Title: In The Name Of Bonding
Author: Baked Goldfish
Rated: NC-17
Category: Jed/Danny/Leo, first campaign
Disclaimer: Puh-lease. I'm twisted, but I'm not crazy; they're not mine, and I'm poor, so don't sue me. Inspired by a throwaway scene in The White House Pro-Am.
Summary: It's all about bonding. Really.
A/N: I am so going to hell for this. Also, this is my first threesome fic, so any and all constructive criticism would be appreciated. And, one more: I ignore the timeline given in BfA.


In The Name Of Bonding by Baked Goldfish

"Danny! Come on in."

Danny smiled a fake smile, one of those patented "I'm a reporter who's about to skewer you but you won't realize it until it's too late" types, and stepped into the Governor's hotel room. It was a small room, the same size as his staff's rooms, and just as scruffy as all the rest of the rooms in this backwater town's lone hotel. Not for the first time, Danny wondered what he was doing: a top-notch DC White House reporter following around a dark horse egghead candidate who was never going to win anything past the nomination he'd barely sealed up days before. Not exactly the brightest career move, he thought.

"You wanted to see me, Mr. Governor?" he asked, pulling his notepad and pen out of his back pocket.

Jed Bartlet was sitting on the edge of his bed, his suit jacket and tie missing as he sipped at some bourbon. "Put the pad away, this is gonna be off the record."

Blinking in confusion, Danny stuffed his pad and pen back in his pocket. "Sure, okay," he said slowly.

"Yeah, I just thought we could, you know, bond," Jed stated. "Would you like something to drink? The bourbon here sucks, but I could get you, maybe, something else?"

"Nah, I'm fine," Danny said, sitting down in the uncomfortable chair across from the Governor. "So, um, Doctor Bartlet won't be joining us tonight?"

"Nah, she's with CJ," Bartlet said. "Danny, is that chair uncomfortable?"

"A little, sir."

"Come on over here," he said, patting the bed. At Danny's hesitance, he added, "Don't worry, I don't bite."

Danny glanced around before shrugging and getting up to sit next to Bartlet. "Um. So."

"You know, I figured since you'd be following us around for a while, we might need to get to know each other," Jed began, smiling. "So, I figured, we could bond."

"Ah-yeah," Danny agreed, also smiling. He couldn't help but think there was something a little . . . off . . . about the governor tonight; maybe it was the bourbon, or that Bartlet had been up for two days straight, but there was something strange about him. "How, um. How do you propose . . . "

"Oh, cut the formality," Jed scoffed. "You can call me Jed, you know."

Half perplexed and half weirded out, Danny furrowed his brows. With the smile still in place, he stuttered, "O-okay. Jed."

Sighing, Jed downed the remnants of his drink. "Damn, this is awkward."

"Yeah," Danny chuckled. "It kinda is."

"You know, I've never been able to - this is all off the record, right?" Danny nodded, and he said, "I've never been able to talk to reporters. I'm not a politician, that's Leo's job." He glanced at Danny and added, "He's the one who talked me into this, you know. Made it look to the press like I wanted to run, but . . . you know, I wasn't even supposed to get the nomination."

This was news to Danny; he'd only been tagging along with the campaign for ten days. He knew all of three people: Leo, Josh, and Hoynes, and those three only because they'd been around Washington. What little he knew of the candidate was the same stuff that everyone else knew of him; ten days, and he hadn't even sat down with him until now.

"You were just supposed to keep Senator Hoynes in line, is that it?" Danny asked.

"Exactly." He pulled a pack of cigarettes off the bedside table and tapped one stick out. "You don't mind if . . . you want one?"

"I'm fine," Danny said as the governor lit up. "You smoke a lot?"

"Just one a day, usually," Jed answered. "Two if things get to be a bit much. You?"

"Not if I can help it," Danny said. "I quit a few months ago."

"Oh, jeez-" Jed took the cigarette out of his mouth and looked around for the ashtray. "I'm sorry, I-"

"No, it's okay," he laughed. "Just, it's fine."

"You sure?"


