TITLE - It's Time
AUTHOR – Claire
ARCHIVE - list archive; yes. All others please ask.
SUMMARY - Time Sam came clean to Josh.
SPOILERS - none.
DISCLAIMER - I don't own the west wing or it's characters, I'm just borrowing them.

It's Time by Claire

"Joshua James Lyman." Donna bellowed as she knocked on his door. "Joshua, you've got a meeting wih Leo in 10 minutes."

"Okay, Donna I'll be out in 5." Josh shouted back, as Donna walked back to her desk [[God, he's acting strange]] she thought.

Josh could hear the door opening he really doesn't want to deal with her at the minute, "Donnatella, I said I'd be out in a minute..."

"Well, Joshua I'm sorry to dissapoint but I'm not a girl." Josh spun around in his chair to find a grinning Sam.

"Samuel what are you doing in my office? You didn't do something stupid again, did you?" Josh asked, raising an eyebrow.

[[God Josh doesn't know how sexy that is, I better not stay long or I'm gonna embarass myself]] "No Josh contrary to belief, I came to see you, Joshua Lyman Deputy Chief of Staff to ask if you would like to come over to my place after work, we need to talk. And we haven't seen eachother that much over the past coupleof weeks. So I was thinking of watching a movie like 'The Cell' and then talking, wat'cha think?" [[Please say yes, please say yes...]]
"Sure, never pass a chance to watch a Jennifer Lopez movie, see you at 8, hopefully. Oh and Sammy, what do we need to talk about?"

"Well Josh after we watch the lovely Ms. Lopez I will tell you, untill then see you at 8. Bye."

"Bye, Sam." Sam left and Josh got back to work.

-----------Sam's apartment 7:45pm-----------

Sam was finishing cleaning his apartment he wanted it to be perfectly clean when Josh got there. He finished setting the video and went into the kitchen to get the take-out menus as neither he nor Josh could cook. 5 minutes later there was a knock at the door. Sam went and unlocked the door and let Josh in.

"Hey Josh." Sam said grinning as Josh walked in.

Sammy." Josh said with an equal grin.

"Do you want Thai, Chineses, Idian or Pizza?"

"Ummm, how about Pizza?"

"Sounds great, pepperoni or mystery meat?"

"Mystery meat"

"'Kay make yourself comfortable,, I'll go make the order."

Josh sat down on the couch and surveyed Sam's apartment [[This place is cleaner then I remember it]] Josh thought.

Sam walked back in and said, "It's gonna be 20 minutes."

Josh looked at Sam and asked "What do you wanna talk about?"

Sam looked at Josh and thought [[Well it's now or never]]

Josh saw the apprehension in his blue eyes and said, "Come on Sammy you can tell me anything." Sam took a deep breath and sat across from Josh, "This is something that has bothered me my entire life and your my best friend and I feel wrong keeping this from you," Sam looked into Josh's eyes and took a deep breath, "I'm gay."

Josh sat there dazed shocked was an understatement, his thoughts we're on overload [[He's gay, Sam's gay. The man you've been in love with forever just told you he was gay, DO something Josh]]

Sam eyes were slowly filling with tears the longer Josh stayed silent, [[He hates me, God he hates me I can't live without Josh, I can't live if he says he hates me]] Sam thought, "I-I'm sorry Josh, please don't hate me I-I can't help the way I am."

It was these words which brought Josh back to the present and he looked at Sam he was looking at him fearfully and he had tears running down his face and those words caused pain to rip through his heart [[Oh god he thinks I hate him, he thinks I don't approve of who he is]] Josh thought painfully, he moved closer to Sam and slowly wrapped his arms around the trembling Sam and rocked him gently, "I don't hate you Sam, I could never hate you. I love you Samuel, I love you so much."

Sam was taking comfort from being in the arms of the man he loved, when he heard the words he had been waiting so long to hear from him, he looked up at Josh his face streaked with tears and he slowly brought his face up and kissed Josh very gently and tenderly. He pulled back and noted the dazed expression on Josh's face, he smiled and brought his trembling fingers up to his face and touched Josh's lips and said, "I love you Josh, I have loved you for so long." Josh stood up and took Sam's hand, Sam smiled at him as he brought there lips together, "Let's go to the bedroom."

Sam grinned and followed Josh where they proceeded to show the love for eachother for the next few hours and they both knew they would be together forever.


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