Title: When the Dramamine Doesn’t Work
Author: Baked Goldfish
Rated: A nice, spiffy NC-17
Pairing: Leo/Jed, (vaguely)implied Sam/Josh. It's, like, one line folks. Sorry.
Summary: Dramamine doesn't work for Leo. Jed knows this. And yet, he insists on being evil. But Leo decides to get his revenge. . .
Disclaimer: If I owned them, The West Wing would have to be shown on HBO at midnight. But I don't. And I'm not making any money. Please don't sue, and please don't let Martin Sheen or John Spencer read
this. Please?
Notes: Slight, very slight bondage. Veeeeeery slight. Also, Caz, this one has LeoGrowls, but, sadly, no gratuitous neck worship. Sorry. And, folks, this is a *lot* lighter than that last thing I wrote.


When the Dramamine Doesn’t Work by Baked Goldfish

"Why, Leo, you're looking a little green," Jed commented from his seat
by the window.
Leo looked at him, somewhat sickly. "Seasickness, sir," he mumbled
with a frown.
"You used to be a squid. How'd you get seasick?"
Leo gulped and steadied himself on a chair. "Served on big boats.
They didn't move like this."
Jed cocked an eyebrow at him playfully. "Like this? You mean,
swaying-like? Up and down," he added, making motions with his hands.
"Side to side, back and forth, like that?" He stifled a grin as Leo
gripped his stomach and groaned slightly. "Remember the dinner's at
seven tonight."
"Oh, god, Mr. President," McGarry moaned miserably. "Please, no. . ."
"White tie, Leo," he added gleefully. "You know how I like white
ties. Now go get ready, you've only got an hour."
Leo whimpered and left. The President went back to reading the memo
at hand, a slightly evil grin on his face.
Leo braced himself sullenly against the bulkhead, hoping nobody tried
to talk to him. He was having enough trouble keeping what little food
he'd eaten down, and the Dramamine was not working; he didn't need
people who already made him nauseous talking to him in this state.
Vaguely, he wondered why Bartlet had scheduled a cruise-ship
fundraiser in the first place. But that thought was quickly pushed
out of his head as he noticed Kenny signing for Joey Lucas. The man's
hands were going all over the place, up and down, side to side, back
and forth-
"And how are you tonight, Leo?" Kenny asked on Joey's behalf.
Leo stared at the two of them for a moment, unsure of when they had
walked up to him. "Wha. . . huh?"
Joey signed a little to Kenny, and Leo tried not to cringe. "You look
a little pale."
Swallowing loudly, Leo stuttered out, "Sea. . . sea. . . sickness."
Joey gave him the type of look one gives a precocious five year old.
"How sweet!" she gushed. Explaining in sign as Leo looked on with
growing agitation, she added through Kenny, "The second most powerful
man in the country and an ex-Navy pilot gets seasick. It's
He smiled weakly and said, "Excuse me," before walking off in the
direction of the President. Bartlet was deep in a one-sided
conversation about something that was clearly boring the bejesus out
of his audience.
"Mr. President," Leo interrupted, causing the listeners to give silent
sighs of thanks.
Jed turned to face Leo, a look of innocence on his face. "Yes Leo?
Enjoying the boat ride?"
Leo gave him a look that was somewhere between
I'm-gonna-toss-you-overboard and I'm-gonna-toss-my-cookies. "Sir, may
I be excused?" he asked, trying to hide just how miserable he felt.
Taking in the drawn expression on Leo's face, and the pleading in his
eyes, and the paleness of his skin, Bartlet shook his head. "No, Leo.
You need to enjoy the party. Go out there and dance!"
Leo frowned and said, "Sir, please. . . I really don't feel that
great. . ."
Something in Jed's mind chided him for being evil, so he looked away,
slightly guiltily. "Oh, alright. Fine, get out." He gave Leo a
half-smile as the man strided out of the room quickly. He turned his
attention back to his "rapt" audience, only to find that they had
disappeared on him. He wandered around the room a bit, hobnobbing for
a few minutes, before grabbing a cup of ginger ale and making a
discreet exit.
The residence area of the ship was empty, due to the fact that
everyone was at the party. The light in Leo's room was on, so he
knocked quietly. "Leo? You in there?" Trying the door, he found it
to be unlocked. A warm smile spread on his face as he took in the
scene before him. Leo was sprawled out on his bed, asleep, coat and
tie still on.
