Title: Home for the Holidays
Author: Sarah
Pairing: Josh/Sam
Rating: NC-17
Archive: Sure
Spoilers: None
Told from Josh's POV, Sam and Josh visit Sam's family for Christmas. No plot
whatsoever, more harmless fluff.

Home for the Holidays by Sarah

I watched my knuckles turn white as I clutched my armrests on this metal
tube that was about to carry me 5 miles off the ground. I hate flying. My
stomach was full of butterflies, and not only because of the fact that my
metal tube's wheels just left the runway and the ground was dropping out from
beneath me at an alarming rate.
"Josh? Geez, you're gonna hyperventilate or something!" Sam's voice broke
through my thoughts of plunging to the earth in a raging fireball while his
concerned hand squeezed my arm. "I mean, I know you hate flying and all but
take it easy."
All I could do was nod at him, because I was afraid that if I opened my
mouth I'd throw up in his lap. True, I was nervous to be flying, but I was
also nervous because I was on my way to California to meet Sam's family and
spend my very first Christmas with them. I had no idea how they would react
to their only son's male lover, despite Sam's reassurances that they couldn't
wait to meet me. But I knew Christmas was important to Sam, and it was
equally important to him to have me there to celebrate with him, so I agreed
right away when he asked me to come to California.

Five hours later, we touched down at LA International airport, where I
peeled my aching hands off the armrests and gladly deboarded the plane. As we
walked down the enclosed hallway to the terminal, Sam put his hand on my
back. "Josh, you shaking a little?"
"Sam, you know how nervous this is making me. I just feel like they'd be
a lot happier if you were bringing home a girl, you know?"
"Josh, listen, I've told you, my parents have known that I'm bisexual
since I was in college. They've had a lot of time to get used to the idea,
and they're perfectly okay with it. I promise, they'll like you." By now we
were entering the terminal, so I tried my best to appear composed. "Just
relax!" Sam whispered in my ear.
A sea of people mobbed near the gate, all trying to pick people out from
the crowd getting off the plane. From the back of the mob, one woman was
jumping up and down and waving wildly. "Sammy! Over here, Sammy!"
I laughed. "Sammy, huh? Isn't that cute!" Sam glared at me while his
mother pushed her way through the crowd. The woman standing before us almost
didn't look old enough to be Sam's mother. She was tall, like Sam, and her
red hair, although fading, was pulled back into a youthful pony tail. She
pulled him into a tight hug. "Sammy, I'm so glad you're home!" Sam pulled
back and took my hand, drawing me closer. "Mom, this is Josh. Josh, my mom."
My heart was in my throat, but I managed to smile. "Hi Mrs. Seaborn, it's
great to meet you." I was surprised when she pulled me into a crushing hug
like the one she had bestowed upon Sam. "Hey now, none of this 'Mrs. Seaborn'
stuff. I want you to call me mom, okay?"
I couldn't keep the grin from my face. "Okay...mom." Sam squeezed my hand
as we walked away from the gate. "See, I told you!" he whispered.

During the drive to Sam's house, I felt incredibly relieved. It was nice
not to have to worry anymore about Sam's mother not liking me. Sam and spent
the 45-minute drive filling her in on life in the White House and the
torments of our hectic schedules. But as we got closer to home, I started to
worry again. What about Sam's dad? Fathers are usually more concerned about
the masculinity and....well, straightness of their sons. What would he think
of me?

Turns out I needn't have worried about Sam's father. I got the same bear
hug from him that I had gotten from Sam's mother, and was warmly told to call
him dad.
Once introductions were over, mom took me by the hand and led me
upstairs, with Sam following close behind us. "Now," she said as she led us
down the hallway, "we only have one guest room, so you boys will have to
sleep together. I didn't think you'd mind," she added and shot me a wink.
Behind me, I heard Sam choke. "Mom!"
"What?" she asked, glancing behind at him. Do you mind?" Sam was blushing
so hard he was almost purple. "Yeah, Sammy," I said, "I don't mind if you
don't." For the second time that day, I got the icy cold stare of death. Mom
laughed. I could tell she and I would get along wonderfully.

