Title: Truth or Dare
Author: Sarah
Pairing: J/S
Rating: PG or PG-13
Archive: Sure
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Spoilers: None
Disclaimer: These boys don't belong to me, and if they did, they'd surely be spending every night in my bed.
Summary: Josh is hung over. Sam is curious. Big PWP.
Notes: This hasn't been beta'd, so all grammar mistakes are mine. To all of the people on both lists, I'm sorry for the cross-post.


Truth or Dare by Sarah

Josh ducked into Sam's office and closed the door behind him. Sam looked up at the sound just in time to see Donna running past his window.

Josh sighed and leaned against Sam's desk. "I swear to God, that woman is trying to kill me."

His friend grinned up at him. "How are you feeling this morning, Josh?"

Red, bloodshot eyes fixed on his. "Shut up, Sam."

"Hey Josh?"


"Have you really kissed a guy before?"

Josh's head snapped up from where it had fallen on his chest. "*What?*"

"What's the last thing you remember about last night?"

Josh's mind raced, quickly filling with panic. "Ummm...I remember ordering my third beer. Oh God, what happened after that?"

Sam laughed. "Well, after you *finished* your third beer, you suggested we play Truth or Dare."

"Oh no." Josh felt a little coil of fear tighten in his stomach. "Was I truthed or dared?"

"CJ asked if anyone had ever kissed someone of the same sex."

He groaned. "What did everybody else say?"

"CJ said she'd kissed a couple of girls in college. But everyone else was a negative. Well, except for you."

Josh swore and dropped his head down into his hands.

"So you really *have* kissed a guy?" Sam said.


"Huh...so...what was it like?"

Josh looked up at Sam, then down at the floor, then back up at Sam again. He slid his hand around the side of his friend's head, and leaned over to brush his lips over Sam's. When Sam didn't pull away, he tangled his fingers in the silky hair underneath his hand and let his mouth fall open just a little. Instantly, Sam's tongue was caressing his, and Sam's hands were on his hips, and Sam's body pressed against his became all he could think about.

Overwhelmed, Josh pulled back. "It was like that," he said softly.

"Oh," Sam whispered. "Wow."

Josh took another step back, afraid that if he didn't, he was liable to strip the younger man naked right there in his office. He thought that Sam with rumpled hair and kiss-swollen lips was about the most beautiful thing he had ever seen.

The sound of the door opening made them both jump back from each other. Donna poked her head in. "Josh! Come on, I've been looking for you. You have a meeting with Leo in two minutes."

"Yeah. Thanks, Donna." Josh turned back to Sam. "I gotta go." Sam nodded. "But...I'll come find you later."

Sam nodded again. "Yeah...good idea."

Josh followed Donna out of the office and closed the door behind him.

Sam dropped into his chair, still flushed and warm. He ran his tongue over his lower lip and smiled. He'd have to remember to ask Josh if he'd ever had sex with another guy. He wondered what *that* was like. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------------------------------- The second time Josh walked into Sam's office that day, he was looking and feeling a lot better. A grin spread over Sam's face as he looked up and saw Josh closing the door. "Lock that," he said, standing up. He flicked the blinds closed on his way past the window and walked over to Josh, barely even hesitating before pushing him up against the door and taking his lips in a hungry kiss.

Josh moaned into Sam's mouth, thoroughly enjoying the younger man's taste. He had never seen Sam this...predatory. It was turning him on like he couldn't believe. After what seemed like only a few seconds, but was in reality a few minutes, Sam broke his mouth away and dropped his head onto Josh's shoulder. "Josh," he said.

"Mmm?" Josh responded, unable to form anything more coherent.

Sam pulled back to look at his friend. "I think you created a monster in here this morning. I've spent the past four hours just staring at my computer screen and thinking about you...about how much I want you." His voice dropped down to a low whisper on that last part.

Josh smiled. "Wow. All that with one kiss? I must be better than I thought."

Sam blushed and looked down at the carpet. He opened his mouth to speak a few times, but quickly closed it again. Finally he looked back up into his friend's concerned eyes. "Josh..." he started, "all these things I'm feeling for you right now...they're not exactly new. I just never said anything because I didn't know you were even interested, and...but now..."

Josh tilted Sam's head up with a hand under his chin so they were looking eye to eye again. "Sam. I'm very, very interested," he said softly. Sam grinned as relief spread over his face. He opened his mouth again to say something, but Josh kissed him before he had the chance.

"Josh," he mumbled against his mouth. "Come home with me tonight."

Josh searched Sam's eyes, unable for a moment to draw a breath. "Are you absolutely sure that's what you want?"

Sam nodded confidently. "I've never been so sure of anything, Josh."

Josh pulled the other man to him in a close hug at the declaration. "Okay. Let's leave here early. Get dinner on the way home."

A knock on the door startled them both. "Sam?" CJ's voice floated through the closed door.

"Yeah, CJ."

