Title: Twinkle twinkle little star
Author: Susanna
Category: Sam n Josh fluff fic
Rating: R for some language/scenes (possibly? - maybe too severe)
Characters: Sam n Josh
Spoilers: None – pure PWP fluff
Summary: Sam wants a Christmas tree. But the boys left it too late to get a nice one.
Archive: Just tell me where it's going
Additional `stuff': This is a response to the suggestion on the WW slash fic site that some Christmas fluff might be nice. The title is the title of a song which I didn't write. Don't try this at home. I don't want to be responsible for any fairy light-related accidents. Implied slash this part.
Disclaimer: The characters from the show aren't mine, they belong to others. No copyright infringement intended. Any characters you don't recognise are mine. Again, if someone's used the name(s) or storyline(s) elsewhere, the same applies Feedback would be nice, positive feedback would be nicer. Enjoy!

Twinkle twinkle little star by Susanna

`What about this one?' Sam held up a scrawny, almost bald, tree.

`Lit, face it, we're gonna have to shop for a tree earlier next year.'

Sam fought tears. `JL, we always have a tree. I want a tree.'

Josh shook his head. `Not that one. It's half-dead already.'

For half an hour, they searched the heap of poor-quality leftover fir trees until even Sam had to admit that it was unlikely they'd find anything even half-way decent.

Josh put a hand on Sam's arm. `Never mind. We'll just have to pretend we have one.'

Sam looked suspiciously at Josh. `How do you pretend you have a Christmas tree?' Josh jerked his head towards the car. `Let's go.'

`You wanted a tree to trim. Go ahead.'

Sam wondered if the cold had affected Josh's brain. He stared at Josh who was standing, in his boxers, in the middle of their living room, his arms held out. `You want me to hang Christmas decorations on you?'Josh nodded as if his suggestion was completely normal. `Yeah. Go get the box.'

After a few minutes, Sam returned from the broom closet with a well-used cardboard box full to almost overflowing with various festive ornaments.

Josh got up from where he had been sitting and stood with his arms out, fingers spread. `Okay, get on with it.'

`I have to have the right music.'

Josh stifled a sigh. He'd forgotten Sam's need for everything to be just right before they could start trimming the tree. He waited until Bing Crosby's rendition of `White Christmas' filled the room, then lifted his arms.

Sam stood back, admiring the effect. Josh was covered with tinsel and fairy lights, the baubles dangling from his fingers reflecting spots of coloured light onto his pale skin. `Can I take a picture?'


Reluctantly Sam shrugged. `Okay.'

Then he remembered another Christmas tradition. `Are you gonna stay like that while I bring the presents down?'

Wanting Sam to be happy on Christmas Eve, Josh nodded. `Okay.'

Sam rushed over to Josh, his hand reaching for Josh's head. `Keep your head still. The star isn't too safe.'

Sensing movement in the doorway, Josh called: `Lit, you nearly done?'

Coming into the sitting room, Sam nodded. `I was done a while ago. I just wanted to look at you.'

`If you're done looking, could you turn the lights off please? I'm melting in the heat.'

Sam walked across and flicked the switch. Immediately, the multi-coloured glow around Josh faded. Sam walked back to Josh and put a hand on his tinsel-decorated arm. Feeling the warmth, he frowned. `JL, you should have said.'

`It's okay. I'll cool off eventually.'

Sam smiled. `I could probably help.'

Josh's smiled matched Sam's. `What did you have in mind?'

Lifting the string of lights from around Josh's shoulders, Sam said slyly: `You'll have to wait until I've packed all this away.' As he began to remove the various decorations, Sam very deliberately brushed the front of Josh's boxers several times, aware of the effect of his touch on Josh's flesh. Squirming, Josh muttered: `Hurry up.'


Christmas morning

Sitting on the floor, surrounded by opened presents, Sam knelt up and leaned over, kissing Josh, who was caught out by the unexpected gesture. `Thank you for being a tree.'

`Next year, I'll decorate you.'

Looking across the room to the box of decorations, and remembering the previous evening, Sam smiled. `Why wait `til next year?'

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