Title: Silver Lining
Author: Nomi (gnomi@world.std.com)
Posted: 10/22/01
Archive: Sure, just tell me where
Part: 0/?
Codes: J/S
Rating: CHILD
Warning: Spoilers possible for everything through "Manchester Part II"
Notes: Thanks to Sonia, Helen, Sarah L., Norma and wild_scribbler for answering early questions. Thanks to Dani for poking me at the appropriate time about this story. Heartfelt gratitude to the Gang of Four - Alethia, Emerald, Jilly Bean, and Julian - for putting up with my periodic crazy questions. Without them, this would still be known as "that story I wanted to write where Sam is sick again."
Previous stories in this series can be found on my website at http://world.std.com/~gnomi/stories.html .

Silver Lining Exordium - What's Past is Prologue by Nomi

In the end, no one was to blame. It was the job, it was bad medicine, it was a large combination of benign factors that came to a head all at once. I still sort of blame myself, though none of it was my fault. Sam still blames himself, and he was the victim in the whole scenario. Dr. Bartlet still blames poor medical treatment, and while her argument has merit, I remain somewhat skeptical.

The real culprit was circumstance. We were all too caught up in the details to see the whole picture. Too many things happened at once. Too many interrelated events conspired against us until it was almost too late.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. In retrospect, everything seems obvious. Unfortunately, none of the parties involved had powers of precognition. As my mother likes to say, this situation called for a twelve-inch crystal ball, and mine's only ten inches.

This needs to be told in the order in which we lived it. Otherwise, we all look like a bunch of blind idiots.

Which is a possibility that still cannot be ruled out.

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