"Well, I'm gonna-" He reached behind him and smashed the cigarette into the ashtray on the bedside table. Turning back to Danny, he said, "Listen, I'm gonna ask you a question, and it may be a little awkward, but I'm gonna ask you anyway. In the name of bonding, and all that."

Danny regarded him cautiously. "In the name of bonding?"

"Right. Daniel, have you ever been with a man?"

Danny tried to wrap his mind around the question. He shook his head, not as a reply, but as an attempt to unfreeze his brain. "Ah, wha- what?"

"A-" He sighed heavily and looked away. "Damn. I knew this was gonna be . . . "

"Yes." Danny's answer seemed to him as random as Bartlet's question; he wasn't quite sure how he was getting the oxygen to his lungs. Also, he wasn't quite sure why he hadn't just lied and said no. "In . . . college. Where is this going?"

"Well, I'd like to kiss you, if you don't mind," Jed replied. "And, maybe, if you still don't mind, do other things."

"You want . . . to kiss me." Danny stared at him, debating whether to feel flattered or freaked out; in the mean time, he was feeling both.

Jed motioned to his face. "The beard, mostly. And, also, I want us to-"

"Bond, yeah, I got that," Danny nodded, still staring at him. "Does Doctor Bartlet-"

"She's with CJ, don't worry about her. So whaddya say?" Jed asked apprehensively.

"Um . . . " Say no, he thought. This'll just be weird, he thought. Can't be impartial if you kiss him, he thought.

"Sure, okay," he said.

Jed looked about as stunned as Danny looked. "Really?"

"You might wanna, I dunno, do it before I change my-"

Suddenly, there were fingers in Danny's hair, touching like electricity against his scalp as Jed's lips brushed against his beard. He turned his head to touch his mouth to Jed's, the initial surprise wearing off as his eyes slipped shut.

Jed grunted and pulled back slowly, watching Danny as he slid his hand down Danny's neck and onto his shoulder. "So," he breathed.

"Ah, you could, y'know, do that again," Danny said, leaning forward.

"Yeah," Jed agreed before leaning back onto the bed, taking Danny with him. Kicking off his shoes, he pressed his mouth to Danny's, and teased his lips apart. His hands trailed down Danny's suspenders, and when they broke apart for air, he muttered, "I never understood these things."

"They're for . . . I dunno, something," Danny gasped, nuzzling Jed's neck. "How's the beard, by the way?"

"Well, if I didn't like it, you wouldn't be on top of me right now."

"Point." Jed's hands had traced around Danny's hips to grab his ass, and he pushed himself closer to Jed as he undid Jed's tie. "Silk?"


With one hand laced through Jed's hair, he undid the top few buttons of Jed's shirt before dipping his tongue against the base of his neck. He trailed his mouth up to the join of his shoulder before gently taking Jed's earlobe between his teeth. He heard Jed hiss, and a jolt of electricity thrilled down his spine; it had been years since he'd made it with a man, but it was all coming back to him now, perhaps quicker than he'd wanted.

Jed pushed him away, just barely, and brushed his hands against Danny's chest before undoing his tie and pushing the suspenders out of the way. "You wanna . . . "

Danny stared at him, knowing that he was just as flushed as Jed was, and wondered what the hell kind of dumbass question that was. Instead of answering, he kicked off his shoes and leaned down to tug Jed's shirt out of his trousers with his teeth.

"I'll take that as a yes," Jed muttered, leaning back as Danny pressed hot kisses against his now-bare stomach. Through his slacks, he felt the sudden pressure of Danny's face against his half-hard arousal, and he started at the blinding touch.

Danny looked up at Jed with an impish grin, and crawled on top of him. He nearly shook at the feel of Jed's hands grazing against his sides, and they quickly undid each other's shirts, needing an even closer connection.

Each time Jed's hands touched new skin, it was like a jolt of static electricity; every new spark was welcome and teasing, and Danny pressed himself as close to him as he could possibly get. His own hands roamed greedily over Jed's back, his sides, his arms, and he couldn't just get enough of the taste of Jed's mouth. Two needs pulled at him simultaneously: one to stay exactly where they were, relishing the moment, and another that beckoned him to move forward, needing some sort of release.