"Sam, why are you in there with the door locked and the blinds closed? And why are you standing so close to the door?"

"Uhhh..." Sam pointed to the other door across the office, signaling Josh to go out that way. "Come get me when you're ready to leave," he whispered. Josh nodded and hurried out the other door.

Sam opened the door to let CJ in. "Just, you know, doing some work..."

"Uh-huh. With the door locked and the blinds closed."

"I just didn't want to be distracted," Sam said, a little too quickly. "Now, what have you got?"

CJ started to tell him, but Sam wasn't listening. His mind was focused on that night, and the fact that after all the years he'd wanted Josh Lyman, only a few short hours now stood between them.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ---

A few short hours later, Sam closed his apartment door behind Josh and looked at him expectantly. Sam was trying to appear confident, but his eyes told a different story. Josh wrapped his arms around the younger man's waist, immediately noticing how much he was trembling. "Sam," he whispered as he pulled him close, "we don't have to do everything tonight. We can wait, you know, ease into it."

Sam shook his head vigorously against Josh's shoulder. "No. I want this. I have for a long time and I don't want to wait anymore."

"But God, Sam. You're so nervous, I can feel you shaking."

"Listen. I'm nervous because I've never done this before and I don't know what to expect and I'm afraid of disappointing you. No matter how long we wait, I will still be just as inexperienced as I am right now. I really do want this, Josh. I want you to show me."

Josh nodded. "Okay. But I want to clear up one thing. Under no circumstances could you *ever* disappoint me." Josh took Sam's lips in a searing kiss as his hands fumbled with his tie. Once the tie was on the floor, Josh pulled back to concentrate on getting Sam's shirt unbuttoned. As soon as his lips were free, Sam leaned in and latched onto Josh's neck, nibbling and sucking. Sam's tongue swiping across the sensitive skin almost made his knees buckle.

Reluctantly, Josh pulled back. "Sam," he panted. "At this rate, I'll never get you undressed."

"Please," Sam whimpered. "I need to taste you."

Well, who the hell was he to say no? He grabbed the younger man's neck and pulled him back down to resume his taste test. While Sam worked his talented lips over his neck, Josh focused all of his attention on getting Sam's shirt unbuttoned. But when Sam nipped a place just below his ear that made him shiver and moan, he lost control. Josh pushed Sam back from him and undid the rest of his buttons in record time. After he had gotten the shirt off, he grabbed Sam's hand. "Let's go."

He let Sam lead him into the bedroom, where he dropped to his knees and unclasped Sam's belt and pants. He slid the pants, boxers, and socks off in one smooth tug, and stood back up to admire the beauty of a naked Sam Seaborn. Josh trailed one hand down his lover's side and hip and lowered him to the bed. After quickly discarding his own clothing, he crawled up to where Sam was laying and laid himself on top of the younger man. They both let out a deep sigh at the sensation of skin against skin.

Josh shifted his hips until their erections were rubbing together, and was pleased by Sam's low moan. "Sam," he said, peppering kisses all over his shoulder and neck, "you're beautiful."

"Josh," the other man groaned in response, "want you now."

Josh grinned at his lover. "Okay." He slowly eased his way down Sam's body, dropping kisses as he went. Sam arched underneath him when he swiped his tongue across a nipple, so he decided to linger there for a while. He licked and sucked until he had Sam writhing, then continued down his body. When he reached Sam's waist, he detoured to his hip, drawing a whine of protest. After leaving red marks on both hips, Josh pulled his head back and looked up at Sam.

Sam raised his head off the pillow to look at him. "Josh...?" Josh locked his eyes with Sam's as he lowered his head and swallowed the younger man's entire length. Sam rewarded him with a loud cry and bucked his hips off the bed. Josh moaned and Sam followed him a second later as the vibration spread through his cock. Josh started sucking him lightly, gradually speeding up as the other man's fingers thrust into his hair. Just when he started to massage the underside of the shaft with his tongue, Sam's body tensed as he let out a loud yell and spilled warm semen down Josh's throat.

After he had swallowed every drop Sam had to give, he crawled back up to the head of the bed. Sam was a study in pure beauty. Every muscle in his body was relaxed, his face was flushed, his eyes were closed, and his mouth was dropped open just slightly. Josh trailed his hand down his cheek and Sam's eyes sprang open. "That was really incredible," he murmured. He pulled Josh down for a kiss to taste himself in the older man's mouth, then pushed him down onto his back with a hand to his shoulder.

Hovering above Josh, Sam said, "Please don't be afraid to tell me if I'm not doing something right. I don't want mmmph..." Josh clamped his hand over the other man's mouth, shushing him.

"Sam. I told you, you can't disappoint me. Just do whatever you think would feel good to you."

Sam leaned down and flicked his tongue over the line of Josh's collarbone, and grinned at the older man's gasp. "Like that?" he asked. Josh groaned his assent. Sam trailed his tongue down his lover's body, gaining a little more confidence every time Josh whimpered. By the time he paused to dip into his navel, Josh was panting and squirming under his touch.

