TITLE: Roses Again
AUTHOR: Perpetual Motion
WEBPAGE: www.geocities.com/iwannabedonna
CATEGORY: Slash, Fluff, Romance, Holiday
FANDOM: West Wing
SERIES: A bit of a sequel to last year's fic, "Roses".
SUMMARY: Red roses symbolize passion and love.
Rating: CHILD
Disclaimer: They're not mine. I'm just giving them a little love on Valentine's Day.
Author's Notes: Enjoy this, everyone! Happy Valentine's Day!

Roses Again by Perpetual Motion


"Yeah, Cathy?"

"There's a guy out here with flowers for you."




"Very nice, very red roses."

"Red roses?"


"Okay. Send him in."


"Are you Mr. Seaborn?"

"That's me."

"These are for you."

"Thanks. Wow. That's a big boquet."

"Twelve dozen."

"*Twelve dozen*!"

"Yes, Sir."

"Wow. Thanks."

"You're welcome. Happy Valentine's Day."


"Yes, Sam?"

"Help me find the card."

"Okay....here it is. Hey, that's Jo-"

"Give me the card."

"These are from-"


"Card. Right. Here you go."

"Thank you...Do you need something?"

"Can I smell them?"


"I love roses."

"Good to know. Can you go back to your desk now?"


"Thank you."

"Hey, Sam?"


"Those are from Josh, aren't they?"





To Sam- Red roses symbolize passion and love. Happy Valentine's Day. See you tonight. Passion and Love, Josh

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