He could feel Jed's hands on his belt, and he raised himself up just enough to slide his trousers and boxers down; kicking them off and onto the floor, he did the same to Jed's pants. Quickly, he pressed himself back down, mapping Jed's body with his hands as he lost himself in those lips; a moment later, he began following his fingers with his mouth, teasing and licking at smooth skin until he knew Jed was going crazy for his touch.

A sudden knock on the door made him jolt, and, startled, he quickly slid off Jed; he slid too far, however, and ended up on the floor, pulling sheets around him in an attempt to cover himself.

Leo walked into the room, his head buried in a briefing book or report of some sort. "The kids are getting rowdy downstairs, you mind if I work in here for a bit?" he asked, collapsing on the chair across the bed without so much as looking up.

"Leo," Jed intoned with a smirk on his face.

Leo glanced up and went back to his notes before doing a double- take. "Oh," he said, surprised as he stared at Jed. "I didn't know - where's Abbey?"

"She's with CJ," Jed replied.

"Then what's with that?" Leo asked, motioning to Jed's half-hard cock. An expression of slight jealousy clamped down on his face, and he said, "Who's with ya?"

"Relax," Jed said, chuckling, glancing at the floor beside the bed. "It's just Danny."

Danny had been crouched down beside the bed, hoping that Leo wouldn't see him; when he heard his name announced, he poked his head above the bed, and, knowing full well that his face was just as red as his hair, waved sheepishly and said, "Hiya."

Leo stared at him, perplexed, before looking back at Jed. "I thought that was tomorrow night," he said, all jealousy having left him.

Rolling his eyes, Jed glanced down at Danny. "Smart guy, our Leo, but he's got no mind for dates. Now get back up here."

As Danny crawled back onto the bed, mindful of his nakedness, Leo asked, "Do you guys want me to, I dunno, go somewhere else? I can, you know."

"Nah, I don't mind," Jed replied jovially. Turning to Danny, he asked, "You okay with him being here?"

"I . . . guess," Danny stuttered.

Leo shook his head. "No, I'm freakin' the guy out, I'll just go," he sighed, getting up and gathering his files.

"Leo, come here-" He turned to Danny again. "You ever been in a threesome?"

"Er . . . " The evening was getting progressively stranger; however, he wasn't too sure he didn't like it that way. It was certainly . . . different. And, well, he couldn't say that he didn't know more about the candidate than almost everyone else, so it wasn't turning out to be a total waste or anything. "Once," he finally said. "In college."

Jed regarded him, curious. "You do everything in college?"

"Just about, yeah."

Looking at Leo again, Jed said, "Leo, come here. It'll be fun."

Leo glanced at the two of them and shook his head again. "Nah, you wanted to, you know."

"Bond?" Danny asked.

"Yeah," Leo said. "But I've got work to do."

"Work?" Jed scoffed. "It's near midnight, why are you still working?"

"Somebody's gotta do it," he griped pointedly.

"Please," Jed scoffed good-naturedly. "Don't tell me you didn't wanna jump in here when you saw me."

"Of course not," Leo huffed, crossing his arms over his chest.

During this diatribe, Danny had been trying to wrap his lust-fogged mind around all this new information. He wasn't sure exactly when it had hit him, but early on in the conversation he'd realized something for certain. Pulling the sheets even further up his body, he asked, "How - how long have you two been sleeping together?"

Paling, Leo glanced at him. "This is off the record, you know."

"Who'm I gonna tell?" Danny quipped.


"Hello," Jed said, sitting up and waving his arms. "Naked horny man over here. Pay attention to me, dammit!"

"What is wrong with you?" Leo muttered, screwing up his face.

"What's wrong with me?" Jed mocked. "You're the one who's been hard ever since you saw me laying here - and you got harder when you saw Danny!"

Blushing, Leo asked, "How could you tell?"

"It's kinda obvious," Danny said, motioning to the large bulge in Leo's trousers.

"That's it," Jed huffed. "Get over here, now."

As Leo walked to the bed, shedding his jacket and tie, Danny looked at Jed; he was naked, hard, and didn't seem to give a damn. "Wow," Danny said. "You - wow."