Jed walked up to the bed and kneeled beside it, placing the cup on the
nightstand. Stroking Leo's hair softly, he gave him a small kiss on
the forehead. "Goodnight, you." He sat on the bed and started to
take off Leo's tie.
Leo stirred a bit under his touch. "Mm. . . huh?" He looked up
drowsily. "Wha. . ."
"Just taking off your tie," Jed answered, completing the task quickly.
"Sit up for a minute." Leo did, and Jed slid the jacket off his
shoulders. "There you are."
Leo rubbed his eyes wearily. "The Dramamine's not working," he
"Figured as much. Drink this." He handed him the cup.
"What is it?"
"Ginger ale. It might help."
Leo sipped at it cautiously. "I'm getting you back for this, you
know," he mumbled as he put the glass back down on the nightstand.
Curling up on the bed, he added, "I'm not quite sure how, but I will."
With a chuckle, Jed pulled the sheets over Leo. "Right. You get some
sleep now. I'm going back to the party with all the normal people."
As he left, he heard a small growl behind him. He laughed a little
(Two Weeks Later)
The President sat down at his desk early that Monday morning, glasses
on and reports in hand. Ready to get to work. Rearin' to lead a
country. All fired up to show the free world just how great America
was, for one more day.
He scooted his chair in, and his foot hit something soft.
"Ow," came an annoyed whisper from under his desk. "Must you wear
Jed slid his chair back quickly. "What the--Leo?"
From his position beneath the desk, Leo grinned broadly and said,
"Hiya." With an impish wave, he added, "Remember how I said I was
gonna get you back? Well, I figure today's as good a day as any."
"I've got meetings starting in two minutes, get out from there," Jed
hissed frantically.
"No, sir," Leo said with an wicked smirk. "And I think your watch is
slow, because your two minutes were up almost two minutes ago."
Jed looked at his watch while, simultaneously, Mrs. Landingham walked
"Mr. President, CJ's here to see you now," the elderly secretary
stated before leaving.
Leo gave Jed one more thumbs up before the president slid his chair
back under his desk. Looking up at CJ, Bartlet greeted, "Good
morning, CJ, what can I do for you?"
In the back of her mind, CJ wondered briefly why the president looked
so harried this morning. "Sir, I've just got a press statement here
I'd like you to read. . ."
Under the desk, Leo leaned forward and moved Jed's jacket away from
his crotch. Biting down on the belt, he started tugging it free,
letting his chin brush slightly onto the fabric below.
Jed twitched a little and gave CJ what he hoped was a convincing
smile. "Okay," he breathed, squirming in his seat slightly. "Uhh,
why-" He gripped the arms of his chair a bit. "Why don't you leave
it on my desk?"
"Um, okay," CJ answered, placing it on the desk and looking at him
oddly. He had a pained smile on his face, and was trying to hide it
but failing miserably. "Are you alright, sir?"
Leo got the belt undone and undid the button with his teeth. His
hands moved up to the zipper and he brushed his fingers over the
growing bulge in Jed's pants.
"Fine, fine," he answered quickly. "You can leave now, CJ," Bartlet
stated, giving her a small, forced wave. "I'll see you later."
She could have sworn she heard a zipper being undone. "Yes, sir," she
said, leaving the room rather hastily.
The door swung shut and Jed's hand slammed down on the desk. "Leo,"
he hissed through gritted teeth. "Get out from under there."
Leo laughed and rested his face in Jed's lap. "Damn, but that was
funny. What'd she look like?"
Jed was finding it somewhat difficult to concentrate as Leo was
talking into his crotch. "Leo. . . could you move?"
"Nope." He placed a quick kiss on Jed's balls. "You don't mind if I
rip your boxers, do you?"
Jed was about to answer when the door opened again. "Toby's here to
see you, sir," Mrs. Landingham announced before walking out again.
Toby walked into the office, and quietly noted that the President
looked somewhat uncomfortable. "Sir," he greeted.
"Yeah. . . what do you need, Toby?"
Leo latched his teeth onto the elastic waistband of Jed's boxers and
started tearing it. It gave a little, and he braced his hands on
Jed's hips before tugging at it again.
Toby watched as Bartlet jumped a little in his seat. "Uh, CJ's
statement. I think it needs to be reworded a bit."
"Right," Jed agreed absently. He surreptitiously pushed Leo away from
his shorts. "Um, whatever you think is good, Toby, I trust you."
Toby stared at the desk as a loud thump sounded from inside it. "Sir.
. . if you don't mind my asking, what was that noise?"
"Uhh, what noise?" He looked at Toby innocently.
