Title: Waiting
Author: Mela
Pairing: L/H
Rating: NC-17 (language, mostly)
Summary: John Hoynes’ thoughts in "In the Shadow of Two Gunmen"
(spoilers for the second season premiere)
Disclaimer: Aaron Sorkin owns them and I promise to be nice to them...

Waiting by Mela

The only thing I could think when those Secret Service agents hustled me out of the photo-op was, "Oh God, don’t let him be dead..."

I suppose as the Vice President of the United States I should have been praying that it wasn’t the President who wasn’t dead, and I swear to God, that I was thinking that too, but the he that was foremost in my mind was Leo...

God, if anyone had told me three years ago that Leo McGarry and I... that Leo and I... God...

Last night (Was it only last night?), we’d been making love... Okay, it was hot and furious sex, sex that we both needed... Both of us had been under so much stress lately, and of course, most of that stress had been caused by one Jed Bartlett...

Okay, I’m not being fair. Fuck fair.

Fucking... Hot, sweaty, passionate fucking with the man I loved... I can never get enough of being touched by him, having those hands caress me...

Anyway, the night before, after being fucked senseless by him, lying in his arms, his lips on my shoulder, on my neck, drifting off to sleep in his embrace, vaguely hearing him say...what?



"The President is on his way to GW..." the agent was saying. "He’s got a gunshot to the abdomen; they’re prepping him for surgery..."

"Was anyone else hurt?" I asked.

That wasn’t what I wanted to ask. It was what... It was what was expected of me. I really did care if anyone else was hurt; there was just one person I cared about more than anyone else on the planet...

The agent listened to someone in his ear piece.

"What?" I asked. "What?"

"Two others shot... One in the leg, a female bystander in the crowd... One male, critical condition...."

He looks directly at me.

"It’s Josh Lyman, sir."

"Damn..." I muttered. "Josh... Was anyone else hurt?"

"I don’t know sir..."


The agent startles.

"Yes sir," he says, "I’m on it now..."

"Thank you. Keep me briefed on the President’s condition. Has the First Lady....?"

"She’s on her way to GW now, sir," another agent says.

Tobias comes in. He had been going home to see his family, and now he’s back here. On the job again; taking care of me. I feel relieved to see a familiar face, yet guilty. He’s got his own life, and I may be the Vice President, but not even my life is worth superseding his...

Of course, Tobias doesn’t see it that way. We talked about it once and he told me that this is his job, and that he would be damned useless to me if he wasn’t available to me "twenty four-seven ".

He comes over and says in a low voice to me, "He’s fine, sir. He’s at the hospital now with the president."

"Thank you," I say.

Tobias walks off. No doubt going back to whatever sources he has to keep track of things like this, in that quiet, efficient way of his.

The other agents are looking at me, befuddled. The relief must be that obvious on my face. Of course, they have no idea about what. They’re not my regulars; they don’t know. Ronnie, Bobby, Ricky and Mike - they know. They know me; they know about us...

He’s alive. He’s fine.

Thank you, God. Thank you.

My stomach stops trying to strangle itself. Just a little. It won’t go away, I know, until I see him. Until I touch him.

Yes, until I kiss him.

Until I hear his voice whispering in my ear that he loves me. That he needs me...

Feeling his cock pounding into me, blood rushing to my ears, his hot breath against my ear, the sound of our moans in each others’ ears...

The feel of his hands on my cock, stroking me, stroking me...

Shivering helplessly against him as my orgasm overtakes me...

Lying spent, his leg thrown carelessly over mine...

And again, those lips kissing the back of my neck...

THAT will have to wait until later.

My staff starts arriving. "Okay, people, we know what we have to do. Are the security advisors on their way?"

"Yes, Sir; They should start arriving within the next few minutes, Sir."


"The Chief of Staff is on his way over, Sir," Tobias says. "E.T.A Two minutes."

"Good; He should have word from the president..." I say.

"That is, if he could speak before he went under," someone says.

The room gets silent. I look at the idiot (who, as God is my witness, will no longer be working for me come the morning) staffer.

"Until I get word otherwise, Jed Bartlett is still the President of the United States. Until I get word otherwise, we will do things the way they have always been done. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good; now let’s get to work."