Sam brushed his lips over the swollen tip of his lover's cock, and thrilled at the resulting moan. Starting at the base, he dropped a line of kisses along the underside of Josh's shaft. Josh shivered every time the soft lips pressed against his skin. "Ohhhh Sam...Sam please..." he begged. Sam finally gave in and closed his mouth over the head. Josh fought the urge to thrust his hips off the bed, not wanting to choke the younger man. His whimpers gave way to moans as Sam's mouth slowly descended on him.

Sam lashed the underside of his cock with his tongue, driving Josh into a frenzy of incoherent babbling. "Sam!" he cried, "Oh God Sam, I'm gonna come...Sam!" Sam moaned and sucked on him hard, pulling a series of wordless shouts from Josh as he came into Sam's warm, wet mouth.

Sam kissed his way back up Josh's body and snuggled into his side. Josh turned so they were laying face to face. "Sam," he breathed, tangling his fingers in the younger man's hair. "You don't get to claim inexperience as an excuse anymore. That was amazing."

Josh took Sam's lips in a kiss as his hands roamed the sweat-slicked body next to him. He pulled his mouth away as he felt Sam's cock start to twitch against his thigh. "Ready for the next round already?"

Sam nodded and moved in for another kiss.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------\ ---------------

Josh ran his hands over Sam's back as the younger man's lips covered his. He felt Sam shifting and seconds later a warm hand closed around his cock, stroking him back to hardness. He let his hands roam gently over Sam's body until the tension had melted out of him, then rolled him onto his back and laid out on top of him. "You ready?" he whispered.

Sam nodded, with just a trace of apprehension in his wide eyes. Josh leaned down and nuzzled his neck. "I promise it won't hurt." He slid down and nudged Sam's legs apart, then kneeled between them. "Do you have any lube, Sam?" he asked, trailing his hands over Sam's thighs.

"Ummm..." Sam looked at him with a tiny, sheepish smile.

"You don't, do you?"


They stared at each other. Josh sighed heavily. Sam chewed his bottom lip.

"Wait!" Sam jumped up so fast he almost knocked Josh off the bed. He ran out of the room and came back a minute later holding a bottle of olive oil. "Will this work?"

Josh laughed. "That'll work perfectly. Gimme."

Sam settled back on the bed while Josh poured a little of the oil onto his hands and set the bottle on the nightstand. "Lift your knees up, " Josh said gently. Sam complied, planting his feet flat on the bed. Josh caressed Sam's opening with one slippery finger, just to get him used to the sensation. "Relax Sam, it'll hurt a little if you're this tense."

He waited until he felt Sam relax, then slowly worked one finger into him. He curled his finger and found Sam's prostate, causing the younger man to shout and arch up off the bed. "God, Josh, do that again!" He happily complied. With Sam distracted, he added another finger to the one already inside him, and swiped again over the sensitive spot inside him. He started pumping slowly in and out of Sam until the younger man was panting, then withdrew his fingers and reached again for the olive oil. He handed the bottle to Sam, then kneeled up and straddled his hips.

Sam grinned up at Josh as he uncapped the bottle and poured a little into his hand. "Is that enough?" he asked. Josh nodded, and seconds later Sam's slick hands were caressing him, coating him in oil.

He dropped his head back and moaned at Sam's touch. "Careful," he groaned, pulling back. "That's definitely enough." Sam spread his legs again to make room for him, and Josh positioned himself at Sam's opening. "Okay?" he asked.

"Yeah," Sam whispered. Josh eased just the head of his cock inside, and stopped when Sam bit down on his lower lip.

"Does that hurt?"

Sam shook his head no. "Just go slow and I'll be okay." Josh continued his entry, pausing frequently to let Sam adjust to the feeling of being filled. Once he was all the way inside him, Josh stopped for a moment and looked down at Sam. Sam nodded, and he placed one of his hands on the younger man's shoulder and wrapped the other around his cock. He started thrusting slowly and stroked Sam with the same rhythm. Josh moaned as pleasure washed over his lover's face. "Josh, please, go faster!" Sam gasped and bucked his hips to emphasize his point.

Josh picked up the speed of his thrusts, making sure to pass over Sam's prostate every time he entered him. That sensation combined with Josh's hand stroking him drove Sam into a litany of whimpers and moans. When Josh leaned down to nibble the soft spot at the base of his neck, Sam screamed and exploded in Josh's hand. Josh thrust into him once more, then felt Sam's muscles clamping down around him and shouted his own release.

He curled himself against Sam's side and buried his face in the younger man's neck. Sam's arms immediately encircled him and held him close. After a few minutes of catching his breath, Sam hummed into Josh's hair. "I could really get used to that," he whispered.

Josh's heart skipped a beat as he realized what the declaration meant. "Do you want to get used to it?"

Sam paused for a minute. "God, yes."

Josh grinned against his neck. "Me too."

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