Title: River
Author: mina1
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Disclaimer: I don't own them I only play here. IM poor don't sue IM just having fun.
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Category: Toby /Sam
Rating: PG-13 ( It' SLASH if you don't like that don't read)
Spoilers: none
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Author's Note: feed back please I like feed back really like feed back really really like feed back (do I sound desperate) just let me know your out there please .I was listening to country music writing this one I think it shows.

River by Mina

gasped breath and passion filled kiss's

The intoxication as the thundering river wrenches me away
The river that I willing relinquished myself to
He sees only the best in everyone
I don't know why he's here when I ask he say it's because I let him be

He's young too young for me
Every woman in the office is half in love with him
But he's here with me with me,
It's me he takes home me he takes to his bed

IM drowning ,in this bed our bed I let my self fall in to him
for now I don't question it
Right now I don't care

I drown in him

He's seen enough to know the worst
But he chooses to not to
The innocence that is him, his choice
gasping for breath

IM in over my head as those ice blue eyes pull me further in
He takes my control throws it away
Restraint has no place here, only passion

I make love to him in hope I can own him
His trust, his faith, his kindness
it's in every minute every moment between us

It's in our first greetings
I hear it in every speech we write together
As I watch his finger's dance across the keyboard
when he takes his coat from me at the end of the day
Always the first touch of the day

Pressing me down in to the bed
There's no air here
I don't need it
he's here I don't need breath
He's here
the river rages now sweeping aside everything in its path

I'll leave while he's asleep knowing I must
To leave him awake is impossible
To look in his eyes as I walk out again
Choosing the Administration over him as always.

I grasp his hand in mine holding on to it like life line
I wonder if he knows how much I need him why hold so tight
He's why I removed my wedding at last after so long
The ring I kept to remind me I failed
Now sits my desk draw

Failure isn't an option here not with him .not now
I whisper that to him proclaim my heart to him
As the river sweeps us away

I watch him in the office charming and beautiful
I can't imagine why he even looks at me
IM too old IM stubborn, cantankerous and unsociable
In my genius I've lost what he has naturally

If I close my eye's I can hear the river thundering all around
I cling to him hoping I can keep him here with me
this more then lust this is love
It's a river
It drags you away
It can save you

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