. They really, really are.
Archive: Sure, if you feel like it.
Disclaimer: Yes, that's right, they're mine. I'm really a billionaire recluse living in Brunei, and I own ninety percent of both NBC's & WB's stocks. So this is all good and fine. Really. Yes. Don't you come at me with that straightjacket, I'm perfectly sane!
Note: There's always room for PWPs. I'm just takin' a break from the three or four angsty fics I'm working on right now (and only two of them are WW slash. . .)


Zippers by Baked Goldfish

Fingers trailed hot down his side, electric through the layers of silk
business suit. Teasingly, they stopped on his hips, resting lightly
on the jutting bones. Lips pressed against his, tender first, but
anticipation rearing its beautiful head and pushing harder. He stood,
passive against the wall, as caressing hands trailed under his jacket
up to his tie. Shuddered as he felt well trained hands slipping the
ribbon of cloth off and unbuttoning the top buttons of his shirt. All
the way down, buttons slid open until those expert fingers reached a
dark waistband.
One of his hands lifted from the wall, stroking his partner's cheek as
the other man broke the kiss to concentrate fully on the tasks of
unbuckling and unzipping. His other hand rested on the other's hip,
and he leaned forward, lips grazing against his man's neck. Cologne
intermingled with shampoo and soap and a scent that was distinctive to
this man alone. He inhaled the fragrance sharply, tongue flicking out
behind an ear as a precursor to his lips as he felt his trousers
getting looser and slipping down. "Leo," he murmured, his voice
resonating so close to Leo's skin. He could not tell if the shudder
that overcame Leo was from hearing his name, feeling the vibration on
his bare skin, or a combination of both. He reached up and stripped
the tie off McGarry's neck, letting his fingers stray over the hollow
where the man's neck joined his chest.
Leo leaned his head onto Jed's chest, passively standing as his jacket
was slipped off. Eyes closed, he smiled slightly as Jed hooked his
thumbs under Leo's suspenders and slid them off his shoulders.
"I never did understand why you always insist on wearing those
things," Bartlet muttered, tilting Leo's chin up to get to the column
of his neck. He could feel McGarry's adam's apple bob with a swallow
under his lips. "What's the matter, " he murmured in between kisses.
"Oh, nothing," Leo answered, his voice sounding just a little husky.
"Just. . . it's like unwrapping a Christmas present."
Jed merely grunted as he countinued to work on Leo's neck.
"I mean," he started, breathing becoming shallower by the second.
"The more wrapping ya got, the better the present, you know?"
"Mm." He finally let up on his neck. "We should go somewhere a
little more, oh, I don't know, comfortable."
"Yeah" Leo breathed, ready to follow him anywhere. The two walked
hand in hand the few feet to the Chief of Staff's couch. It was dark
in his office, everyone having gone home hours prior. The two were
alone on the soft brown couch in the corner of the room. "Jed?"
Bartlet grunted, resuming his original position of necker. "Quiet,
you," he growled playfully onto smooth skin and flesh. His hands
wandered down, light over the soft white shirt, resting on Leo's lap.
Shiftin so that he was straddling the lighter haired man, Jed
captured his mouth with a kiss while taking the other man's zipper
between his fingers. The soft kisses soon turned to grunts as he
tugged and pulled at the unrelenting strip of metal. Soon enough, he
broke off the kiss and stared at Leo's crotch, brows furrowed in
confusion and concentration.
Leo licked his lips and opened his eyes, wondering why it was taking
so long. He looked down and and saw Jed working with his fly. "Jed,
c'mon," he urged quietly. "Hurry it up."
"I'm trying, I'm trying," he replied, tugging harder on the other
man's pants. "It's stuck," he stated, a little bit of panic bleeding
into his voice. He abandoned the zipper and tugged up on Leo's shirt.
The shirt came untucked with ease, and he muttered, "Must be stuck on
your boxers." He kept tugging, twisting and shifting the fabric over
the obvious bulge in between Leo's legs.
Trying to regain control over his breathing, Leo looked away and
licked his lips. "No, I really don't think that's possible. . .
Could you *stop* that for a minute? It's driving me crazy."
With a small smirk, Jed paused his work to look at his lover. "All
the more reason to keep going." Looking back down at his task, he
frowned in thought. "Not stuck on your boxers. You switch to briefs,
or something?"
"Or something. . ."
He stopped tugging with a start. Still staring directly at the stuck
zipper, Jed's eyes went wide. "You mean, you. . . You're not. . .
wearing. . . "
"Yeah." Leo gulped uncomfortably. "Nothing."
Jed stared slack-jawed at the jammed zipper. Whimpering, he started
tugging even harder and faster, hands brushing roughly over the thin
piece of cloth that separated him from Leo's hardness.
Leo just sat, eyes rolled back in his head, back straining, hips
thrust slightly forward. His hands found themselves on Jed's
shoulders, nails digging into the pliant flesh. Breathing was getting
more and more difficult for him, and soon he found his breaths coming
in short, rapid gasps as Jed continued to tug and pull and manhandle.
"Please. . . stop it," he managed to moan in between tortured gasps.
"Leo, it's *right in there*," Jed complained, stopping to run his
hands through his hair. "I can't get it open!" Getting off the
couch, he started to pace the room uncomfortably, his own erection
bulging out of his open fly. Suddenly, he stopped, staring at some
object on Leo's desk. "Yes. Yes!" Grabbing it, he started walking
back to the couch.
The look on Leo's face changed from lust to confusion to outright fear
in a matter of seconds. Scooting up on the couch, he shook his head
vehemently. "Uh, uh. *No* way. You are *not* gonna cut my pants
with a pair of scissors!"
Jed stopped, halfway to the couch. "But, it's quick! We'll get you
out in no time flat!" He pouted a little, hoping to get Leo to agree.
"No. No. You're a klutz. No way in hell am I allowing you to come
near me with a pair of sharp scissors. I wouldn't even let you near
me with a pair of *safety* scissors."
"Come *on*!" At Leo's adamant stare, Jed hesitantly put the scissors
down. "Okay. Okay. We need to think about this."
"No we don't, we need to get my pants off." Leo started to fiddle
with the zipper himself, trying to keep the material of his pants from
shifting too much. After a moment, Jed knelt in front of Leo and
started trying to pull the two flaps apart. Leo gave up trying to
unzip it and joined Jed in his efforts. Savagely, grunting, snarling,
they tried to rip Leo's pants open. A few interminably long second of
their efforts granted them a loud rip and the freedom of Leo's cock.
Jed stared at it in awe as it bobbed in front of his face. He turned
his eyes heavenward and brought his hands together in silent prayer
for a moment. "Thank you," he murmured, looking very much like a man
who'd just been granted a miracle from God upon high.
Leo's laughed in between his short, gasping breaths. A smile appeared
on his lips and he closed his eyes, leaning back, semi-relaxed. "Oh,
thank Go-aaaagghh!" His eyes flew open, his back straightned quickly,
and his hips bucked forward as Jed went down suddenly and completely
on him. His mind went reeling as Jed sucked and pumped and nipped.
Blindly, he reached out, his right hand finding a home on Jed's
shoulder as his left latched onto the President's hair.
Jed took his cue from the way Leo had grabbed him to speed up a
little. Soon, he was almost savagely taking Leo in, sucking from tip
to base, using one hand to balance and the other to stroke himself.
It didn't take long for the chief of staff to explode into Jed's
mouth, and even then, Jed did not stop, sucking and licking and
lapping up every bit of cum that Leo put forth. It was a moment later
that he himself came into his hand.
Leo slid back into the couch, head lolling slightly to one side.
"Holy sweet Jesus, Mary and Joseph," he breathed after a minute.
"Ditto." Bartlet crawled up to sit next to Leo, placing a kiss on the
dazed man's temple. "Your pants are torn."
"They are? Damn," he muttered, staring down at his ripped trousers.
"And I've got a meeting with some senator in about-" he glanced at his
watch "-ten minutes."
"Change into your other pants," Jed offered.
"These *are* my other pants. Remember, you spilled. . . you-know-what
on the other pair earlier today?" Pausing a moment to think, he
added, "What was with you today, anyway? You've been pretty randy."
With a shrug, Jed answered, "Not my fault that suit fits you too well.
How are you gonna go to that meeting without any pants? None of mine
would fit you."
"Well, I could just go to the meeting without pants. Might make it
end a little sooner."
Bartlet swatted him on the arm, grinning playfully. "Seriously, Leo.
How are you gonna do this?"
Furrowing his brows in thought, he answered, "I dunno." He snapped
his fingers suddenly and reached for the phone. "Josh is still here,"
he murmured, dialing the extension. "Josh? Yeah, I can't make that
meeting with Senator Dionne, could you take it for me? No, why not?"
Leo waited a few moments, listening to Josh's reply. His face lit up
with surprise. "Oh. . . is Sam around? He's in your office right
now? Lemme speak to him. Yeah, Sam, can you take this meeting?
Josh'll fill you--he'll tell you about it. Thanks Sam."
He hung up, stared at the phone, and started chuckling.
"What's so funny?" Jed asked, wrapping an arm around Leo's shoulders.
"When I asked if Josh could take the meeting, he said no," he replied,
still chuckling.
Jed looked at him expectantly. "And?"
"When I asked him why not, he said his pants were torn."


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