Title: Check to the King of Hearts
Author: Antonia Siemaszko antonia@mfi.net
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Rating: NC-17 (well it will be.)
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Check to the King of Hearts by Antonia Siemaszko

It all started with an argument. We were ALWAYS fighting, I wasn’t sure we knew any other way to speak to each other. I still have no idea how it changed, and I don’t really care any more. It doesn’t matter. It works, and it feels right, and it doesn’t matter.

It started when I accepted an invitation.

"I’m here for the card game." Six simple little words. One incredulous Secret Service Agent. The same meeting I’d been going to for I can’t count any more times. Until it ended, until even that support got cut out from under me by THE JOB. And here we were, a bunch of men who I’ve known forever, a woman I’d never met, but we were all incredibly conscious of our lives and our futures being in the hands of that Agent outside the door. The room cleared, I knew the Agent was still outside, because his protectee had not left yet. He was sitting there, staring at me.

And he said the oddest thing. "I trust Tobias Martin."

I think I blinked. I’m not sure, because I certainly had no idea what he was talking about.

"The Agent in the hallway. My detail chief. I trust him."

Oh. I must have looked terribly confused, because I wasn’t certain why he was telling me this. He smiled at my confusion. "Its still so hard isn’t it? You still think I have an agenda. Well I do, but its nothing like what you think it is. I really don’t care one way or another about Jed Bartlett, if he gets re-elected or not, I get the job next and we all know it. I don’t have to like the man, I know how to play the game. Don’t look at me like that. Like you’re scared of me. Like you’re sure that I’m planning, oh, I don’t know, your disgrace? Oh, I have plans for you but they’re not for your disgrace."

The shock must have been printed on my face because he started to laugh a little. "God, you’re terrified. I wish you wouldn’t be. You know if I scare you that much you could always get up and leave." When had he changed seats? How did he end up on the same sofa I was sitting on? And what was with him edging so close.

"You want to know what my agenda is?" He was practically in my face. "This is my agenda...this is my ONLY agenda..." He reached up with both hands, caught the lapels of my jacket and hauled me in before I could think or breathe, and then he was breathing for both of us I think. Well I wasn’t sure, because after thinking, damn this kid can kiss, and following that with this is no kid, I stopped thinking. For I don’t know how long.

When thought returned I was backed against the arm of the sofa and he was plastered against me, and my fingers were in his hair and I didn’t want him to stop, but he was stopping.

"Okay. Agenda good. Location rotten. Let’s get the hell out of here. My place is a little too..." and before I could complain, he was fishing in my pockets for my keys and didn’t THAT feel good. Sigh.

Stood up, straightened jacket, ran fingers through his thick dark hair, stuck his head out the door. "Send the OTHER driver home. We’re going out." It hit me then that he really did trust Martin. With the exception of ME, now, and possibly one or two other people whose names I never wanted to hear, he was the only one who knew the truth. The real reason why the Vice President’s hostess Lally Sue Hoynes was his sister, not his wife. DAMN. I campaigned with him for, my God, and I never knew, none of us did. Damned good thing, Jed would have killed me if I’d gotten Hoynes elected instead of him, and if I’d been...I would have.

"Penny for your thoughts?"

"I’d have...I...life would have been so different."

"Yes, you’d be dead, Jed would have killed you if you’d gotten me his prized job, you know?" He helped me up, which was a good thing, because I don’t know how steady I was. I’d been less shaky after two quarts of vodka than I was now. He knew it too. He deftly straightened my jacket and smoothed my hair. Damn did he have to stand so close?

He grabbed the door before I could react, which was good, because he was right about this place being incrediblyuncomfortable, and we’d never have left if he hadn’t made me follow him by walking out the door.

I don't think I had a coherent thought between that room and the apartment. Hah. The apartment. It's a closet, really, I think. I don't think it mattered to him though. He still had line items on that agenda of his, and he wasn't going to stop until he'd crossed them ALL off. All of them. I'm
mentally babbling, well that's what you do, when his hand's on your knee and you want to melt and you're trying NOT to melt in the back seat of a stupid car like a kid in high school with some date. I think he noticed me shaking because he smiled, inched even closer than I though he could, wrapped an arm around my shoulder and pulled me in against him, and whispered in my ear "I don't bite...well not unless asked."

