Title: The Morning After
Author: Hana
Rating: PG
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Summary: It's the morning after. Troubles ensured.
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Note: More silliness abound, beware. A follow-up to “It’s Always Harry...” Possibly more follows. Not beta-ed. All mistakes are mine. :)
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The Morning After by Hana

“Damn it, Sam.”

“Hey! I really don’t think you should be swearing at me.”

“You said it's in your office.”

“And it was. Ginger borrowed it last week, but she brought it back a couple of days ago. It was right here on the desk.”

“Well, unless it's wrapped in the invisible cloak, it's not there on your desk.”

“It's probably in here somewhere. I'll find it.”

“Whatever. Give me the third one for the time being then.”


“Don't tease, Sam.”

“I'm not teasing.”


“No. You shouldn't read the third one before reading the second one. It'll spoil it for you.”

“I don't care!”


“But you couldn't find the damn book!”

“I'll find it sooner or later. You should be patient. It's worth the wait.”

“Come on. You know I hate waiting!”


“Fine. You know what? We’ve got staff in ten minutes. It's seven twenty right now. I know a bookstore that opens at eight thirty. I'm going to go there at eight fifteen and buy the damn book myself. Then I'm going to read the book and after I finished I'm going to beat you to death with it.”

“I think you should calm down a little before staff, Josh.”

“I'm perfectly calm!”

“They can probably hear you in the Oval.”

“I’m sure Leo and the president will -”

“Good morning, class.”

“Hey, Toby.”


“What is it this time, Josh? Did Sam sleep with someone he shouldn't again?”

“Well, that I know he didn't do.”

“Then why are you screaming at my deputy at seven twenty in the morning?”



“Nothing. Nothing at all.”

“Did you sleep with someone you shouldn't?”

“No! It's nothing.' Josh paused. 'Sam lost something. A book that he was going to lend me.”

“I see. A book.' Toby walked over to his office, and came back with a book in hand. 'Wouldn't happened to be 'Harry Potter and the Secret Chamber', would it?”

“So you took it!” Sam exclaimed. He was looking through the draws in his desk.

“Yeah I did.”

“Why didn't you say so?”

“'Cause I didn't.”

“You read Harry Potter, Toby?”

“And apparently, so do you, Josh.”

“That’s because Sam made me.”

“Hey! You asked me for the book.”

“That’s just because you wouldn’t have - ” Josh stopped himself mid-sentence, and glanced at Toby. “Never minded.”

“What?” Toby asked.

“Never minded. Just give me the damn book.” Toby handed over the book. Josh snatched it and moved towards the door. “I’m going back to my office. See you at staff in 5 minutes.”

“Toby, I didn’t know you read Harry Potter?”

“I didn’t.”

“What happened?”

“I had a bet with CJ.”

“Who won?”

“She did.”

“You liked the books?”

“The writing isn’t half bad, and they somewhat amuse me.”

“You liked it! You liked Harry Potter.”

“And I don’t want to talk about it! So shut up. Where is the SFCC draft you did yesterday?”

“It’s on your desk. You liked Harry Potter!”

“Shut up. Time for staff. Let’s go.”

“Who’s your favourite character? Snipe?”

“Sam! Another word and so help me – “

~ Finis ~

Thanks for reading. :)

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