Title: One of Many Sunday Mornings
Author: Marie-Claude Danis
EMAIL: mc@verticalcrawl.com
SITE: http://verticalcrawl.com/westwing
ARCHIVE: Sure, just ask first.
FEEDBACK: Like music to my ears.
Rating: CHILD
SUMMARY: A lazy sunday morning. Short, Sam POV.

* * *

One of Many Sunday Mornings by Marie-Claude Danis

I woke up like I rarely did: with no alarm clock, no wake-up call, no insistent shake of my shoulder. This time, I woke up on my own accord, late morning tugging at my senses until my eyes fluttered open to a brightly lit ceiling. I watched for a moment the shadows of the curtains dancing across it, then closed my eyes again, smiling contentedly at nothing.

Ah, Sundays.

I had spent the previous day at the office, we both had - but today, today we didn't have anywhere to be. We had absolutely no intention of leaving the apartment at all until tomorrow morning, when duty would call upon us once again. But right now, that seemed like ages away.

The back of my hand brushed against his thigh, the hair tickling my wrist. Josh was warm and asleep; I could hear his laboured breathing next to me, slow and regular. Comforting, I always thought.

I considered getting up and fetching the papers that piled up everyday at the stoop of Josh's door, but the cotton of the sheets was too warm, the breeze from the window too fresh, the shadows on the ceiling too bright, the bedroom around us too silent. My foot dangled hesitantly to the hardwood floor, then retreated back into the folds of linen.


Later would be good.


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