Title: Chastised
Author: Perpetual Motion
Category: Humor, Slash
Rating: PG
Fandom: West Wing
Pairing: Josh/Sam
Series: None
Summary: Sam's been chastised.
Archive Instructions: My story likes to travel, take it with you if you like.
Disclaimer: Mine? Ha! Don't I wish? (And I really do!)
Author's Notes: This is just straight dialogue, brought on by straight boredom in math class. It's for Jae, who told me I was to be publicly chastised for my Josh/Donna fic. Without her, I wouldn't have had the proper word. Thanks, Jae!

Chastised by Perpetual Motion

"What kind of world do we live in where people can be chastised for their faith?"

"I think they call it reality."

"I'm going to rename it."

"Oh, really?"


"To what?"

"Suckality. We live in suckality."

"Aw, Sam-"

"Don’t' degrade me."

"I wasn't-"

"Yes, you were. You were starting to-"

"Sam, you're freaking out."

"I was chastised by the press."


"Degraded by you."

"Hey, I did not-"

"Don't deny it. You awwed me."

"It was sympathetic!"

"People aww babies, and dogs, and I am neither."

"I know this."

"But you awwed me."

"It was a generic sympathetic noise, Sam."

"Generic? So I'm not important enough for a specific noise?"

"Sam? You're losing it."

"You're saying you gave me generic. I must not be important enough for specific noises."

"Sam, you give yourself ulcers, you know that? Believe me, you get specific noises from me."


"When I scream usually."


"Don't blush. You wanted a specific noise. I also pant and moan and say your name like no one else does."


"And you give me specific noises."

"Josh, I was chastised for my faith in a politician."

"As you should be. Never have faith in a politician."

"What about the President?"

"He's not running for office at the moment, so he doesn't count."

"I was chastised."

"Didn't we just discuss this?"

"And they you made a generic sympathetic noise."

"I thought we already discussed this, too."

"I want a specific sympathetic noise."

"You want what?"

"A specific sympathetic noise."


"I think I deserve one. I was chastised-"

"We're back to this?"

"Publicly, Josh. I was publicly chastised."

"So you want a sympathetic noise?"

'I want a specific sympathetic noise."

"Would you settle for a specific sympathetic action?"

"An action?"


"What kind of action?"

"Come here, I'll show you."



"That's a nice action."

"Is it specific enough?"

"It'll work."

"Do you feel chastised?"

"No. I feel better."

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