Back downstairs, Sam and I laid down on the couch while mom and dad
started dinner in the kitchen. With Sam's arms around me, I truly relaxed for
the first time all day. "You doing okay?" he asked as he ran his fingers
through my hair.
"Mmmm, that feels good. I'm doing so great, Sam. I guess deep down I knew
your parents would like me or else they wouldn't have invited me here, but
its nice to finally be here and know that they're okay with you and me
together. And I know you told me so," I finished when he opened his mouth.
Sam just smiled and pulled me in close to him.
"We'll go to Christmas Eve mass tonight. We always go to midnight mass. I
know it sounds cheesy, but its something I look forward to every year. I
really think you'll like it."
I'd never been to a Catholic mass before....I was glad that my first one
would be the best of the whole year. "Can you tell me what to expect? I'm not
gonna feel left out or anything, am I?"
"Oh no, of course not! Anything that requires audience participation will
be written out in a little book. There's all the traditional songs and a
little skit about the birth of Jesus. You'll know what's going on."
Sam was quiet for a few minutes and I realized he'd fallen asleep. I
buried my fingers in his hair and nuzzled his neck, and turned my attention
to the huge tree that was facing the couch. It stood all the way up to the
ceiling, and was draped with silver garland and tiny multicolored lights. It
felt a little weird to see a tree inside a house. Of course I had seen
Christmas trees inside stores and in the White House, but those were always
fake. This was a real live tree standing up in Sam's living room. And there
were so many presents underneath....

I must have drifted off contemplating the tree because I opened my eyes
to mom standing over the couch. "You boys must be so tired," she said,
smiling down at Sam and I. "Do you want to get up for dinner?"
"Absolutely!" I said while Sam was still stirring awake. "All I've had to
eat today was that nasty airplane food."
Dinner with Sam's parents was great. Mom was a phenomenal cook. She had
made broiled salmon and stuffed peppers - I never ate food this good unless
it was at a restaurant. After a dessert of chocolate chip cheesecake, we all
settled down in the living room with glasses of wine while the Seaborn family
filled me in on all of their Christmas traditions. I already knew about
midnight mass, but apparently they also got up at 6 am Christmas morning to
open presents. "Yeah," Sam explained, "when I was a kid, I always wanted to
get up SO early to open presents....like every little kid, I guess. So we
always got up at 6, and we just never stopped, even as I grew up." Oh well,
that would be no problem. We got up earlier than that for work every day.

When we first entered the church that night, I was amazed at how
beautiful it looked. The lights were turned way down low, and there were what
seemed like thousands of candles burning everywhere. Poinsettias covered the
altar, and a choir was softly playing music from a balcony overlooking the
seating area.
The music captivated me from the very beginning. The songs we sang were
beautiful...I had heard them all before, but I had always associated them
with the commercialism of the season, not this wonderful spirituality that
they were meant for. I completely fell in love with the moment. And when Sam
looked at me and smiled sweetly, and I could see the candlelight shining in
his eyes, I found myself falling in love with him for the millionth time in
the year and a half we've been together. I was surprised to feel tears in my
eyes as the beauty of the service and the intensity of my love for Sam
combined to overwhelm me. But when I looked at Sam again, I saw tears in his
eyes too. All I could do was squeeze his hand....everything was communicated
in that.

We dragged ourselves off to bed as soon as we got home early that
morning, with promises to wake up at 6 to open presents. In our room, Sam and
I undressed each other, but Sam stopped me as I caressed my hands over his
chest. "Josh, my parents are right next door. They can probably hear every
word we say in here."
I moaned softly and buried my head in his neck. "I suppose I can wait
until we get home to have my way with you."
Sam smiled. "Into the bed, you."
I drew the covers up over us and laid my head on Sam's chest. He
encircled me with his arms and nuzzled my head with his cheek. "Sweet dreams,
love," he whispered in my ear.

