Title: Bullet With Butterfly Wings
Author: Nick
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Dedication: For everyone who sends feedback and feeds my need to write... for Jamie, who makes sure my writings don't ramble.
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Series: *sigh* I have no choice but to continue... this is the next part after "Three A.M. (I Must Be Lonely)".
Pairing: Sam and Josh
Rating: R-ish. I hate trying to make ratings.
Notes: I don't think there are any spoilers here, unless you don't want to think about Sam breaking up with Mallory. If there are any spoilers, I missed them, sorry. This is done in Sam's point of view; he was begging to speak, so I let him.


Bullet With Butterfly Wings by Nick

I didn't want to wake him, but I had no other choice. I still had my body curled around his; in actuality, I'd never gone to sleep. Josh was too adorable to watch as he slept. He didn't snore or drool; every once in awhile I'd hear him mumble something, but nothing deep or meaningful. //Okay, Seaborn,// I told myself sternly. //Wake him up.//


I got a mumble in response. I leaned forward and licked his ear. "Josh."

"Five more minutes." "Sorry, baby. You've got to get up now."

He sat up so fast he scared me. "Don't call me baby."

I blinked, "I'm sorry, I didn't know."

He sighed. "No, of course you didn't. I'm sorry Sam, you didn't deserve that."

I paused, feeling like I had just stepped into a part of Josh's past that he wasn't in the mood to revisit. "Maybe someday, when you're comfortable with it, you'll tell me."

His gaze dropped to the floor shyly, and I knew I'd said the right thing. Then, giving me a soft kiss, he said, "Thanks, Sam. You're so good to me."

I cupped his chin in my hand. "Josh, I love you. I'll never hurt you on purpose, you know that, right?"

"I do," he replied. Then he looked at the clock, blinked, and looked again. "Sam, it's five in the morning.

"Yeah, I know."

"My clock is set for five-thirty."

"Yeah, I know. But if you don't get up, dress, and get ready for work, we'll never have time to stop at my place so I can get clean clothes on."

"Hmm. Good point. Well, there's only one way to fix that."


"You'll have to bring a few suits over to keep in my closet so you'll always have something to wear."

I couldn't stop the warm feeling from growing in my chest. "You'll have to bring some clothes to my place, too."

"Absolutely," he replied. "I'll try and send someone to make an extra copy of my keys today. That way, if I have to work late, and you don't, I can come home and find you naked in my living room."

I chuckled and kissed him. Then kissed him again. Fifteen minutes later, we made it out of bed.


I was, in fact, still smiling like an asshole when I walked into the office. "Morning, Kathy."

"Sam, wait!" She called after me.

"Sure, let me put my briefcase down," I said.


I looked at her. "In a minute, Kathy." I pushed open the door to my office only to find Mallory standing in the middle of the room. "I tried to warn you," I heard Kathy say in the hall, and I closed the door behind me.

"You're here early," I said, awkwardly.

"Where were you last night, Sam?" She asked bluntly.


"I called your apartment a dozen times and when you didn't answer, I stopped by. You weren't there, Sam."

"No, I wasn't," I admitted. "I went and stayed the night with a friend. I really needed some space, Mal."

"Sam, we're really good together, don't you think?" She asked.

"No, Mallory. We're really good in a 'non-date no-sex Chinese-opera' way. We're really good as friends. But there aren't any sparks. Not for me, anyway. And I won't date you just to date you. I wouldn't hurt you that way. I like you too much."

Her face fell. "Oh. Damn it, Sam, why do you have to be such a nice guy?"

"Huh?" It was all my brain could come up with.

She smiled. "If you were an ass, I could hate you, and this would be easier."

I couldn't help but smile. "Oh. Well, I could always lie and tell you I slept with someone else last night."

She started to laugh. "Thanks, Sam. I feel better now."

If she only knew it was the truth... "Can we still be friends?" She continued.

"How could you even think I wouldn't want to be your friend?" I asked.

She came to me, and we hugged. Then she walked out the door, and out of my social life forever. As soon as she was gone, I collapsed in my chair. "Jesus Christ."

"Nope, sorry, you have me mistaken for someone else." A familiar voice teased.

I looked into the doorway to see Josh grinning at me. "I saw her leave."

"I ended it as nicely as possible," I said.

He nodded and closed the door behind him as he came fully into the office. "I could tell by her face. You sent her a bullet with a butterfly's wings. And so another victim turns up from Sam Seaborn, ladies' man."

I glared at him. "I am not the ladies' man."

He snorted in amusement and sat in the chair next to me, threading his fingers through mine. "Sure Sam, whatever you say."

"Hmm, that's kind of funny. I distinctly remember me telling you that I was your man, and no one else's."

He flushed, and it sent warm tingles through me. "Sam," he said, smiling. "You're being mushy."

I ran my thumb over his fingers and he started to moan softly. "I can be mushy if I want to."

"God, you can do anything you want to."

"Did you come here for snuggles, Joshua?" I teased, watching him squirm.

"Actually, I came for the Butterfield-Randolph survey. But I'll take the snuggles while I'm here."

I tapped on his fingers lightly. "Behave yourself. Or I might have to turn you over my knee, young man."

His face changed and I started to panic. "What?"

"Are you into that?" he asked. "Dominance and submission?"

I paused for a moment. "I've tried it a couple times, being tied up, and tying someone else up. It's nothing I need, if that's... damn it, Josh, I didn't mean to upset you. I'm sorry. It seems I'm saying that a lot today."

"No, no," he responded. "Don't be sorry. I just wanted to know because I kinda... well... I kinda like that sort of thing."

"Huh?" Twice in one morning, that word!

I was completely thrown off guard as he slid out of his chair and to the floor. "Josh!" I hissed.

"The door's locked. Spread 'em."

It was cheap and dirty and wrong. I spread my legs. He grinned and put his hands above his head in a way reminiscent of a police search. Then, he leaned forward and pulled down my zipper with his teeth. " Oh my God," I moaned softly.

I don't even want to imagine how he undid the button fly on my boxer shorts, but suddenly his mouth was there where I needed it and I was on the verge of orgasm. "Josh, I'm gonna... I'm gonna..."

He ignored me; I think I could've been yelling 'fire' and he would've ignored me. I took that as a sign of acceptance and I let myself go.

He was still kneeling in front of me with his hands locked behind his head when my out-of-body experience ended. "Jesus, Josh," was the only thing I could think to say.

"Did you like that?"

"Probably more than I should admit to," I replied, faintly. I pulled him into my lap and he locked his arms around my neck. I kissed him softly, and then slid my tongue into his mouth. He tasted like my come and I started to laugh.

"What?" he asked, annoyed.

"No, I'm not laughing at you," I tried to soothe his easily injured ego. "Well, sort of. I was just thinking that you and I were both going to need mints or chewing gum or toothpaste, and soon."

He snorted, and I knew I was forgiven. He then rose and said, "You'd better straighten up."

So I got up and readjusted myself, then handed him the massive Butterfield-Randolph survey. "Josh? Want to come to my place for dinner tonight?"

"Yeah," he grinned. "What time?"

"Eight. I'll cook us something nice."

"Does that mean I should probably eat before I arrive?"

I glared at him. "I'll have you know I'm a good cook."

"Uh-huh. So, tonight?"

I pulled him close and kissed him once more. "Tonight."

He left and I smiled at the walls around me. Then I picked up the phone and called Kathy. "Kathy, do you know any really easy dinner recipes you'd like to share with me?