Title: Phone Calls
Author: Mandy
Pairing: Josh/Sam
Rating: NC-17. Phone sex PWP
Sequel: Sequel to ICQ
Disclaimers: Not my characters, and I don't profit from them.
Summary: Sam and Josh talk dirty and decide phones are safer than computers.
Notes: Sequel to ICQ. Sam takes the initiative, but Josh catches up fast.

* * *

Phone Calls by Mandy


Internal. Great. Josh.

Sam: "Ready for hot sex? . . . uh, sorry. Pete. Um, I can't talk right now. I'll call you back, okay?"

Toby (loudly, next door): "Is that Pete Henderson?"

Sam. "No."


Internal again. Not taking a chance this time though.

Sam: "Sam Seaborn."

Josh: "Hey, I know it's you."

Toby: "Is THAT Henderson?"

Sam: "Yes!"

Sam (to Josh): "Hang on, lemme lock the door."

Sam: "Ok. Where were we?"

Josh: "You had your hand on my dick."

Sam: "I'd better put it back then."

Josh: "It's there, believe me. Feels incredible."

Sam: "I'm kissing you right now, while I'm undoing your zipper, and putting my hand inside your shorts . . . ohhh, Josh you feel so good. You feel so beautiful in my hand . . . all hard and hot, and I love feeling your reactions when I stroke you. I can feel you squirming, brushing against my palm, thrusting yourself against my fingers, wanting more, wanting my tongue-"

Josh (breathless): "Jesus! Do you know how good YOU are at this?"

Sam: "It gets better."

Josh: "What happens next?"

Sam: "I take you into my mouth for a little oral exploration. How does that feel?"

Josh: "Fucking amazing."

Sam: "Tell me what you want me to do."

Josh: "It was a great idea to get on the phone."

Sam: "I know White House computers aren't secure, but that's not an answer, my buddy. Your turn."

Josh: "Oh, it's a competition now, is it?"

Sam: "Yeah. Ante up."

Josh: "I want - cream. New England triple clotted. With a dash of Kahlua. And you sucking it off me. So I'm just gonna put a little pile of it right here on the tip of my cock and it's gonna run down and you are gonna come lick off the drizzles. Everywhere. All down my cock. It's run on to the chair, under my balls. You'll have to clean that up too. Oh, that's fantastic. Tongue my balls. Reach under, lick all round there. Get your tongue round me, Sam. Now come up again. My dick's in your mouth. Move me around your mouth. Taste me. Taste my precum. Come on, Sam, do it to me, do it. Suck me. Hard."

Sam: "Holy shit. Ahh, god, Josh, Josh, I can taste it . . . I can taste you."

Josh: "You're going to taste a lot more in a minute!"

Sam: "You're gonna come aren't you . . . ohh, Josh, come in me. Come in me, my love ohh . . ."

Josh: "Sam! ahhh . . . sweet Sam. . . I'm here. . . I'm coming. . . taste me . . . in your mouth . . . ohgodohgodohgod yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh. . . ."

Pause. Heavy breathing all round.

Josh (panting): "Fuck."

Sam: "I think - we - got that right."

Josh: "Not bad for first timers!"

Sam: "One advantage of phone sex is . . . you can talk - with your mouth full . . . Josh, I need you!"

Josh: "Sam, get in here now!"

Sam: "You bet."

Sam flies out his door. Toby yells something at him, but Sam doesn't stop.

Sam: "Gotta see Josh! Urgent!"

He disappears through the lobby in a hurry.

Sam bursts through Josh's door. Josh is in his chair, flushed, rumpled and wiping himself up with a handkerchief. Sam shuts the door, unzips himself, stands in front of Josh, grabs his partner's head with one hand and with the other propels his cock into Josh's mouth. Josh grabs Sam's buttocks and takes as much in as he can. Josh starts to suck deeply, sensing Sam's urgency, knowing how close he is to the edge.

Sam thrusts his pelvis, his fingers curling, grasping Josh's hair as he guides himself in and out of Josh's mouth, groaning, arching, lost in ecstasy. He comes, shuddering and gasping, and Josh takes it all, and Sam leans himself against Josh's shoulder, fingers still entwined in Josh's hair.



Josh: "Whatthehell?"

Sam: "Don't answer it."

Josh sighs, gives Sam a look, and picks up the phone. "Josh Lyman."

Toby: "Is fucking Seaborn there?"

Josh: "It's Toby."

Sam: "Yeah." He holds the phone out a bit.

Toby: "You asshole. I've got Pete Henderson on the phone. He's in Counsel's office where he just CALLED you. First you offered him hot sex, then YOU HUNG UP ON HIM! Get your ass back here so you can APOLOGIZE, and then explain to me just what the fuck you think you're doing."

Sam (rolls his eyes at Josh): "Okay."

Josh: "Here. Take this with you." He holds out his handkerchief.

Sam smiles mischievously. "Memento, huh?" He puts it in his pocket.

Josh: "And a reminder. To come back again."

Sam: "Don't need that." He leans down and kisses Josh. Tastes his mouth for a bit. Then he's gone.

Josh stays still, smiling to himself.

* * *

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