Title: Bongiorno
Author: TWW2003
ATTENTION: Due to the sexual nature of the text, do not continue to read this story if you are under the legal age of your state or country and/or you find such language and expression offensive. This is a story. It's a product of my twisted imagination; It also involves sexual acts between two males ,If you got a problem with any of this don't read this story. If writing about any type of sex between males is illegal in your corner of the rock, or if you're underage, don't read this story. If you're a minor, don't read .
The Night is still young. Sequel

Bongiorno by TWW2003

Josh woke up exhausted. The night he had spent with Sam was the most incredible night of sex he had ever had. Sam had fallen asleep next to him on bed and had been there all night long. Josh could not have felt more comfortable despite the cramped conditions. Their arms and legs were tangled together, and their nude bodies pressed against each other, as though they could sleep this way all their lives.

Sam's face was mere inches from his own, his features displaying the glow of a peaceful night's sleep. Josh imagined his lips on his lover as he inhaled his scent. The room still reeked of the sex from the night before. It smelled wonderful to Josh and a renewed sense of energy filled him. A person who loved him was in front of him. A person whom Josh loved more than anyone. Josh stroked Sam's bare arm lightly so as to not awaken him. Sam murmured slightly in his sleep as he felt his lover's touch.

Josh smiled. He was ready to live the rest of his life with the person tangled up with him. They had made that promise to one another. The irony of the situation provoked a smile from Josh. Here he was, Josh L, a person who had traveled to dozens of cities and had met thousands of other people all over the world. And the person who told him would share the rest of his life with him was from his own back yard.

For Josh , it was love at first sight. Sam was the first male person that Josh had ever fell asleep with after sex. With the few other lovers he had in his life, after the sex was over, they had always parted. Josh could not believe how wonderful it was to fall asleep in Sam's arms as he snuggled a bit closer.

But there were still things to do today, and looking at the clock next to the bed, Josh could see that they were already running late. Moving toward Sam, Josh planted a kiss on his lover's mouth.

"Good morning, Sam," said Josh softly.

Sam awoke with a smile on his face.

"Morning," mumbled Sam, snuggling closer to Josh.

"We have to get up," said Josh applying kisses to his cheek.

"Um hmm," responded Sam quietly as he seemed to drift back to sleep.

Josh made a mental note that Sam was definitely not a morning person as he reluctantly disentangled himself from his comforting embrace.

Reaching the bathroom they shared in the hotel room, Josh found that Sam was a bit more alert than he thought as his lover grabbed him around the waist.

Josh was trying to pee into the toilet when Sam decided to embrace him. Kissing his neck, and looking over his lover's shoulder, Sam quietly wrapped one arm around his lover's chest and he gently began teasing his nipple.

Soon, Josh felt Sam's other hand move into his ass crack that he had pleasured so richly the evening before. Josh inhaled deeply at the stimulation he was feeling. Turning his head, Josh brushed his lips against Sam's cheek and felt the bristles.

"You need a shave," murmured Josh, turning his attentions to Sam's ear lobe.

Sam brought his own lips up to his lover's face.

"You too," responded Sam.

Josh giggled as Sam lapped all over his face. After Sam allowed Josh to fondle and caress him during his own toilet, they hopped in the shower stall for further intimacies.

"What do you think if Toby could know about us?" asked Sam as adjusted the shower temperature.

"I think Toby would like just to see both of us naked," responded Josh laughing.

Reaching over to the dispenser, Sam soaped up Josh's body.

"Hmmm," said Sam as his hand gave Josh a playful slap on the butt.

"I can't say I blame him."

Sam blushed a bit at this as he grabbed at Josh's ass.

After a bit of horseplay, the two were again locked in an embrace, the soap rinsing off of them as their bodies pressed ever tighter.

"How much time do we have?" asked Sam.

Josh's eyes flashed over to the clock.

"About 20 minutes, a half-hour if we push it."

"Plenty of time," responded Sam, as he started going down on Josh.

As Sam's mouth swallowed his cock, Josh moaned with pleasure. Pistoning up and down on his tool, Sam took time out gently massage his lover's balls with one hand while he moved the other hand between Josh's ass cheeks.Josh parted his legs to allow Sam better access. Soon, Josh was rewarded with Sam's finger up his ass.

The rhythm of Sam's cock sucking matched the finger fucking of Josh's ass. Josh grunted as the pulsing beats brought closer him to the edge. Sensing his lover's emerging orgasm, Sam relented for a bit and allowed his mouth to drift back to Josh's. After sharing kisses, Josh returned the favor by going down on his lover's body. Trailing his tongue down Sam's muscular torso, Josh was filled with joy at the thought that he would be able to again explore his lover's body. Josh wanted to be intimately familiar with every inch of Sam and to touch him in every way possible. Over and over again.

As he reached Sam's package, Josh inhaled his eight inch cock and soon found his nose buried in pubic hair. The water rushed over Sam's body as he began to piston slowly into Johs's mouth. Sam's throbbing cock head banged repeatedly against the back of Josh's throat as the passion of his thrusts increased in tempo. Just as he was ready to explode, Sam removed his tool from Josh s mouth with a loud gasp. Too soon to cum. Josh arose and took Sam back into his arms.

"Do you know what I want?" asked Sam, meeting Josh's lips with his own. Sam's blue eyes seemed on fire as he looked intently at Josh.

"What's that?" asked Josh, licking Sam's lips.

"I want you to go up my ass," said Sam as he pressed his lips fully onto Josh's mouth.

For a long time they stood there, their tongues dancing inside each other, until Sam released and turned around.Inserting his cock head into Sam's waiting hole, Josh exerted a significant amount of pressure to implant his tool into the very tight asshole. Josh moved further up his lover's ass and he found his cock being significantly pleasured by the sensation. As Josh felt the smack of his balls on Sam's ass cheeks, he knew he was fully inserted.

Sam groaned and grabbed Josh's head from behind. As he did so, Josh reached over and inserted his tongue in Sam's waiting mouth. Josh began pistoning his cock into Sam's hole as he tongue-fucked with his mouth. The pace gradually increased in tempo until Joshwas ready to erupt into Sam. Just as he was ready to spill, Josh withdrew. Still too soon. Josh pulled Sam around and they began to kiss passionately, both rubbing each other's torsos against the other. Simultaneously, and in the heat of their passion, both erupted on each other. The water from the shower mixed with each other's hot spunk as they continued to kiss. That was beyond everything, thought Josh, as he worked on his lover's mouth with his own. The pulses of orgasm caused both to groan while they embraced. As the kisses subsided, Josh looked into Sam´s blue eyes.

"I love you, Sam," said Josh, his eyes flashing.

"I love you, Josh," responded Sam, taking his lover's package into his hands and fondling it.

Josh's eyes glanced at the clock. Not much time left.

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