Title: Refracted Ascendancy
Author: Baked Goldfish
Rated: R
Archive: Sure
Category: Jed/Leo
Disclaimer: Not mine, no money, don't sue. Much thanks to Becky for title help.
Summary: He could hurt him.


Refracted Ascendancy by Baked Goldfish

Outside, the rain fell heavily on the stone walls of the White House.

Abbey was away, as she sadly often was these days, so it was just the two of them alone for the night. Slithering past the curtains, the light of the streetlamps cast sharp rectangles of counterfeit moonlight across the room; the mottled sky created a bluish-purple hue to that light, bouncing it back to the earth dampened with rain. In this illumination, he stared at Leo's back, tracing the curves of light with his eyes. Leo was asleep, facing the window, and completely oblivious to Jed's gaze on his skin; almost unconsciously, Jed lifted one hand, gently touching the tips of his fingers against the streetlight-paled expanses of skin on Leo's shoulder and arm, his eyebrows pulling together just so. His arm jolted away when Leo rolled onto his back, and Jed leaned closer to look at his face.

He wore a peaceful countenance, lulled by the tatoo of the rain, calmer than the mask he wore by day, and Jed let his fingers trail north towards his chin. Though he was on his back, Leo's face was still slightly turned to the window, exposing his neck like it was to be examined; as if to taste that exposed skin, Jed leaned down and nuzzled him, inhaling his scent. It was weary, sweet, and comforting. He could feel the blood flowing through Leo's veins, right under the skin, and briefly, he drew the tip of his tongue over that hidden pulse. Lightning flashed, and for a moment Leo's skin looked like rice paper, fragile and thin, and Jed couldn't help but wonder just how easily he could hurt him. He looked so peaceful, and more vulnerable than anything Jed had ever seen.

He could hurt him with one errant move, and the thought of that made the blood rush to his head. Pressing his lips to Leo's jawline, he thought of how large a mark he'd leave if he only pressed down a little more, grazed his teeth against that soft skin; he wondered if Leo would mind if he branded him like that. The murky silence was disrupted by a growl of thunder, and he felt his abdomen tighten as he pulled back his lips, revealing straight, ferally white teeth. He felt more than saw Leo tense as he raked at the skin right behind Leo's ear, pulling gently so as to not disturb his sleep, and his tongue flicked out to lap up the tiny, thin line of blood that appeared where the skin tore. Leaning back, he stared with a mixture of awe and fear at his own actions as another thin line of red contrasted against Leo's tan skin. He dipped down once more to clean up the blood before it could crawl down to the white cotton sheets.

His hand crept over Leo's stomach, and he felt himself growing hard as he savored the sharp taste of iron that still lingered in his mouth. In this moment, he was stronger than Leo, fiercer, and completely in control. He shuddered as he pressed himself against Leo's thigh, the almost electric sensation shooting up from his groin to the base of his neck; it would be so easy to find another, more sensitive spot to tear into, to mar. His fingers dug into the sensitive flesh under Leo's ribs, nails biting the skin, and he became even harder as he watched Leo's face twist with discomfort. He was still asleep. He could hurt him so much right now, with one harsh touch, one abrasive kiss, one unshaven cheek rubbed against his chest.

When he nipped at Leo's ear, it was enough to finally rouse him; he let go, stared into Leo's drowsy eyes, and asked, "Did I wake you?"

"Yeah," Leo murmured with a husky voice, confused and still partially asleep; he rolled into Jed's arms, burying his face against his shoulder before noticing the erection pressed against his hip. "And now I know why," he added, chuckling as his hand reached down between them.

Jed grabbed his wrist, applying just a little too much pressure on the bone as he looked into Leo's eyes. He could be stronger, this time. "Go down on me," he whispered, his voice low and allowing no room for argument.

Leo regarded him uncertainly for a moment before pushing him onto his back; the fire in Jed's eyes was so intense that it almost frightened him. But, in a few moments, he had Jed's length in his mouth and down his throat, complying with his wishes, doing whatever he could to make his lover happy.

Jed grazed his fingers across the back of Leo's neck, and forced himself to keep his eyes open and locked on the top of Leo's head. Occasionally, he squeezed the back of his neck a little rougher than necessary, but Leo didn't complain. And, he knew, Leo would never complain. With just one touch, he could destroy Leo; and when Leo glanced up at him, he realized that with just one word, he could cause even more damage. He had a power over this man, a power rivalled by none, and with one word or one look, he could break him in two. This was the amount of trust that Leo put in him, and the amount of devotion given him; that he had the power to completely shatter a man he loved this much both frightened and thrilled him beyond belief.

He came, and Leo swallowed every remnant of the act. Swallowing the shudders that were crashing through his body, he pulled Leo up to him by the scruff of his neck and kissed him so fiercely that he could taste blood again. He wasn't sure whose lips it was coming from, but he damn well didn't care, either. It was headier than wine, whoever's blood it was, and his tongue darted out to taste as much of it as possible.

Leo pulled back, bracing his hands on either side of them on the bed. Concern cleared his hazel eyes, and drew his brows together in a frown; "What's wrong?"

The corners of Jed's mouth quirked up, and the twisted feeling in his gut masqueraded as a smile in his eyes. One word, one touch; it was a power trip greater than any the presidency could afford. "I love you so much," he said, knowing that if he didn't, it would be so easy to hurt him.

Leo smiled at the unexpected admission, oblivious.