I stopped "not thinking" and started choking and sputtering which gave him cause to pat me on the back and hold me some more, and it felt right. Here I was, in the back seat of a car, driven by a Secret Service agent, surrounded by a couple of OTHER cars, also driven by agents, snuggling with the Vice President of the United States. Okay. There, said it. Admitted it. WOW. He laughed. "You know, you have such a serious look on your face."

I smiled, "Yeh, well I'm thinking serious thoughts...like..." and damned if I didn't haul him in and kiss him twice as kissed as he kissed me in that stupid room. I tried not to laugh at his utter shock and it failed and we were both laughing and trying not to choke together because we
didn't want to stop kissing and we COULDN'T stop laughing if we tried. God only knows how that agent kept a straight face through the whole thing. Man should get a raise just for keeping a straight face. A big raise.

Him and the dry cleaning guy. Cause the suits we were wearing were going to be a mess by the time we got home. I’d already crushed the hell out of his lapels, hauling him in against me and keeping him there. A button went flying off mine when he pulled me toward him and didn’t notice the jacket had been closed. Screw it. Neither of us cared. That’s what the Secret Service is for, let THEM figure out how to keep this quiet, it wasn’t OUR job.

My mind left about then, as I surrendered to the taste of smoke and heat, damn him, did he have to still smoke? I was SO trying to quit, on the other hand who needed a cigarette when they could taste his? I think I was moaning, or something, because he was kissing harder and deeper now, and I don’t remember when I got that much tongue from a woman let alone anyone else. Sigh. I hoped to hell the agents in the trail car didn’t think we’d been injured when we went out of line of sight as he flattened me against the back seat. I don’t know how we managed things like this when we were kids, we were just as tall, but now it felt a little cramped. It didn’t matter though. I have no idea how long we’d been stopped while Agent Tobias Martin tried to figure out how to tell us, to, well, get up and get inside...

I gasped. He gasped. He looked up. "Leo, I think we’re home. And I think Martin is going to lose his job if we don’t get OUT of the car and go inside." I think I nodded. I was glad he had the keys, because I think I’d have dropped them in a grate or something. He straightened me out, well as much as he COULD straighten me out given the mess we’d been making of our clothes. Martin hustled us inside and upstairs before the rest of the detail could say a word. Whereupon he parked himself just inside my door, leaving the rest of the detail to secure the building. Sigh. Small apartments are a bitch.

Before he’d even figured out which of the two visible doors was the bedroom, he’d pulled my jacket off and tossed it and his on a chair. He opened the right door, well he only had two choices and the other was a closet, I had a feeling that if we’d ended up there, he’d have thought of something.


"The other door is the closet..."

"Hmm....small spaces...could be...interesting...but still...the bed is better don’t you think?" I must have gaped, because I think he realised that he’d just terrified me. The look on his face...it dawned on me that reassurance was a good thing right now.

"No...not because you’re you. Because you’re not her. Do you have ANY idea the last time I thought of going to bed with ANYONE not name Jenny?"

"Want me to change my name?"

It was a good thing I was close to the bed, because I was laughing so hard I fell down on it. That at least reassured him it wasn’t because he was a guy and that I was not getting second thoughts, well not of the kind he was worried about. I pulled off my tie before it strangled me further. "I..."



"Don’t be scared of me Leo, please don’t be scared."

"I want to see you."

He wants to see me...did I REALLY hear him say THAT? I'm dreaming, that's it, I've fallen off the wagon and I'm drunk and I'm passed out somewhere, and why I'm dreaming about HIM, I have no clue, God knows if I was going to pick a dream, it would be that luscious boy Seaborn, but still...sigh...

"I want to see you. Just because out there you're the Vice President doesn't mean you can ignore me in here you know."

"What? Ohmygod." I must have looked like I'd been poleaxed, because he was sitting there staring at me with this annoyed look on his face.

"Leo am I sober?"

"John we just came from a meeting, and I just kissed you and I sure didn't taste any booze."

"OHMYGOD." Well then, I thought, I'd better get my act in gear here. Cause if I wasn't dreaming all that, I was in for a serious treat. I don’t think I’d ever gotten shirt and tie off so fast in my life.

"John, slow down, or you’re not going to be able to put anything back on later, and you sure won’t fit a suit of mine," he was looking me up and down, I suppose trying to figure how much taller than him I was, except he kept looking at all the wrong places for that, and licking his lips like this was some kind of delicious treat. I must have really blushed because he laughed a little.