I woke up around 2:00. I wasn't sure what woke me up. I was still cuddled
up close to Sam, and I could hear his rhythmic breathing and heartbeat, so I
knew he was still asleep. I pushed myself up so I was leaning on my side and
spent a few minutes just watching him sleep. Sam was so beautiful when he was
sleeping. His face looked so peaceful, and I could let myself stare at his
bare body for hours without getting bored. The problem was, I couldn't look
at him for very long without aching to touch him. I trailed my hand lightly
over his chest and flicked my thumbs over his nipples, which were taut even
in his sleep. He sighed and shifted a little bit. Oooh, this could be fun. I
tickled my fingers over his inner thighs, which got me some incoherent
mumbling and a little thrust of his hips. My resolve broken, I moved my hand
over to stroke his hardening cock. I was rewarded with another sigh.
As much as I wanted him, I couldn't bring myself to wake Sam. I wasn't at
all tired anymore, but I knew if I stayed up here and tried to fall back
asleep, I would end up waking him. So I pulled on my boxers and went
downstairs to read for a while.
Sam's parents had left the lights on the tree plugged in. With none of
the other lights on, they cast a reddish glow over the whole room. I don't
know how long I stood staring at the tree, but I heard someone whisper
"Josh?" I turned and saw Sam standing at the base of the stairs. "Josh, you
"Yeah, yeah, I'm fine. I just couldn't sleep and I didn't want to wake
you, so I thought I'd come down here. Did I wake you?"
"No, not at all." Sam came over and pulled me in close. "I was having
this great dream about you."
"Mmmm, yeah. You were caressing me all over and I was begging you to go
faster but you were teasing." I had to stifle a laugh. "I woke up aching with
need for you. I rolled over to put my arms around you but you weren't there.
I thought maybe something was wrong."
"Nope, just sleepless. So...aching, huh?"
"God, yes, Josh. I mean I know its only been about 24 hours since we last
made love, but I don't think we've ever gone that long without sex, have we?"
I wiggled my hand down and slipped it past the waistband of his boxers.
Ah good, still hard. I started to caress him lightly, he sighed and dropped
his head to my shoulder. "See Josh, there's that teasing thing again." He
groaned and thrust his hips forward. I pulled my hand away but left one
finger hooked into his boxers, ready to yank them down.
"So, Sam, think we can be quiet enough?"
"Well, I'm sure as hell ready to try." Right. I pulled his boxers down
and felt a shiver go down my spine at his gasp. I practically dove into his
neck, sucking hard on that place on his collarbone that drives him crazy. His
head dropped backwards and he moaned softly. Sam was pawing desperately at my
boxers, and I stepped back for a minute to let him pull them down. Once we
were both naked, I pushed him down so he was sitting on the sofa and knelt
between his legs. "Josh, wait. On the floor, next to my boxers. I brought
some lube down with me."
I nuzzled his stomach. "Ah....came down here with a plan, eh?" I set the
lube on the couch next to Sam, within easy reaching distance...I wouldn't
need it quite yet. I slid my mouth down his shaft and he gasped and sighed.
No matter how many times I did this to him, it still sent shivers through me
to hear him gasp like that. I sucked gently on him at the same time as I
ticked his hips with my fingertips. Sam's hips are incredibly sensitive, so I
like to pay as much attention to them as possible. By now, Sam was gasping
hard and moaning as loudly as he could get away with.
Without taking my mouth away from his cock, I reached for the lube,
popped the cap, and spread a little on the first two fingers of my right
hand. Slowly, so as not to hurt him, I pushed my fingers inside of him and
quickly found his prostate. When I first brushed over it, Sam gasped loudly
and wriggled his hips to push me deeper inside of him. I continued massaging
his cock with my tongue while pumping my fingers back and forth quickly over
his prostate. In just a few seconds, Sam was coming down my throat, his hands
clenching into tight fists in my hair.
When his orgasm was over, I climbed up on the couch and straddled his
lap. My whole body was tingling as I pulled him close for a kiss. Giving Sam
pleasure excites me beyond belief. I love all the things I can do to him with
just my hands and my mouth.
My own cock was rubbing up against Sam's stomach, sending a different
kind of tingling through me. I slid back down onto the couch and pulled back
from his lips. "God, Sam. I need your mouth on me." Now that I had satisfied
him, my cock throbbed and ached for his touch. As uncomfortable as it was,
this ache of anticipation was exquisite, and I relished it as much as I did
the first contact of his lips. He slowly, gently kissed the head of my cock
again and again. Ohhhh *god* he knew how that made me crazy. I forgot myself
and groaned loudly. "Shh, Josh," he whispered as he trailed his pursed lips
down my shaft. Just as I thought that I was going to lose it without ever
making it into his mouth, he parted his lips over the head and took me
Now he was getting back at me for teasing his earlier. Knowing full well
that I couldn't raise my voice much above a whisper, he used his tongue to
caress all the spots on me that normally made me scream. My head fell back
onto the back of the couch as I gasped out his name over and over. I was
vaguely aware that my hands were clawing at the cushions, seeking something
to grasp onto. I was afraid if I grabbed the back of Sam's head, I'd draw
blood. Then I lost awareness of the rest of my body as the sweet pressure in
my cock built to a mind-blowing peak. At the height of my pleasure, Sam
sucked me once, hard, sending me toppling helplessly over the edge.
Once my spasms had stopped, Sam released me from his mouth and laid his
head down on my thigh. "Josh, my love, you are divinely beautiful." Still
panting, I ran my fingers through his hair.
"Sammy, that was amazing. It felt great......I saw stars when I came."
"I know, babe, me too. But it was killing me not to be able to moan or
shout or anything, especially at the end."
I laughed softly at that. "Sammy, what do you say we get back up to bed?
I'm exhausted."

As I pulled the covers up around us for the second time that night, I
leaned over close to Sam's head. His eyes were already closed. "Love?" His
eyes fluttered open.
"As soon as we get home, baby, I'm gonna make you scream so loud they'll
hear us out on the street."
He grinned. "Promise?"
God, what that smile did to me... "Oh yeah babe, promise."

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