Title: Sunshine At Night
Author: Baked Goldfish
Pairing: Leo/Jed (What else? ;)
Rating: CHILD
Summary: Lonliness, across the ocean. The phone rings in a DC hotel room.
Disclaimer: If they were mine, I'd be rich. I'm not rich; QED, I own them not.
Archive: Sure, just tell me where.
Note: The last story I wrote, I experimented w/no dialogue. Now, it's all dialogue. This is quite the different experience for me, so constructive criticism of any kind is appreciated. Mucho thanks to Prince and Angie Stone for their song, "U Make My Sun Shine".


Sunshine At Night by Baked Goldfish

"Mmph. . . 'lo?"

"'Morning, Leo."

"Mr. President? What the--it's three in the morning. . ."

"No, it's eight in the morning."

"That's only because you're in England."

". . . Oh, yeah. Um, sorry."

"What did you need, sir?"

". . ."


"Nothing, Leo. I. . . sorry for waking you. G'night."

"Sir, you woke me up at three in the morning, you might as well talk to me."

"You sure, Leo?"

"I'm getting up in about an two hours anyway. Might as well talk to you."

"Two hours--Leo, it's Saturday, what are you doing getting up at that godawful hour?"

"Conference call. Remember?"

"Oh, yeah. . . damn. Listen. . ."

"Yes, sir?"

"This is a safe line, right?"

"Yes, it. . . yeah, Jed, it is."

"You're sure?"

"Uh-huh. What is it, Jed?"

"I'm bored here."

"You're bored--you called me at three in the morning to tell me you're bored?"

"It's eight, Leo. . ."

"Whatever. You called me at three in the morning to tell me you're bored."

"Why're you laughing?"

"Jed, you're the president. Presidents don't call their chiefs of staff to complain about boredom."

"And you would know this how? Not as if you've ever been a White House Chief of Staff before."

"Stop pouting."

"How do you know I'm pouting?"

"I can hear it. Stop pouting, Jed."

"Fine. . . say, you alone?"

"Of course I'm alone. It's three in the morning, and you're in London."

"Put the speaker phone on."


"So you can lay down and go back to sleep."

"Who says I'm going back to sleep?"

"I do. It's an executive order."

"That's an abuse of power."

"Put on the speaker phone."

"'Kay. Jed?"


"You hearing me fine?"

"Yeah. You lying back down?"

"Mm-hmm. How's the weather there?"

"Rainy and gray. I wish it would snow."

"Is it cold?"

"Not really. . ."

"It's cold, isn't it. Jed, one of these days, you'll start feeling cold weather like normal people."

"You're saying I'm not normal?"


"That's probably illegal, you know, to call the president not normal. Of course, you're probably right. Gotta be a little weird to love an old codger like you."



". . . mm?"

"The sun just came out. . ."

". . . really?"

"Yeah. It's still cold here, though. How's it in DC?"

"Cold. Miss you."

"Miss you too. I'll be back-"

"-on Sunday night, I know. I'll be there."

"Okay. Leo?"

". . ."

"Leo? You're asleep. . . "

". . .noimnot. . ."

"I'm hanging up now, Leo."

"Kay. Me too."

"Love you."

". . . loveyoutoo. . ."

"See you Sunday, Leo."

". . . 'kay."


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