"John, you thought I was scared of YOU? I don’t bite either you know, and damnit don’t pout at me like that disappoints you."

"I’m not pouting."

"Call it whatever you want, but its giving me too many ideas to process at one time, whatever it is. Ahh...come here."

Somehow I managed to walk over to the bed without falling down, not that it mattered because he pulled me down next to him before I could think, and fingers tangled in my hair hauled me in and kissed me and kissed me and...sigh, I must have moaned because he got the funniest look on his face. "What? You want more? You know where to find everything you want. Go for it."

Its funny, I’ve been sleeping with men all my life, to the best of my knowledge he hasn’t and I’m the nervous one. The desperate one. And who put him in charge here anyway and why don’t I mind one little bit? When did he learn so much about me? The look in his eyes knew. It wasn’t his tongue I wanted to be sucking on. Damn. Well it was his turn to be pole axed, that was for sure, because, well, I don’t brag, much, but I’ve never met a girl that was as good as I am.

There’s an advantage to doing a man in his own house, you don’t have to worry what he’s going to wear next when you rip the zipper out of his trousers trying to get to him.


Yep, that got his attention. DAMN. Nobody his age has a right to be this well...ohmygod. Take a deep breath John, you’re going to need it, cause you’re about to stop breathing for awhile. I know I’m licking my lips, part in anticipation and part because they just went totally dry in absolute shock.

I don’t know why, but I managed to wriggle out of the rest of my clothes without ripping anything, something...it just felt right, being here, in his apartment, with the damned Service right outside the door, wearing nothing, while he was wearing almost everything, on my knees running my tongue up the length of him and swallowing him whole, playing lets make the next gasp better than the one before.

Must have taken me a bit, wrapping my lips around his heat, up and down, lick, suck, before I managed to get all of him. Oh, YEH, that was worth it. They heard that gasp back home in Texas. I love doing that to him. Somehow I know I’m always going to love doing that to him. Shocking him senseless. Man that size probably never had anyone manage that.


I very, very slowly licked my way up the length of him, raised my head and looked at him. "What?" I managed to say it fairly clearly without really losing contact with him.

"I knew that mouth was good for something besides arguing with the President," and before I could say a single word, those long fingers were tangled into my hair and he raised his hips a little. I coughed, then calmed down and swallowed him whole again, I may not like his boss’ politics sometimes, but I know an order when I see one, and this one...well...he gets no argument from me on.

"Oh, damn you’re good."

Not being able to respond, I figure he’d understand if I just sucked harder for awhile. My whole existence narrowed down to this one moment and for the longest time all that there was, was the taste of him, the feel of him, one hand tangled in my hair, one touching everything he could reach, I wondered which of us was going to explode first.

"So good. Oh, damn, John, where the hell have you been all this time?"

Talk about gasps they could hear in Texas. I don’t know what shocked him more, me putting on so much suction that he couldn’t think anymore, or the fact that I came like an uncapped oil well when I realised what he’d just said to me, so much for the endurance of the young. He hadn’t even touched me really.

I sucked harder and deeper and started to wonder if I was going to survive being with this man. I know that the thought of seeing him at work, or God forbid talking to him on the PHONE. That voice. Oh damn. He’s going to kill me, that I know.

Well I went to work with a vengeance and perseverence has its rewards, oh yes, it does. For a second I fought against the pressure of his hand, which probably shocked him until he realised that I was going to be damned if I was going to miss tasting him.


"Mumble" DAMNED RIGHT, I thought to myself. Greedy, that’s me. MINE. All mine. Pity the poor girl that tries to get between me and this. Damn, he’s delicious. I sucked up every last drop, licked up every last trace. Sat back on my heels and looked up at the bliss in those bright eyes. He was breathing hard. Trying not to fall back onto the bed. I licked my lips.

He reached out a finger and ran it over my lips. "Damn, you’re beautiful, do you know that?"

I smiled. Talking right now wasn’t on my agenda at all.

He pulled me up by my shoulders and sat me next to him on the bed, and kissed me so thoroughly, it was my turn to fall over.

"Right where I want you."

"Right where I want to BE."

He started pulling the rest of his clothes off.

He barely hesitated when it came to pulling off the undershirt, as if he had to think about something. Then he pulled me in so fast I didn’t even have a chance to look at him. That annoyed me, but then he started kissing me again so who was I to complain, I could look later. For some reason I was sure there was a later.


