Title: The Sisterhood
Author: Mackenzie
Email: ouiser@iland.net
Rating: R
Category or Pairing: Toby; Female Author Created Character/Female Author Related Character;
General Summary: At a Ziegler Family Gathering, the youngest Ziegler reveals a shocking confession.
Spoilers: None, this is my own little universe.
Disclaimer: I own Stella vanGaard, Rebekah Ziegler, Jonah Ziegler, Ester Ziegler, Isaac Ziegler, Christine vanGaard and Quincy vanGaard. Everyone else, belongs to Aaron.
Author's Notes: This story deals with homosexuality and lesbianism and, unfortunately, homophobia. Reader be warned. Also, I'm not quite sure if Toby would react this way, probably not, he seems to be a pretty open guy, but, as I said, this is sort of my own little universe so he'll react the way I write him to. *winks*

The Sisterhood by Mackenzie

Toby breezed through the West Wing, shaking his umbrella off as he walked. He sighed softly as he got to his office and started to remove his coat and hang it up behind his door. Not realizing her boss was right behind the door, Ginger bounded in, hitting Toby in the back with the doorknob.


Ginger immediately stepped in and looked at him sheepishly. "Sorry, Toby, are you alright?"

"Aside from having a hole in my back the size of a door knob? Just fine. What do you want?"

Ginger winced at his mood and handed him his messages, which Toby wadded up and tossed in the trash. She looked at him for a minute and with baited breath, asked, "Toby, what is the point of me taking messages for you if you are going to just crumble them up and throw them in your waste basket?"

"If it is important, they will call back."

Ginger sighed and went over to the trash bin and dug the messages out, reading them off as she slammed them onto his desk, "Senator Hutchings, Congressman Berryhill, Congresswoman Wyatt, Rebekah, Greg Quinn. . ."

Toby looked at her, "Rebekah?"


"My Rebekah?"

Ginger looked up at him. "Toby, she's 27 years old, I really doubt your sister would appreciate being referred to as 'your Rebekah'."

Toby sighed softly. "When did she call?"

"This morning, around 6."

Toby looked at her, surprised, "My sister, a woman who has never seen the light of day before one in the afternoon, called my office at six AM?"

Ginger nodded and Toby picked the phone up and then caught a glance at the clock on his desk and sighed. "I'll have to call her back later. Besides, she's probably at that damn workshop of hers where they have no phone."

Ginger laughed softly. "I think it's kind of cool that she does that."

Toby sighed. "The woman has a degree in child psychology, Ginger, and she sits around making pots all day with ankle biters."

"Toby, she opened her own pottery café for kids in New York so instead of getting caught up in drugs, violence, and god knows what else, they can come in and be creative and have a good meal. That's pretty cool."

Toby looked at her. "Ginger, if you aren't going to agree with me, leave."

Ginger frowned. "Fine." She walked out and Toby could have sworn he heard her mutter "grouch".


Rebekah Ziegler walked into vanGaard Interior Designs and smiled at the girl at the front desk. "Hey Colleen, is she in?"

Colleen smiled back at her. "Hey, Bek, yeah, she's in back, go ahead."

Rebekah smiled as she walked back and knocked once on the mahogany door before walking in. Sitting behind the massive ornate Chinese desk was Stella vanGaard, the love of her life. Rebekah couldn't help the grin that slowly moved across her lips.

"Power is so sexy."

Stella looked up and grinned back at her. "So are free spirits. Did you get a hold of your brother?"

Rebekah sighed softly as she walked in and sat down on the edge of Stella's desk. "No, he was in a meeting, as usual. Nobody can ever get a hold of him."

Stella frowned a little before bringing her hand up to rest on Rebekah's knee. "Well, he does work for the President, honey, he's a very busy man. Not everyone can just drop what they are doing for you."

Rebekah looked at her. "Bitch."

Stella grinned and stood up and kissed her softly. "And that's why you love me. If you can't get a hold of him, Bekah, than don't worry. We can just tell him when we tell the rest of your family this weekend. I know you kind of wanted Toby on your side about this, but I'm afraid that there just isn't any time."

Rebekah nodded, "Yeah I know." She looked down at the fabric swatches on Stella's desk and picked a few up and arranged them. "That looks good."

Stella looked down and smiled in approval. "It does. When are you going to come work for me?

Rebekah grinned. "When you don't come home at night and screw me senseless."

Stella laughed. "Never going to happen, my love."

"Than I guess I won't be coming to work for you anytime soon. Besides, I love what I do."

Stella looked at her. "You run a pottery café, Bek."

"I run a pottery café for kids who would otherwise be in the street, Stella, don't knock it. David does what makes him happy, Toby does what makes him happy and I do what makes me happy. Jonah and Ester are proud."

Stella's face softened. "What about Isaac?"

Rebekah looked down and slowly ran a fingertip over the rough weave of the linen and sighed softly. "We don't know if he's happy or not. We have to think that he is."

Stella nodded and tipped Rebekah's face up to look at her and leaned in and kissed her softly. "He is. And for crying out loud, Bek, refer to your parents as your parents. You know it bugs them when you call them Jonah and Ester."

Rebekah grinned. "Why do you think I do it?"

Stella rolled her eyes. "I'm done with you now. You can go."

Rebekah laughed and stood up and headed to the door. "Will you be home for dinner?"

Stella glanced down at her appointment book. "I should be, I have a 4:00 and that's it."

The other woman nodded. "I'll make stir fry."

Stella smiled. "Sounds good. I love you, Rebekah."

Rebekah looked at her for a minute before smiling softly. "And I love you."

That said, Rebekah turned the brass door knob and walked out into the busy streets of New York.

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