Jed faced him with a self-satisfied grin on his face. "What?"

"Nothin'," Danny said, leaning over to kiss him. One hand went through Jed's thick, dark hair as the other propped him up on the bed, and he pushed his tongue as far into Jed's mouth as he dared, savoring the hot, wet feeling that seemed to permeate his every fiber.

A tugging at his feet pulled his attention away for a moment, and he looked down in slight confusion. Leo was sitting at the foot of the bed, pulling their socks off. "Huh?"

"Damn socks," Leo muttered. "You can't - they just spoil everything!"

Shrugging laconically, Jed said, "He's got a foot thing," before pulling Danny back to him.

The coupled feelings of Jed's mouth and tongue on his skin, and Leo's hands skillfully massaging his calves were blacking out every coherent thought Danny might have had; methodically, Leo's hands were loosening his muscles, left leg and then right and creeping up, and he felt both relaxed and tense, all at the same time.

Jed crawled on top of Danny, straddling him but not touching him as he nipped and licked at the skin on his bare chest. Danny raised up, and he trembled as their cocks grazed each other; pushing himself against Danny, Jed growled, "Just wait til Leo gets his other thing goin'."

"Other?" Danny gasped, dizzy and almost sightless from the sensory overload.

Leo pressed a kiss to the inside of Danny's knee, and said, "Outta the way, Jed." He grinned when he saw the confused Danny reach, desperate, for Jed. "Relax," he said, breathing lightly at the tip of Danny's cock.

"Jesus," he breathed, closing his eyes as Leo traced his tongue along the length of his shaft. "That's your other . . . "

"Beautiful, isn't he?" Jed asked, sounding strangely proud as he watched them.

Danny forced his eyes open, and stared down at Leo as his head bobbed up and down. "Fuck yeah," he murmured, grazing his fingers across the back of Leo's neck. He gasped as Leo relaxed his throat and swallowed him.

Jed moved behind Leo, and pulled his shoes and socks off. "A bit overdressed, though," he murmured, pressing his erection against Leo's still-clothed ass. From behind, he slipped his fingers under the wide suspenders and slid them down Leo's arms until Leo had to move to get them off.

Feeling himself getting too close to the edge, Danny pushed Leo off, shaking his head. "I wanna . . . " He sat up, his cock almost painfully hard, and pulled Leo towards him by his collar.

Between Jed and Danny, they made quick work of Leo's clothes, which ended up in a pile on the floor. Within the span of a second, they were a tangle on the bed, hands and legs and mouths searching for skin between ragged gasps for air. Somehow, Danny found himself stuffing pillows under Jed's back and raising Jed's legs onto his shoulders. "Do we need-"

"Not unless you want one," Jed said, pushing himself against Danny in some futile attempt to get him in. "They're in the top drawer with the lube."

"Nah," he said. He didn't even have to reach for anything; Leo handed the tube to him, and the next few moments were a blur. All he knew was that he was getting tunnel vision from the utter heat and tightness that was enveloping him, and he only had the faintest idea that Leo had moved suck Bartlet off while Danny fucked him.

It only took a few moments before Danny collapsed onto the bed, still half inside while Leo continued to suck Jed dry. Another moment, and Jed also came, leaving only Leo unsated. Still breathless, Danny stared at him for a moment before tossing the lube at his chest.

"Hey," he breathed, crawling over Jed to give Leo an open-mouthed kiss. In seconds, he was straddling Leo, rocking slightly and watching as Jed moved to paint Leo's determined face with soft kisses; a few more seconds passed, and he felt Leo erupt into him.

Sliding off Leo, Danny found himself lying between him and Jed; it wasn't a position he felt like changing, and he noticed that they didn't seem to mind, either. "So," he panted out when he began to get his breath back. "How long?"

Jed stared at him with dazed, yet surprised eyes. "Back in reporter mode so soon?"

"Never got out of it," Danny replied. Off their slightly concerned looks, he quickly added, "Except, y'know, just now, I mean."

Satisfied with the answer, Leo nodded and leaned forward to reach the chair near the bed. "About, what, twenty years?" he said, grabbing his glasses and the files he'd been reading earlier.