"Never mind. . . that's all I had for you, sir." Bartlet waved him
off distractedly and he left. Quickly. And he learned not to
question thumps.
Jed pushed his chair away from the desk a little and stared under it,
breathing a little heavier than normal. Leo was sitting on his
haunches, scowling and rubbing the back of his head in pain. "Watch
it," Jed warned.
"Just for that, I'll be slow," Leo quipped as he crawled forward to
rip Jed's boxers apart.
Gasping a bit as his half-hard cock sprang up, Jed grasped the
armrests of his chair tightly. "Oh-kay," he breathed as he heard the
door open once more. He scooted his chair under the desk again,
causing Leo to grab onto his trousers for support.
"Sir, it's-"
"Send whoever it is in, Mrs. Landingham," he interrupted frenetically,
adding, "Let's get this over with," under his breath.
Mrs. Landingham shot him a glare that let him know his lunch would be
extra leafy today before leaving. Jim Lipton, a junior senator from
Nebraska, entered somewhat meekly.
"Sir, just let me say, it's an honor to be able to speak with you,"
Lipton started.
Leo licked playfully at Jed's balls, tongue darting out teasingly.
"That's nice," Bartlet replied in a slightly rushed manner. "You're
here for. . . the new environmental funding bill?"
"Yes, sir," the senator replied. "I--and many other senate
Democrats--believe that the budget allocates too much for the
military, while leaving the environment woefully underfunded. . . Sir?
Are you okay?"
Leo put one of Bartlet's balls in his mouth and started sucking
Jed tried not to look skyward, and gripped the armrests so hard he
thought they might break. "Fine, Jim," he gasped. "A little. . .
worn out, is all. Go on."
Jim looked at the president a little nervously. He hoped he hadn't
screwed up in some way; President Bartlet was looking a little
strained, and was breathing a little heavily. He hoped the president
wasn't ill. "Yes sir. . . well, sir, we were hoping for a change in
that. Thirty senators are with us right now, and I know that with the
White House backing us, that number would grow. Sir, are you sure
you're okay?"
Leo leaned back a little, letting Jed get some peace for a second. A
tiny impish smirk appeared on his face, and he braced his hands on the
inside walls of the desk in preparation.
Jed gave a small sigh of relief, and slumped a little in his chair.
"Really, I'm fine," he stated. "Go on, Jim."
"Well sir," Jim began, "I know I'm gonna have to do some convincing
here, so if you'll allow me, I'll tell you a story about the New
Mexico meekfly. You see, the meekfly is a vital part of the New
Mexican ecosystem, but because of the development in its natural
habitat, it's on the verge of dying out-"
Leo, braced against the desk so that he needed no other support,
shoved Jed's cock into his mouth in one swift, unexpected movement.
"Oh god!" Bartlet howled, eyes wide and nearly jumping out of his
chair. Trying to cover his exclamation, he settled back down
uncomfortably and swallowed hard. "Um, that's. . . that's bad," he
stuttered, looking tense.
"Yes sir, it is," Senator Lipton agreed enthusiastically. He had an
audience with the president, and the president seemed to
whole-heartedly agree with his stance. "You see, this bill would
*protect* species like the meekfly, sir, thereby protecting the
environment. That's why we want to get it passed."
Leo moved his hands from the hard wood of the desk to Jed's hips, and
he sucked hard, pausing at the top of Jed's hardness to swirl his
tongue around it.
"Damn!" Jed slammed his hands hard on the top of the desk. "Damn,
uh, that's good work, Jim. Why. . . why don't you leave your report
with Mrs. Landingham, and I. . . "
Leo started bobbing his head up and down, trying to take in Jed's full
length. Relaxing his throat muscles, he did just that. Fast.
". . . Oh, god, leave it with Mrs. Landingham, and could you please
tell her to cancel all my meetings for the next ten minutes? Tell her
nobody--and I mean *nobody*--comes in to this office until I tell her
they can." As the young senator nodded, Jed added, "And lock the door
on your way out, please. Thanks, Jim."
Senator Jim Lipton left with a silly grin on his face, sure that he'd
convinced the president to back his bill.
Mrs. Landingham gave the closed door one knowing, slightly
disapproving, slightly amused look before going back to work.
Leo sucked like a Hoover vacuum, moving his hands ever so slightly so
that he was grabbing Jed's ass.
