Title: The Night is still young
Author: TWW2003
ATTENTION: Due to the sexual nature of the text, do not continue to read this story if you are under the legal age of your state or country and/or you find such language and expression offensive.
This is a story. It's a product of my twisted imagination; It also involves sexual acts between two males ,If you got a problem with any of this don't read this story. If writing about any type of sex between males is illegal in your corner of the rock, or if you're underage, don't read this story. If you're a minor, don't read .

The Night is still young by TWW2003

Sam's head was spinning, not because of the alcohol consumed this night but the confusion inside him. Sam checked his watch and then he saw Toby looking at him. Toby looked damn hot. It must be the alcohol talking, Sam said to himself. But he knew very well that Toby looked good whether he was drunk or not for him. Toby was hot. He didn't know when he started having those thoughts about Toby. But he suspected it wasn't only him. All those times they went out together. The way they always touched each other. Accidentally. Casually. Or even for no apparent reason. And the way Josh glanced at him when nobody else was watching.

At first, Sam thought he was just weird himself. You don't think about another man. You just don't. Especially not your friend your boss. But there was no escaping from Toby. Sam saw Toby every day. And ironically the more he wanted to deny it, the more he noticed how sexy Toby was.

Like clockwork he always climaxed when he saw Toby come. The guilt he initially had about his secret fantasy slowly dissolved away. As long as nobody knew, there was no reason why he shouldn't enjoy his own fantasy. But of course he needed to keep his fantasy in check. He gotta keep an eye on Toby and make sure he didn't know. But was it just because he was watching Toby more and more? Or was it because he was plain paranoid? Or was Toby really beginning to seduce him? And why did Toby invite only him on this holiday? And why hadn't Toby make any moves? But if he were Toby, what would he do? Get both of them drunk and then blame it on the drinks? Why did he have to wait for Toby' move? Damn! He was going round in circles. This was getting worse. As if the work problems had not bothered him enough! This had got to stop!

"Guess I gotta go back to the hotel," he abruptly but calmly said.

"We've only just started."

"Sorry, Toby."

Toby seemed really wanted to drink some more. Sam said he would go alone but Toby still went back to the hotel with him. At the door of Sam's room, they stopped.

"You really don't look well, Sam." Toby said.

"Just a headache. Get some sleep and I'll be alright."

"I can give you a head massage. Learnt it from a doctor. It works pretty well."

"Thanks, Toby. But I guess I can sleep it off." Couldn't tell him he actually hadn't got any headache, could he?

"You don't trust my hands? I promise you won't be worse off than you are now. Okay?"


It's just a head massage. Sam sat down at a corner of his bed. He was nervous. Inexplicably. Toby stood before him and put his fingertips on Sam's head.

"Now, I'm going to knead you real hard. It may hurt a little. I'll stop any time you say so, OK?"


But it did feel weird for Sam to have Toby' hands on his head. And Toby was breathlessly close, his taut stomach just an arm's length away. With Sam's consent, Toby started pressing his fingertips down with force, rubbing tiny circles on various points on his head. Sam didn't know why he closed his eyes. Was he uneasy about their proximity? But with his eyes closed, he was even more alert to Toby' presence. The warmth and the scent of Toby' body that seemed to envelope him now re-ignited his irrational feelings about Toby. No, not when Toby was touching him. He gotta keep himself under control.

"Why are you frowning? Just relax. It's not full force yet." Toby said.

"No, it's just oK"

Toby smoothed out the knot on Sam's forehead with both thumbs, gently. Seeing that Sam had relaxed his face muscles, Toby resumed kneading at the original positions. This time with force. It did hurt a little but Sam knew massaging could be like that. When Toby lifted his fingers, Sam thought it was over and opened his blue eyes. But Toby was just shifting to another position. He placed his thumbs at around where Sam's hairline would be and pushed a straight line to the back of Sam's head. He did it a couple of times before repeating the same trick at another part of Sam's head, as if Sam's head were the globe and his thumbs were drawing the latitudes.

"You really know how make this." Sam said.

"Wait 'til you try my full body massage."

A short laugh. Then an uneasy silence. In their positions, they couldn't really see each other's face. But Sam's heart was racing and he knew Toby had got to notice that. Was it his imagination or had Toby really slowed down? Sam waited. Toby stopped. The tension in air was so thick you could cut it with a knife. As Toby withdrew his hands and looked into Sam's eyes, there was a moment Sam thought Toby would speak. But Toby just moved to sit behind Sam on the bed, trying to continue the massage. Nevertheless, he didn't seem able to move his hands right in this pose. He kicked off his shoes and was now half kneeling and half sitting on his heels, his thighs spread V- shaped behind Sam. The massage resumed. Sam didn't know what possessed him but he lay his left hand, most casually, on Toby thigh. Toby didn't move or say anything. Now was the big decision: Go on, or stop?

He moved his hand a little and then a little. Getting bolder by the second, he started stroking Toby' thigh. As if they needed more hints. Toby stopped the massage and pulled Sam close for a kiss. There was a kind of electricity when their lips met. Sam's lips parted automatically the moment Josh' tongue touched them. His hand reached down out of its own accord, unbuttoned Toby' jeans and slid inside. Toby' dick jumped at his touch. Feeling Toby' hand tugging at his shirt, Sam withdrew his hand and they undressed in no time.

Entwined in each other's arms, they rolled onto bed, kissing like mad. Their tongues were battling and searching while their hard-ons were sliding off each other, smearing and mixing their pre-cum between them. Pinning Sam on the bed, Toby straddled across Sam thighs. He bore down on Sam, licking up the sweat in the thin line between his pecs. Looking at this magnificent body, which even the Greek gods would have envied, Toby could not but plant a kiss on it. Sam's body was a perfect . Their eyes met. Words were long unnecessary.

Sam's hands were released. He began stroking Toby' thighs while Toby ran his tongue over his chest. Sam groaned when Toby' tongue glided around his nipple. Noting how sensitive Sam's nipples were, Toby lingered a little longer, gently playing with each of the hardened cherries. Sam squeezed Toby' thighs hard at the stimulation, before moving a hand to his own cock which was begging for relief.

Toby sat up straight and gripped Sam's hand that was grabbing his own tool. He shot him a glance and Sam moved his hand to Toby' dick instead, both of their cocks now glistening with pre-cum. Propping himself up with the pillows, Sam was determined to give Toby a good time. Stroking up and down Toby' shaft at a steady speed with one hand, Sam fondled Toby' heavy balls with his other hand, alternately tugging or palming them. They were rocking their hips in sync with the stroking. It felt so good and so right it almost felt like they didn't need to say anything. Their panting said it all for them.

Sam's hand which had been working on Toby' balls now slid down a little further, rubbing the bit of skin beneath Toby' sack, before moving back up. Toby groaned at the touch and began thrusting harder into Sam's hand. Seeing Toby'response made Sam even more excited, his hand running wild on Toby' body. Both of them picked up their speed on the other's dick. Toby was thrusting harder and harder and Sam could feel Toby' balls began to tighten up. Toby let out a deep moan of pleasure as he shot his load all over Sam. Sam continued his strokes until he milked out the last drop from him. Smearing the creamy fluid all over Sam's torso, Toby leaned in and gave him a peck on the lips, before getting him off with his hand. They lay on the bed, looking into each other's eyes. The night is still young.