Title: What You Leave Behind
Author: Nomi
Posted: 10/6/00
Archive: Sure...just let me know
Part: 1/1
Code: J/S
Rating: CHILD
Notes: Contains spoilers for "In the Shadow of Two Gunmen"

What You Leave Behind by Nomi

_He's_ in my office? He's in _my_ office? He's in my _office_?

Joshua Lyman, the man I've secretly been in love with seemingly forever, is in my office.

When he hugged me, I was afraid I held on too long, that I gave him some sort of indication.... Josh is the straightest guy I know. He'd be terrified of the thought that he's been the subject of my erotic dreams for longer than I can remember, that he's the one I think of when I'm alone, when I'm lonely, when I'm...jacking off. I picture his smile, remember his laugh, and that's enough to bring me off.

And he has no clue.

And that's the way it's going to stay.

Hell, I'm making partner, I'm getting married...to Lisa...but if Josh came to me and said, "Come with me, Sam. Join me. Be with me," I'd drop her in a New York minute.

He wants me to follow him to New Hampshire. He wants me to hear this Bartlet guy speak, maybe think about working his campaign...I put him off - temporarily. I'm afraid to go. I'm afraid of what the stress of being in close quarters with him during the long nights of a national campaign will make me say, make me do. But if he comes back and says it's the real thing, I'll believe him. I'll follow him. And maybe...


He came back. Sopping wet, grinning like an idiot, Josh came back to get me - Bartlet's the real thing.

To Hell with the tankers, to Hell with this firm, to Hell with Lisa. I'm gonna follow Josh. Hell - I'd follow him to Timbuktu if he asked me in the right way. If going to Bartlet is a way to get me closer to Josh, count me in.

This is gonna be one Hell of a ride.


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