"Oh, nothing."

"Something, John."

"Yeh, I just realised I don’t have to do everything now. That there’s going to be more of this."

"What took you so long?"

"Dunno." I kissed him some more, he kisses great, and tastes better, started kissing more of him. His jaw, his shoulders, oh man, he has no right to be in that kind of shape, why’d he have to be in such good shape, I want to taste every inch of him, I want, I want...I want it all and I want it now. I didn’t really even register what I was kissing, I was too busy tasting every inch of his skin trying to find which spots tasted like what, that and which spots made him moan pretty little moans and wriggle and grab me, there were a lot of those, although they weren’t the places I’d think of. There was this spot on his side, and one in the middle of his chest, I suppose all the smooth spots made him hot. That’s when it filtered into my brain and I tried really hard not to react.

"John, its okay, well it is now. With you. Don’t..."

"Leo, I...I’m not going to sit here and talk about this unless you want me to, but I swear I’m going to make all those spots feel good again."

"John..." his voice got tight.

Damnit, I didn’t want to make him cry on me, that was NOT on the agenda today. How to distract him and quick. OH. Of course. Licked my way up to his ear, teased him with my tongue, and whispered, "Fuck my brains out, Leo, before I die."


I wasn’t keeping score, but those gasps went right through me and made me shiver, I loved making him gasp.

"John, the only time I ever tried this was with a woman, and she wasn’t precisely thrilled with the idea..."

"Yeh well her loss, my gain, enough about your women Leo, unless you’re TRYING to make me terribly jealous here."


He pulled me closer and captured my mouth and for awhile neither of us talked. I have no idea when we moved, or how we moved, but he felt so damned good spooned up against my back with his hands all over me. He stopped. "Leo, I’ve done this plenty of times, you’re NOT going to hurt me you know."

"Now who’s pushing the jealous buttons?"

I laughed. He moaned. And moved so torturously slow that if I hadn’t been thinking I’d accuse him of trying to torture me. I don’t think that’s a good word to use with him though. I wanted to thrust back and impale myself on him, on the other hand, this was soooo damned good, I wanted to die. Its really difficult when you want it both ways at the same time. I think he knew. Got himself settled, started running one hand over my hip, then gripped it in strong fingers and decided he was going to put me through the bed if he had a chance. I gave up thinking and tried to hold on for the ride of my life.

I thought I’d cum hard when I was sucking him off, what is it the kids say, "NOT?" well NOT. He kept hitting the right spots and I saw stars and I have no idea how long we were like that, because my time sense sort of gave up on me.

I must have fallen asleep, because when I opened my eyes there was daylight and he was looking at me strangely. "Do you know how hard you are to wake up."

"Yep. Three cups of coffee please."

"Well I was half ready just to sit here and watch you sleep, you’re beautiful when you sleep, but I figured since we BOTH have to go to work this morning you MIGHT want to take a shower, and well...."

"Oh." Now THAT was a nice idea, oh yeh. "Leo if I get in that shower with you, what makes you think we’ll get to work?"

"Ruin the moment why don’t you."

"Hey its NOT my fault. We work where we work and people would notice if for the first time in history Leo McGarry didn’t show up early. Me, nobody expects til 10 or so, they all know a bomb couldn’t wake ME up early."


"Oh, and Leo, next time, we PLAN this, I’m going to have to go home and change. From now on whichever house we go to, we’d BOTH better have something fresh to wear."

"Yeh. I suppose we should. Does this mean what I think it does?"

"It means now that we’ve done this, I don’t want to STOP doing it. As for the rest of that, only time is going to tell us what ELSE it means."

"Don’t get jealous but did I ever tell you how I met Jenny?"

"This had better be relevant or I’ll get upset."

"Well Jed introduced us, of course, and to make a short story shorter, I married her in about three weeks. Well 19 days to be exact. I don’t, when I know what I want, I don’t play around. Okay?"


I took the quickest shower of my life, because I didn’t want to think about the ramifications of that, and I DID have to get to work, and if I thought too hard, I’d drag him in here and for the first time in history Leo McGarry would call in sick and not be in a hospital intensive care unit. I threw the suit from last night back on and was glad that it was still Tobias inside the apartment.

"Home, sir?"


He took me home. I ate something, I have no idea what, and then got ready for work. He smiled. "Oh, he’s on the access list for the residence now."


— the End —

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