Jed gasped and raised his hips, thrusting into Leo's mouth. Pushing
his chair back a bit, he grabbed Leo by the hair and started pushing
him down farther. He ignored the slight whimper of agitation that
came from beneath the desk. He was gonna milk this for all it was
With a shrug, Leo settled in, sucking harder and faster, intent on
bringing Jed right to the edge and leaving him there for a while. A
smile grew in his eyes as Jed bucked and twitched beneath him, and
just when he knew the moment was coming, he stopped. Quite suddenly,
in fact. He extricated Jed's fingers from his hair, pushed the chair
out further, and stood up.
Leaning over Jed, he pinned the other man's hands against the plush
armrests. "Here's the deal," he growled low in Jed's ear. "I'm gonna
take off your tie with my mouth."
"You seem to be quite adept with that mouth of yours," Jed stated, his
own mouth very, very dry.
"Yeah. You know what I'm gonna do with that tie? I'm gonna tie your
hands together, behind you." With that, Leo bent down and started
tugging at the tie with his teeth, quite aware of the fact that Jed's
chest was rising and falling much faster than normal. Soon, the tie
was undone, and he whipped it off with his mouth.
"That's. . . silk," Jed breathed, eyes unfocused and jaw slack.
"Mm-hmm," Leo replied placatingly, tie still in his mouth. He let go
of Jed's hands and went behind the chair. Grabbing Jed's wrists
again, he pulled them behind the chair and bound them together with
the red silk tie. "Now, I want you to stand up."
Jed struggled up, but was soon aided by Leo from behind. He heard the
chair being kicked to the side, and in a flash, Leo was in front of
him again, Leo's hands on Jed's shoulders.
"Kneel," Leo ordered, leaning back against the desk. When Jed was
firmly on his knees, he unzipped his pants and pulled down his boxers
slightly, revealing his own hardness. "Now suck."
Jed went down on him hungrily, and Leo ran his fingers through the
thick dark hair appreciatively. He had to admit that Jed was better
at it than he was, and it wasn't too long before he was spurting into
Jed's mouth, groaning with closed eyes and a tight grip on Jed's hair.
Licking his lips, Jed tried to steady himself without the use of his
hands. "Leo," he whined, blue eyes wide and pitiful. "It hurts!"
Leo made a slow show of pulling his pants back up. "Really?" he asked
in the way one would talk to a small child. "Jed, no more boats,
Jed looked at him, uncertain, clearly having conflicting thoughts.
"B-but Margaret will kill me," he whimpered.
"Yeah, but I'll withhold sex. No more boats, right?"
"Okay," Jed agreed meekly, nodding quickly. He smiled giddily as Leo
helped him stand and removed the tie from his wrists. Within seconds,
he was reseated, with Leo's face between his legs.
"Ready, Mr. President?" Leo asked, smiling rakishly.
"Yes, yes, y-"
Leo swallowed him whole.
"-Eeeeeaaaaggghhh!" One hand gripped Leo's shoulder, and the other
gripped the back of his head. Jed's eyes bulged out of his head, and
his face contorted in what might have looked, to the unconcerned
passerby, like pain. In fact, it was relief, as he had just come,
erupting into Leo's throat. "Gah. . . muh. . ." His body relaxed,
and he sunk deep into his chair. "Leo. . ."
Swallowing everything, Leo finally let go. Smiling up at Jed, he said
growled, "Yes?"
Breathing returning to normal, Jed looked down at Leo. "You've got
some. . ." He wiped a drop of his seed off the corner of Leo's mouth
with his finger. Leo grabbed his hand and sucked on the finger,
lapping at it hungrily. ". . . Christ almighty. . ."

"Have I succeeded in dragging down the Good Catholic Boy?" Leo asked
mischeviously, pulling Jed out of the chair and down to the floor.
"Mm," Jed replied with a small nod, moving to rest beside Leo against
the desk. "You did that a long time ago, my friend."
Leo patted Jed's thigh warmly. "Zip up your pants, you've got a
meeting with Sam and Josh in ten."
"Why *is* it that those two always come in together?" Jed asked,
Leo gave him a surprised look. "You haven't figured it out yet?" At
Jed's blank expression, he sighed and rolled his eyes, exasperated.
"Who does Sam remind you of?"
Thinking a little, Jed answered, "A younger me."
"And Josh?"
"A younger you. . . wow." His eyes widened in awareness. "I never. .
. Wow."
"Sometimes you can be so thick-skulled," Leo grumbled.
"That's why I've got you," Jed retorted playfully. His eyes warmed
with fondness. "Love you."
"Love you too, babe. Now zip up your pants."