Title: Sex Talk
Author: Perpetual Motion
Fandom: West Wing
Pairing: Sam/Toby
Category: Humor, Ficlet, Slash
Rating: CHILD
Spoilers: None
Warnings: Should I warn it's straight dialogue?
Series: None
Summary: Sam wants sex.
Archive: Yes! Yes! Yes!
Disclaimer: Sam and Toby aren't mine. I'm just granting them a sex life.
Author's Notes: Had another dialogue moment. No descriptions, but I'm sure your imaginations work fine. :)

Sex Talk by Perpetual Motion


"Yeah, Sam?"

"I want to have sex."



"Sam, it's ten a.m."


"And we're working."


"We're not having sex right now."


"No, and I'm not looking at you to see you pout. Get back to work."


"Work, Sam. Do what you're paid for."

"You paid me."



"Last night."


"When the pizza guy came."

"I gave you money to pay for the pizza."

"You gave me money after we'd had sex."

"I gave you money when the pizza guy came, and it just *happened* to be after we'd had sex."

"You paid me."

"I gave you pizza money."

"You paid me."

"You slept with a real hooker."

"Call girl."

"Doesn't matter; I don't care."


"*What* Sam?"

"I want sex right now."

"Go to work, Sam."

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