Title: Triple Threat
Author: Isabel
Pairing: Josh/Sam/Donna
Rating: This part is rated: PG-13 (I guess)
Summary: A startling discovery for Donna (cue suspense music)
Spoilers: "17 People"
Disclaimers: Messrs. Lyman and Seaborn, and Miss Moss do not belong to me; I'm just taking them for a joyride
Archive: Sure, just drop me a line
Feedback: Oh, I would love some
POV: Donna
Notes: I've never written a threesome story before, although I've written smut for Josh & Sam, Josh & Donna, and lovey stuff for Sam & Donna. So why the hell not amalgamate 'em? I know that this isn't strictly slash, but it's close enough. And thanks to all the folks out there in the egroup that sent me encouragement to listen to my muse

Triple Threat by Isabel

Okay, I've had some surprises in my life before. For my eleventh birthday, my parents gave me a plane ticket to Chicago to stay with my aunt. That was pretty cool. Then, for my senior prom, my date wore a powder blue tuxedo. Yes, powder blue.

Stop laughing.

Yes, I've had some topsy-turvy happenings in my young life, but I don't think anything could have prepared me for what happened last night.

Saturday night had been spent with Sam, Josh, Ainsley, Larry, Ed, and Toby as we tried to bring the funny. Unsuccessfully, I might add. (Although Ainsley did like my knock-knock joke with Sam and Laurie.) Sunday, (last night) as I was about to change into my pajamas and watch 'Bewitched' reruns, my phone rang.

"Donna!" my roommate calls. "Josh is on the phone."


"Hey, Donna, I need you to do me a favor."

"Please don't tell me it involves work."

"It involves work."

"Josh! It's ten at night on a weekend. I'm off-duty."

"Donna, we're never off-duty."

I sigh with resignation. "What do you need."

"I need you to bring the Mason file over to my apartment."



"I hate you," I inform him before clicking off the cordless.

So, twenty minutes later, I ring his doorbell and glare at him when he opens the door. "Here," I say, shoving the manila folder into his hand.

"Hello to you, too, Donna."

"Josh, I'm tired," I whine. "Please tell me I can go home."

"Come in for just a minute," he pleads, and I enter the apartment. (What, like there was any doubt whether or not I would?) Once he locks the door, Josh takes me by the hand and drags me to the couch.

"What the hell are you doing?" I ask as he pushes me down onto the cushions and stands in front of me.

"Hey, she's here," Josh calls out to someone.

"Josh, what's going on?" I ask as Sam comes into the living room and sits down next to me.

Sam and Josh share a meaningful look and my eyes dart from one man to the other as my tension mounts. "Donna," Sam begins. "Josh didn't need the Mason file."

"Then what -"

"We wanted to talk to you. We both wanted to talk to you." Sam's voice has taken on this very gentle yet persuasive tone that I've never heard from him.

"About what?" I ask nervously.

"Donnatella, can we trust you?" Josh queries.

"Of course."

"Donna, you have to *swear* that you will not tell a soul what we're about to tell you."

"I swear."

"Sam and I . . . we're . . . we're, well, we're lovers."

I think my brain just short-circuited.

"I'm sorry?"

"We've been together on-and-off since way before Bartlet," Sam explains. "Nobody else knows about this. Not CJ, not Toby, and definitely not Leo."

"So why me?" I ask as my mind still tries to grasp the concept of Josh and Sam having a sexual relationship.

There is a slight hesitation before Sam looks at the floor and mumbles something.

"What?" I ask

He looks up and stares me straight in the eye. "We want you to join us."

Okay, now I *know* my brain just short-circuited.

Sex with Josh? Actually, sex with Josh and Sam?

"Donna," Josh says softly, "if you don't want this, we won't hold it against you."

Don't want this? Is he crazy? Hell, I've wanted to jump Josh's bones since Manchester, and that desire has only grown stronger in the last year. And ladies and gentlemen, let's face it: Sam's a pretty damned nice addition to the equation. I realize they're waiting for my answer. I want to say yes, but I can only think of one thing to say.

"Why me? Why do you want *me* to join you?"

"Sam and I . . . well, it's hard enough to be in a clandestine relationship when it's just the two of us," Josh explains. "But we trust you enough to bring you into this."

"We've never done this," Sam freely admits. "And not only do we trust you, but you are also so beautiful."

I turn to Josh's face for confirmation, and he nods. "Donnatella," he says in a soft voice. "You're gorgeous."

I feel myself blushing, but I don't know whether it's from embarrassment or anticipation.

"What do you say?" Sam asks, his blue eyes looking at me earnestly.

"No pressure, Donna," Josh teases.

I stand up and step back for a moment. I'm way past wanting to say yes, but I can't will myself to speak. So, instead, I simply slip off my coat and kick off my shoes.

Sam springs to his feet and immediately puts his arms around my waist. "You're sure?" he asks. Josh stands up as well, and I stay between them.

"Yes," I say, finally finding my voice. "I'm sure."

"Good," Sam says softly. He leans down to kiss my mouth and I moan softly. Damn, he really is a good kisser. Our mouths play gently and tenderly, but soon we need air. No sooner does Sam release me than Josh turns around and takes me into his arms.

This kiss is different. This once makes my knees buckle and my heart skip a number of beats. Three years of my pent-up desire boils over, and I run my hand over his chest, over his shoulders, and through his curly hair. He wants me as much as I want him, and I moan as he pulls me flush against him and I feel his erection straining at his jeans.

Finally, Josh releases me and grins. "Bedroom?" he asks us.

"Um, sounds good to me," I say.

The things is this: I want this. I want Josh, and I want Sam (c'mon, like you don't?). And, frankly, I want to see Josh and Sam in their true relationship. But I have never *ever* done anything like this before. Let's face it - I'm a good girl from Madison, Wisconsin. I've only slept with two guys, and now I'm going to double that figure in one night

I'm going to double that figure by having a threesome with Josh and Sam. Or, to make it sound a bit more scandalous, a menage a trois with my boss and another coworker. Oh, and we happen to work in the White House. God, if Leo ever finds out about this . . .

But I banish thoughts from Leo from my head as we reach Josh's bedroom and we all look at each other nervously. Damnit, why don't they have Threesomes For Dummies at Barnes & Noble? I mean, what's the protocol here?

"Josh?" I ask


"How do we . . . do this?"

He smiles at me and the dimples are out in full force. "I'm thinking like this, Donnatella," he says before his mouth descends on mine again, this time without urgency. His hands pull off my sweater, and all of a sudden, Sam is behind me, rubbing the tense muscles of my upper back

"Feels good," I murmur between kisses

"Which one of us are you talking to?" Sam asks, his breath hot in my ear as he finds a particularly gnarled muscle to massage

"Both of you."

The wool of Josh's sweater and the cotton of Sam's tee shirt rub against my stomach and back, and I realize that, in all fairness, they should be shirtless, too

"Shirts off," I say in a teasing voice. I (reluctantly) pull away from them and sit on Josh's bed

Let me just say this: this whole thing has happened so quickly that I really haven't given any thought to what Josh and Sam together would *look like*. Well, no imagination is needed anymore. Josh pulls Sam to him by his belt loops, and they kiss passionately.

TBC . . .


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