"About, yeah . . . " Jed's voice trailed off when he saw Leo put his glasses on and start flipping through the files. "The hell're you doing?"

"Work," Leo replied nonchalantly.

Jed stared at him, his mouth repeatedly opening and closing like a fish's. Finally, he groaned, "Oh, you've got to be kidding me."

"Well, I'd come up here to work, originally-"

"Please," Jed scoffed. "You came up here because Jenny's with CJ and Abbey tonight, and you wanted to get some. Horny old man."

"Whatever," Leo mumbled, too absorbed in the paperwork to notice what Jed was saying.

Rolling his eyes, Jed turned to Danny and said, "You know what you can write? Tell 'em that Leo's a workaholic who doesn't know when to stop."

"I - sure," Danny said, wondering, now that control of his faculties had been returned to him, just what kind of pillow-talk twilight zone he'd been transported into.

"You work," Jed told Leo. "I'm going to sleep." Danny leaned back as the two met in the middle for a small goodnight kiss, staring at the both of them with unabashed wonder.

He continued to stare silently at Jed after he'd lain down and pulled the covers up to his shoulders, but eventually took his eyes off him when he heard soft snoring. Turning to Leo, he asked, "So, hang on. Do your wives know about this?"

"Of course," Leo replied, as if it was the most ridiculous question ever. Taking his eyes off the reports for a moment, he looked at Danny and said, "We love our wives dearly, Danny. And our daughters. They all know what goes on, and they're fine with it."

Danny waited until Leo's attentions were back on the reports. "Your wife and Doctor Bartlet just let you do this, whenever you want?" he asked quietly, unsure and not wanting to wake Jed up.

"Well, they're with CJ right now," Leo replied absently, grabbing a pen off the bedside table to make notes as he read.

"You know, the two of you keep saying that - oh. Wait. You mean-"

"By George, I think he's got it," Leo quipped.

Danny rubbed his face and leaned against the wall. "This is so surreal."

"Well, surreal or not, remember it," Leo said, glancing at him over the rims of his glasses. "You just had sex with the future President of the United States of America."

Looking down at Bartlet, Danny could see a dark spot forming on the pillowcase where drool was collecting. "Doesn't look too presidential to me," he muttered.

"Trust me on this one," Leo said, making notes on his files. "He respects you, he likes you. You just got an in with the next leader of the free world."

"So-" He chuckled, and shook his head. "He said he wanted us to bond."

"Yeah, I think you two did that pretty well."

Yawning, Danny slid down under the covers. "I can't believe I just did all that."

"What, never had sex with a presidential candidate before?"

"Once. In college."

Leo snapped his head around to stare at Danny, wide-eyed and smirking. "Who-"

"Kidding," Danny said, holding his hands up.

The smirk turned into a growling frown. "Tease," he muttered, turning back to his work.

Scratching the back of his head, Danny said, "Hey, Leo."

"Yeah, Danny?"

"You got a heluva lot more faith in him than you should," he said quietly.

Leo shrugged and said, "Maybe. You'd do well to have that same faith in him, you know."

"Maybe," Danny said. His eyes beginning to drift shut, he asked, "Leo?"


"Think he'd want to do this again, sometime?"

Suddenly, Jed grunted something unintelligible and threw an arm over Danny's chest. Still asleep, he pulled him closer and nuzzled his beard contentedly.

Leo chuckled and said, "Judging by that, I wouldn't be too surprised."

"'Kay," Danny muttered, trying to not move his mouth too much. "Gonna sleep now."

Ruffling Danny's hair, Leo said, "You do that. You're gonna have a long day ahead of you."

Danny regarded him curiously. "I already have long days."

"Well, now that he's all chummy with you, they're gonna get longer," Leo said. Glancing at him, he asked, "How much do you know about using pickles as light bulbs?"

"Er, nothing."

"Poor thing," Leo chuckled. "You'll know tomorrow, trust me."

"In the name of bonding?"


Danny stared at the ceiling, unable to sleep as he wondered just what he'd gotten himself into.

In the name of bonding, indeed.


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