Title: They Call It Underappreciation
Author: Nick
Email: yecats_elocin@yahoo.com
Dedication: For Chloe, who thought of the idea, and Jamie, who made sure the boo-boos were at a minimum.
Posted: Not yet!
Archive: Yes to West Wing Slash, all others please ask first.
Series: This is the prequel to "Three A.M. (I Must Be Lonely)". I wasn't planning on doing anything else to this piece, but my muse was complaining, so...
Pairing: Josh/Hoynes
Rating: NC-17
Notes: I think the end has a few spoilers for "In the Shadow of Two Gunmen". This is done in Josh's point of view. Um, by the way, John Hoynes isn't so nice here. Be warned.


They Call It Underappreciation by Nick

"Come on, Josh, it's not that big of an issue," John said.

I couldn't have disagreed more, but he gave me that pointed look which yelled, "This is no longer open for discussion". I sighed and nodded, not at all happy about it, but willing to let it ride. It was John, after all.

The other staff members got up and left the room, leaving me alone with the future president of the United States. He smiled at me, got up, and closed and locked the door. When he returned, he wasn't smiling anymore. "Josh, you have to understand that you can't argue with me in front of my staff all the time. It doesn't look right."

"I know, but if you'd just listen to me..."

He held up a hand. "Not now, Josh. We can go over all of the things I need to fix tomorrow morning. Right now, I just want to unwind, and relax a bit."

I knew what he meant. I knew what that meant he wanted. "In here?" I hissed, looking around wildly.

"You think there are cameras in here?" he asked, chuckling. "No, baby, it's just you and me."

That was my demise. I loved it when he called me baby, even though we were about the same age. "John..." I purred, lowering my voice. "Tell me what you want."

He pushed me down into his office chair and stood in front of me. I could see his pupils dilate and his eyes darken, and he growled, "I want your mouth, Josh. And then I want the rest of you."

I loved him. I needed him. I knew this couldn't last, but I wanted him as long as I could have him. I reached for the zipper on his pants and lowered it, finding him already hard and leaking for me through his underwear. I gently tugged him out of his pants and licked the head. He groaned softly and I licked again, swirling my tongue around him till he was holding onto my shoulders so he could stay on his feet. "Josh."

I stopped, pulled back. He grimaced and looked down at me. "Why did you..."

"I want you to finish in me."

His face softened, and he pulled me to my feet. Then, his hands went to my belt buckle. My pants were quickly discarded around my ankles and I was being turned to face the wall. "Lean over the desk," he ordered softly.

I obeyed. I propped myself up on my elbows and relaxed, waiting for him to take that first hard thrust. He didn't disappoint. I cried out softly and he put his hand over my mouth. "Shh, baby."

I bit my lip to keep from making any more noise, and moved in time with him. It didn't take long for him to come, and he bit me hard on the shoulder when he did to keep from yelling. I winced; it would leave a mark by tomorrow, but I didn't care. I had that moment to keep. No one could take it away from me.

He pulled out of me and began to dress again, rearranging himself until he looked perfect. "Let's go, we have work to do."

"John!" I protested. "I didn't..."

"When we get home, later," he said, firmly. "I promise, I'll make it up to you then."

I sighed again, but dressed as best I could. We left the room quickly, and I once again started barking orders to the leftover staffers.

He at least kept his promise that night. I wish I would've known then it was the last time we were ever to be together. I wish I had a better memory to end that part of my life on.


"Tell me again why I'm doing this, Leo?" "

Because that's what sons do for old friends of their fathers."

That conversation was the beginning of bigger things; better things. John and I had lots of unfriendly words later that same week. I started working for the Bartlet campaign. And my life was about to change in the best way possible.

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