Title: Bongiorno II The Secret Taste
Author: TWW2003
ATTENTION: Due to the sexual nature of the text, do not continue to read this story if you are under the legal age of your state or country and/or you find such language and expression offensive. This is a story. It's a product of my twisted imagination; It also involves sexual acts between two males ,If you got a problem with any of this don't read this story. If writing about any type of sex between males is illegal in your corner of the rock, or if you're underage, don't read this story. If you're a minor, don't read .

Bongiorno II The Secret Taste by TWW2003

As they entered the room, Josh spun onto the bed with a smile and a sigh from exhaustion. Sam soon followed and plopped down next to him. As Sam rolled over to look at Josh, he smiled at him silently. His eyes told Josh all he needed to know. He pressed his lips on Sam's forehead and held fast for a minute. After this, they simply looked at each other, knowing they were looking at the most important person in each other's lives.

"You're an idiot," said Josh

"Who, me?" responded Sam, raising his eyebrows.

"Yes, you, don't you think those people at the Via Fettuccini saw you stick your foot in my crotch?"

"Absolutely not," protested Sam, still professing some astonishment. "I was very discreet and I moved so quickly no one could see me."

"And your foot was cold!" yelled Josh

"Well," responded Sam, "If you had left it there a little longer, it would have warmed up."

With this, they embraced and rolled off the side of the bed. The tumble only caused an increase in their laughter. As it finally subsided, both reached up and plopped their bodies back on the bed.

"Speaking of Via Fettuccini," said Josh, rising to head into the bathroom, "I have to brush my teeth to get rid of the taste of that secret sauce."

"No," said Sam, "Via Fettuccini just has bernichelli , IL Trovatore has the secret sauce."

"Okay, bernichelli then," said Josh. "Where's the toothbrush?" he asked as he reached the bathroom .

"Third drawer down, in the container," responded Sam.

"Got it," responded Josh.

Shortly, Josh emerged from the bathroom with a froth of toothpaste circling his mouth and was working on his molars.

"In the bathroom, in the bathroom," scolded Sam, rising up to guide him back.

"Yer such a neat freak," mumbled Josh as he returned to the sink. As they entered the room, Sam leapt a top the sink, reminding Josh of how they spent a good part of the morning intertwined up there. Sam smiled invitingly at Josh.

"Oh, no," mumbled Josh, "not before I spit in the sink." With this, Josh lifted his companion off the sink and deposited him playfully on the floor. Taking a bit of water into his mouth, Josh wirled and spit. After wiping off his face, Josh turned to Sam with a smile.

"Your turn," said Josh as he inserted their toothbrush into Sam's mouth.

With this, Josh headed off to the bedroom, leaving Sam with a mouth full of toothbrush.

"I'm going to be lying in bed," said Josh as Sam heard him plop down.

"I want some `minty fresh' mouth on mine and quick."

"Coming," mumbled Sam as he quickened his brushing.

Outside the bathroom, Sam could hear Josh bouncing back and forth

"No secret sauce breath!" yelled Josh.

"Bernichelli !" yelled Sam in return

As Sam entered the bedroom, he saw what he was looking for. There was Josh , the love of his life, lying on the bed waiting just for him. Sam walked over to the bed, their eyes on each other constantly.

"`Scuse, signore' , said Sam. "I got an order for a minty fresh breath I'm supposed to be delivering around here. Do you know who ordered it?"

"Um," said Josh, a look of puzzlement on his face, "I think that it was ... me!"

With this, Josh sat up and pulled his lover's mouth into his own. The feeling was electric in the room as their lips melted into each other. Josh was in ecstasy as he felt Sam's hot breath enter his lungs.

"Tastes great," whispered Josh , licking Sam's lips lightly.

"I thought you'd like that," whispered Sam.

" But your Italian is terrible"

"Well I speak very well Spanish not Italian"

" We will see that on Spain then"

" Verás más que eso en España "

His blue eyes looked directly into Josh 's deep brown ones. They could look at each other like this all day long, and into the night. Here in front of Sam was the person he was intended to be with forever, through all the ups and downs he´ll to face. Here was the person who would be forever by his side.

"Y' know," said Josh aloud, "I can't believe how much all has changed"

Sam placed his hand on Josh 's chest and began to stroke.

"Everything," said Josh speaking to both his companion as well as to himself. "My entire life is different now."

Sam brought his hand to Josh 's face and smiled.

"I'm just glad that I've got you with me now."

"That's the one part of all this that has sunk in," said Josh smiling at his lover. "I am so damn happy I found you."

"And I'm so happy I found you too," responded Sam, stroking Josh 's face lightly.

Josh moved closer and kissed Sam lightly on the lips. Smiles lit up both their faces.

"I love you so much, Sam," said Josh.

"And I love you more than anything," said Sam as he applied his lips to Josh 's.

For a while the two lovers seemed content to kiss lightly , enjoying the presence of each other.

"Sam?" said Josh , pausing briefly. "I have a question."

"Um-hum," said Sam, trying to keep his attentions focused on Josh 's lips.

"It's kind of stupid," said Josh.

Sam opened his eyes, curious about the kind of question Josh would consider "stupid."

"Shoot," said Sam, "I'm listening."

"Are you sure Via Fettuccini has bernichelli and not secret sauce? " said Josh as he burst out laughing.

With this, Sam lifted up a pillow and began to whack Josh with it playfully.

"Be serious," said Josh , kissing Sam on the forehead.

"I'm always serious," said Sam, biting playfully on Josh 's nose.

"Anyway, what I know is when we first met, I wanted to be with you," continued Sam "Did you feel the same way?"

"Yes," responded Josh. "I knew it when I first saw you and I don't think I can explain it to you. I knew from the start you were going to be my lover." Josh kissed Sam lightly on the lips. He loved him so much.

"Watch this," said Sam arising from the bed.

"What now?" responded Josh , curious to see what Sam would do next.

"Would you like to see me naked?" asked Sam, wrapping his arms seductively around his torso and grabbing onto his shirt.

"Always," responded Josh , laughing.

Sam removed his shirt, showing off his chest.

"Hang on a second," continued Josh , opening his arms, "not all of you yet."

With this, Sam put his shirt on the floor and sat down next to Josh . Josh took the opportunity to examine his lover's chest, running his hands across his well-muscled torso. Unlike Josh , Sam had quite a bit of chest hair. And Josh enjoyed more than anything running his fingers through it. Sam held his chest out proudly as he allowed his lover's caresses.

"My whole body," whispered Sam, as he looked into Josh 's eyes, "belongs to you."

"And my body," whispered Josh , "is yours."

Sam bent down and their lips met once again. Breathless and intense , their kisses drove into each other's souls. This was hot, hotter than either they had ever experienced. This was love as pure as it came. Rising up for air, they looked into each other's eyes again. Touching the folds of his lover's shirt, Sam helped Josh remove his top. Now it was Sam's turn to touch his lover's chest. Completely smooth, Sam delighted in the feel of his lover's warm skin beneath his hand. He looked at the form of his lover. He wanted to be intimately familiar with every contour and feature on Josh 's body, to memorize every part so that the memory would be burned into his soul. This was true love by any definition. Sam would do anything, go anywhere and sacrifice everything for the touch of the person in front of him.

Josh arose from the bed and brought Sam with him. