Author: Zephyr
Title: When Worlds Collide
Paring: Dan/Sam, Casey/Josh
Rating: PG-13
Disclaimer: I don't own these characters, I'm not making a profit. Please don't sue
Spoilers: None
Authors Note: Ever notice how Sam and Casey and Dan and Josh are essential the same charcter? I decided to have some fun with that

When Worlds Collide by Zephyr

Dan sighed happily as he rested his head against his lover's chest. It was the first time they'd been able to be together in weeks. Not to mention their highly visible position s that prevented them from being out of the closet, let alone out together. All that didn't matter now though, he was here, with the most important man in his life.


His raven -haired angel. They had only known each other for a couple of months but it felt like they been friends forever. Well, friends you can have mind blowing sex with, anyway.

Dan mused, Sam was handsome, brilliant, caring and..


Interrupting his reverie.


"Duke just scored again and you're not yelling, I was concerned." They were watching the Duke/ UConn game in the midst of their romantic weekend away in his cabin. Dan had a sudden epiphany.

"Sam I've been thinking?"

"Really? Do you need to lie down?" Dan retaliated with a playful shove.

"Now, we rarely get to see each other."


"When we do we don't get to enjoy each other."

"Mournfully true."

"We are now in a secluded, romantic cabin."

"Also, true."

"Then one question, remains..."

"Why aren't we naked?"


"Well let's remedy that, shall we?" Sam said shutting off the TV and leaning in for a kiss .Dan received him eagerly and began tugging Sam's shirt out of his khakis. The pair began quickly relieving each other of their clothing, which was congregating in a pile on the floor.

"C'mon, it's only a little further." Casey called over his shoulder to his lagging partner over the crunch of dead leaves.

"You know I don't like nature, and it's not to keen on me either."

Casey chuckled and looked over at his lover.


Bright, funny, with eyes you could lose yourself in for days. And he was the only other, besides his best friend Dan, he could be completely comfortable around. They hadn't each other that long, but there was something very familiar about him. He knew Josh Lyman through and through." His smiles, his frowns, his ups, his downs, a second nature to me now...

"Hey, Gorgeous. What are you doing all the way back there?" Josh smiled mischievously. Casey jogged to the porch with their luggage as Josh placed the groceries on the ground awaiting Casey's arrival Josh wrapped his arms around the taller man and looked up at him.

"You sure your friend won't mind us using his cabin?"Josh asked he nuzzled Casey's neck.

"Danny, nah, he made me a spare key. Besides he's going to his niece's Bat Mitzvah this weekend."

"Good cause I want to do things to you that are illegal in several states." With that Josh pulled Casey into a deep kiss. Casey dropped their suitcases and began tracing Josh's spine with his fingertips.

Sam's eyes popped open.

"What was that?" he asked, alarmed.

"What was what?" asked the drowsy voice next to him

"I heard a crash."

Dan yawned. "Probably a deer or some other woodland creature." He looked at Sam .His usually bright blue eyes were clouded with worry.

"Relax, sweetheart, the only other person who even Knows about this place is Casey. And he's at his cousin's wedding this weekend." Danny stroked his arm reassuringly. Sam eventually relaxed back into Danny's arms. They snuggled together under the warm flannel blanket, sleepily exchanging soft kisses.

"Hey," Casey panted, "maybe we should move this party inside." Casey began fiddling with the lock. His attempts were not aided by Josh's assaults on his collarbone or impatient and wandering hands.

As they entered the cabin, Casey heard the stereo, which was playing some soft Miles Davis. Crane this neck and caught a glimpse of the couch. He saw feet.

"Holy Goldilocks!" Casey thought, "Someone is sleeping in Danny's bed, actually on Danny's couch." Casey stopped short and turned to Josh.

"I think here may be squatters in Danny's cabin."Josh's eyes widened.

"What do we do?"

Casey thought for a moment.

"Ok, give the champagne bottle, we'll sneak up on them, knock the out and call the police."

"But it's the really good champagne." Josh whined. Casey gave him a stern look and they slowly made their way to the living room.

This time Dan heard the noise. He shook Sam urgently.

"Sam, Sam! Wake up."

"Ooh, someone's eager." Sam said sleepily.

"No, I hear voices, think you were right about the intruders." Sam gasped

"Quick hand me the fire poker, I'm going to investigate." Sam started to protest but Dan quickly cut him off.

"I need you here for backup, besides you're the pretty one so if anyone should take a hit to the face it's me." Before Sam could say anything else Dan was making his way the foyer with the flannel blanket wrapped around his waist. He stormed into the entryway the fire poker raised above his head and was met with a similarly held Champagne bottle. Both assailants screamed and then stopped, lowering their weapons.



"I coming Danny!" Sam shouted as he ran into the foyer



Sam dropped the baseball bat he was holding. and attempted to hide himself behind Dan. The two couples stared at each other for several awkward minutes when Dan broke the silence. "Sam, I think we should go find our pants." Sam nodded and they returned to the living room, leaving Josh and Casey utterly confused.

To be continued...

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