Title: Rain
Author: Nat Carter
Rating: R
Archive: Yep
Summary: Josh gets wet. Sam gets playful. No plot here.


Rain by Nat Carter

Sam, though he would never, ever admit it, had always loved the way Josh looked when he was completely, drippingly, soppingly wet. Hair slicked against his scalp, clothes clinging, revealing, Josh looked playful, young.


He stood at the window of his apartment and watched Josh hurry up the street, still making a futile attempt to shield himself from the driving rain. Sam grinned and listened to Josh pound up the staircase, shoes squeaking wetly on the


"Sam, it's me," he called, pounding on the door. "I left my key at my place, let me in."

Sam laughed and opened the door. "Rough day?" he asked, earning himself a glare from a dripping Josh.

"You might say that," he replied. "Look out, I'm dripping on your floor." He brushed past Sam and headed for the bathroom, pushing the door halfway closed.

"Oh, Sam, c'mon, I'm--Sam, don't, I'm wet," Josh protested faintly as Sam invaded the bathroom, pressed his body against the wet man's back.

"I hate when you work late," he murmured, arms around Josh's shoulders, tongue darting out to taste the salt of Josh's neck.

"Wet," Josh gasped again, although it didn't really matter any more.

"Yes," Sam agreed, "And probably cold, too. We need to do something about that." Fingers moved across Josh's chest, slipping buttons free on his waterlogged coat.

Josh sighed and gave in as Sam's fingers moved across the clinging fabric of his shirt, working gently at buttons, brishing skin beneath. Josh let Sam slide his coat and shirt off, tipping his head back, leaning against Sam.

Sam dipped his head to lick Josh's earlobe, fingers moving to the waistband of Josh's pants. Lips moved to the other man's shoulder, sucking hard enough to leave a mark as Sam's hands skimmed Josh's sides, slipping deftly beneath the waistband of his boxers.

"Sam!" Josh near-sobbed, knees giving out as one of Sam's warm hands rested on his hip, and the other dove between his legs. Sam grinned and moved one finger, teasing the soft skin. Josh screwed his eyes shut and moaned, thrusting wantonly into Sam's hand.

Sam pulled away, moved his hand to the waistband of Josh's pants, and led his lover into the bedroom

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