Title: Burn
Author: mina1
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Category: Toby /Sam
Rating: PG-13
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Burn by Mina

Soft caress and hot breath
The pleasure of the burn as the firestorm brushes against me
The firestorm that is him so quiet so soft
He keeps his distance from everyone
IM not sure if it's because he's afraid of being hurt
or of hurting someone
He knows what he is, brilliant and powerful
He knows woman flock to that even to him
Until he brush's them away
Not me, me he pulls closer pull's me down in to our bed
Mine once now ours always
He pulls me against him
Suddenly all those questions
All the raised eyebrows don't to matter
The fire burns in him
A passion that is him all of him

Soft caress's.

I lose my self in this let my self be consumed whole by that fire
Allow his passion to sear against mine
I drift of into a blaze of colour heat and pleasure
He makes love to me with everything that is him
His mind, his body, his passion.
It starts hours before he even kiss's me
It starts with the first word of hello
The passionate debate in his office.
His scorching gaze as we drink coffee
The lightest of the touches as he places my coat on in my hand
It burns
Pulling me down on to our bed and IM falling free falling in to him
Dizzy and out of control
He's in control he always is
But that's OK because I allow him that
I let him
The fire storm rages
Destroying the bed he'll make around me before he leaves early in the
No longer concerned that I rarely wake before he's gone
He never asks that of me never wants me to change
I turn seeing our hands entwined mine so small in his
How can it be he's shorter than me how can my hand shrink so much in
his grip
There's still a pale strip where his wedding ring sat until so
His hands show his age more than his face 45 years in his hands.
forty years of writing forty years of words

Beautiful perfect words
He uses them on me
He caress's me with words as the fire takes over
I see him at work so powerful so much brilliance.
For a moment I wonder why it's my interest in him that's questioned
I wonder why he even notices me
Im little more than a child, no more than a writer
For all my surposed brilliance IM totally eclipsed by him
IM not even sure where I am, but it doesn't mater he's here so here
is home
I pull him to me closer wishing that I could be part of him
This is more then love this is more then lust
This is fire .
It burns me but when you let it
It will heal you too


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