Title: Watching
Author: Baked Goldfish
Rated: G
Summary: You want a summary for a piece of fluff? Are you serious?
Spoilers: 17 People
Disclaimer: They'd be sticky if I owned them. Are they sticky, Aaron? Are they? Oh, they are. . . well, what you do with them on your own time isn't any of my business, but feel free to share anyway. No
copyright infringement intended, no money being made. Please don't sue.
Notes: This has nothing to do with "The Feeling Of Alone". Also, Dafna. . . I wrote the bit about Abbey before I read "Personal". I saw that line in your fic (you'll know what I'm talking about later), and I just did a double-take, and thought, "Great minds. . ."


Watching by Baked Goldfish

He looks like an angel when he's sleeping. I know I say that a lot
about him, but it's the damn truth. He does. Like he hasn't a worry
in the world.
Tonight, he has no right looking like he's got no worries. Not
tonight, of all nights. Tonight was the night we told Toby; it'll be
the same when we tell the rest of the staff. It'll be the same when
we tell the rest of the world.
He doesn't know I've come up here. He never does. He never will. I
won't tell him. But here I am, standing in the doorway to his
bedroom, looking at him. Whenever Abbey's out of town, I'm here.
Watching over him.
Protecting him.
It's all I can do. When I say that, I don't mean I'm incapable of
doing anything more for him; I mean that I'm incapable of doing
anything that does not pertain to him. If I think he needs it, I
protect him, and that's all that's on my mind.
I can't believe Toby reacted the way he did. It was. . . it wasn't
what I expected. I didn't think he'd make it out like we'd done
something illegal. We hadn't. Nobody was told to lie. Nobody was
forced to keep quiet. Things were explained to them, they kept quiet
on their own regard. We didn't do anything wrong.
So why the hell do I feel so damn guilty?
He looks so peaceful. That pout of his lips. His brows so relaxed,
so soft. Some hair just falling into his eyes, just so. He looks so
young. So small, curled up in that big, lonely bed. Maybe he's cold.
I hope he isn't cold. It's not cold in the room, is it? And he's
got that big comforter pulled almost up to his chin. I don't think
he's cold. He shouldn't be cold.
He might be cold.
I'll just pull the comforter up a little more. Just a little, so he
doesn't get a draft. Then I'll go; I think the secret service agent
out there is giving me the evil eye through the door.
Shh, don't wake up. I'm just pulling this up a little. There you go,
hope that's better.
He called it a coup d'etat. Toby said that when Jed was under, it was
like I was staging a coup d'etat. Toby doesn't know what the hell
he's talking about; we dropped the ball on that one, but there wasn't
anything illegal. It was murky, yeah, but it was just a matter of the
letter. Honestly, it was just a matter of the damn letter. Hoynes
was in charge. Hoynes, who was elected. I gave suggestions, but
Hoynes was the one heading it all up.
Toby doesn't know what the hell he's talking about.
Hey, I'm sorry. . . I didn't mean to wake you. Close your eyes, sir.
Go back to sleep. No, it's okay, just go back to sleep. I was. . .
I wanted to pass something by you. I didn't know you were going to be
asleep. It can wait til morning, go back to sleep. No, sir, if I sit
down on the sofa I'm gonna be here all night. If I sit down on the
bed I'll be here all night, too.
I'm not sitting on the floor, you dweeb.
Mr. President, I'll just go. It's late, and I've got an early meeting
tomorrow. I'll see you in the morning. Good night, sir.
Sir, I really can't stay. I shouldn't. Sir. . .
I was not watching you. No, I really wasn't. Sir, no. I never come
up to your room and watch you. I'm not some sort of voyeur. Sir, I
really don't. And I've got to go, I've got a meeting in the morning.
Why? Because you told me to meet with this guy early in the morning,
that's why. Look, sir, I should go. God knows you need sleep. I'll
talk to you in the morning.
All right. Fine, I'll stay for a few minutes. Yeah, I'll leave when
you go back to sleep. No, you will *not* stay up all night, sir.
Why? Because you're not twenty anymore. Go to sleep, Mr. President.
I don't want to talk about this, sir. I really don't. We can talk in
the morning. In the morning, sir, because Toby will be here in the
morning. Yes, we need to talk to Toby. We do, because we have to
figure out a way to tell the rest of the staff.
We have to tell the rest of the staff, Mr. President. It'll come out,
one way or another, and they need to hear it from you and not the
press. Yeah, CJ's at her dad's, she should be back tomorr--later
today. When's Abbey coming back? Okay. When she gets back, I think
we should tell the rest of the kids.
You know I won't stop referring to them as kids, so you might as well
stop trying to convince me. They're kids and you know it. You know I
respect them. That's why they have to know.
Toby'll understand, in the end. And so will they. We'll plan it
better for the kids. Sir, you didn't do anything wrong keeping it
hidden. Go to sleep, Jed. We'll talk in the morning.
Please, sir. I've got to go. Jed. . . stop that. You don't want
this tonight, Jed. Get some sleep. I know what you want because I've
known you forever. You don't want this tonight. If it were any night
but tonight, it would be different.
I can't do this tonight. Why? I can't. Stop asking me. I have to
go, stop asking me why I can't. . .
I'm scared. Jed, I'm really, really scared. What if Toby's right? I
mean, what if they do have inquiries? We didn't do anything wrong, I
know, but. . . I mean, what if the rest of them react like how he did?
I wasn't thinking about these things, Jed. I wasn't even thinking
about the. . . your thing. Not when I told Toby we had to start
running again. Not until dinner that night. You told me about the
deal, and I couldn't figure out why you'd made that deal, not even
after you'd told me why. It just didn't click.
Okay. Okay. Let me just get my jacket and shoes off. Scoot over a
bit. Man, this bed's cold.
What? Of course I love you. What kind of dumbass question is that?



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