Title: How Trouble Starts
Author: Mela
Pairing: Sam/Josh
Archive: This list. All others ask first, please.
Spoilers: “The Women of Qumar”
Disclaimers: I don't own them; Aaron Sorkin does. If **I** owned them, I’d be nicer to Sam... <g>
Summary: Sam’s POV of recent events.
Author's note: Recent posts on this list about the decreasing role of Sam in this administration, and then Josh flirting with Amy in last night's ep (when WE know he should be with Sam!) inspired this story. Thanks.


This is how trouble starts... by Mela


Josh gets scared about our relationship, and then suddenly, he's Super Hetero, chasing anything in a skirt. He turns on the charm, and eventually they succumb, against their better judgment, and then he runs, usually back to me. And they get pissed.

I get pissed too; but dammit, that Josh charm works on me, too. So I’m not so smart either.

Maybe this is Josh’s way of pissing off all the women on the planet so he’ll be left with only the men?

Who the hell knows?

I’e given up trying to figure it out.

Besides I’ve got better things to do with my time, like, obsessing about people suing the president.

Yeah, right.


So Josh is back from seeing Amy. From the look he’s got on his face, I’m sure he said something stupid to piss her off, and she handed him his head. But then, it’s more that look he gets when he comes back from seeing Joey Lucas. So, it’s more like, she handed him his head, but was really charming about it.


Meanwhile, I’ve gotten myself stuck on some asinine case where this woman thinks the President said, “Hey! Don’t wear your seatbelt! Question Authority!” Or whatever it was they said when they were smoking pot and wife swapping back in the 60s. Okay, that was a cheap shot, but I’m feeling pretty cheap right now.

I cannot believe he is doing this again.

This is just the latest thing - He was pissed about the whole Donna/Cliff thing - I mean, am I not enough for him? Is it not enough that I love him?

I can’t do this anymore. I cannot twist myself into pretzel every time he gets antsy in our... Whatever the hell it is we have now. Because it damned sure doesn’t deserve the title of "relationship".

I can’t think about this right now. Right now, I have to take a meeting because some dead idiot thought the president said that good looks would keep him from crashing through a windshield.


Why am I always cleaning up Josh’s messes?

First he pisses off Amy and the Women’s Leadership Coalition; now, it’s the Rotarians.

I’m getting tired of people being angry with Josh and then taking their anger out on me.

Do you know that Mandy, before she left the White House for good, actually blamed me because it didn’t work out between her and Josh?

Never mind that I was in New York, living my own life, albeit unhappily, a thousand miles away from Josh... It was my fault that her relationship with Josh didn’t work out - ”because every time he screwed another guy, he was really screwing you.”

“Wow, that’s a new one on me,“ I snarked back. “Josh screws around on you, and that’s somehow my fault?”

Thank God she never wrote any of that in that horrible book of hers.

Okay, she was pretty drunk at the time, pissed off about her own issues of “how no one ever listens to women around here.” And I’m not saying she doesn’t have a point, but believe me, it’s not just because she’s a woman. It’s like, if you’re not Josh or Toby or Leo, your opinion doesn’t fucking matter around here.

I should know; my opinion hasn’t mattered around here since the fucking speech to the GDC...

So why do I stay?

That’s a good question; why do I?


He comes back from his meeting with Amy giddy and in high spirits. He talks about how she almost hit him a water balloon from her office window.

I want to throw something at him, and not a water balloon.

I cannot do this anymore.

Then why am I sitting here and listening to him talk about flirting with Amy? Sitting here with this stupid smile on my face, as if his story is amusing me, when it’s really ripping me apart?

Why do I do it? Why do I stay?


I stand and start packing my briefcase.

“You wanna go out for a beer?”

“I can’t,” I say. “I’m going out to dinner with a guy from Gage Whitney... You remember Bryce Morrison? I ran into him the other day; he’s with Prentiss, Talbot and Halsey now.”

“Bryce Morrison? I thought you said you he was a big windbag.”

I shrug my shoulders. “He’s okay.”

“God.” Josh smiles a smug little smile. “Sam, you’ve got to learn to say no.”

I look at him.

“Be careful what you wish for, Josh.”


(the end)

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