We work. I’m brought up to date on everything concerning national security, and given the latest information on the shooting. Nothing. They have close to nothing. Two shooters. No I.D. Nothing. All they can do is take fingerprints and call up dental records.

I tell them to do it. Fast.

Whatever it takes.

They give me the latest on Josh. Collapsed Lung. Lacerated Pulmonary artery. Fourteen hours of surgery to rebuild it. If they can rebuild it.


I need to see Leo more than ever.

Tobias again.


I look up.


"Mr. McGarry is here."

As soon as he says it, Leo walks in. Tobias leaves us, shutting the door behind us.

Papers drop from my hand as I go over to him.

Kissing him. Feeling those strong hands touching me, his lips kissing me back.

"God, you feel so good," he murmurs.

"You do too," I whisper.

We hold each other.

The moments are never long enough...

"I’ve got to go out here and do..." he whispers.

"Yes," I say. "I know. I’ll be with you in a minute."

He nods. He looks at me, as if he wants to say something else, but he stops himself.

He can’t afford our relationship to come to the forefront at a time like this. Neither of us can.

I can’t watch as he leaves the room. The door shuts softly behind him.

There is never enough time...

There is a soft knock at the door, and my staff comes back in. Some of them know; the ones I really can trust.

And even that isn’t enough. I want the whole world to know about us. To know that we love each other.

I’m so tired of hiding.

But not today. Not now. I’ve got my job to do, and he has his.

I walk into the room.

"Good evening, Mr Vice President," Nancy says.

"Good Evening, Nancy," I say to the head of the NSA.

"John," Leo says.

" ‘Ten ‘hut."

I start to sit in the chair closest to Leo. And I feel eyes on me.

They’re standing. The security advisors are standing.

And I realize why. I’m about to sit in the head chair.

"No, as you were. It’s okay."

I move. I sit across from Leo.

We don’t look at each other...

"Bobby? The new report on domestic activity?"

We can’t look at each other...

"Now somebody tell me these shooters didn’t have a wallet on them or a driver’s license?"

"They didn’t have anything on them, Mr. Vice President; they knew we were going to get them through the window..."

"IF this signal guy isn’t in custody in one hour, I’m going to federalize the Maryland and the Virginia national guard..." I say.

Two gunmen and one signal man...

And Josh is lying in the hospital, possibly dying because of them... And the president... I am angry. I am angry about a lot of things tonight...

Leo is looking at me.

Nancy is telling me that she is concerned that there is a build-up of Iraqis troops along the Tigris and Euphrates...

Leo is saying he is not concerned...

The two of them are going at each other. Each of them determined to win.

Both of them are right.

They’re waiting for me to say something.

I know what they’re thinking. They’re waiting for me to "pull an Al Haig" , but I’m not going to do it.

Not without a good reason.

This isn’t a good enough reason.

And dammit, I’m not going to take control of the government from Jed Bartlett like this.

Not like this.

"Nancy... We’re going to follow Leo for the moment."

The look of relief on his face. For a moment I’m almost hurt. Did he think that I would do it?

Then I realize that Jed is his closest friend. I’m his friend and I’m his lover, but dammit, I’m not there yet. There’s all kinds of history between them that I don’t have yet with Leo...


"Jack, what’s the best way to get a message to Iraq?"

"King of Jordan.."


"Leo, what do you want the message to read?" someone asks.

He looks at me, as if to confirm what he’s about to say:

"Don’t mess with us tonight," Leo says.

He nods, "Was that alright?" and I nod back: "Yes."

It’s going to be a long night.

Leo comes in.

He shuts the door behind him.

"I’m on my way back to the hospital..."

I nod.

"There’s a problem... The president didn’t sign the affidavit..."

"...Giving me control of the government while he’s under general anesthesia...Okay..."

Typical Jed Bartlett. Bastard.

"Are you okay?" I ask.

He looks at me.

"All I could think about was you," I say. "The worst part was the waiting; the not knowing..."

"All I could think about when I was lying there on the ground was whether I would ever see you again," he says.

I nod.

"I’ll be here when you get back," I say.

"I might be a while, and it’s late..."

"I’ll wait," I say.


(the end)

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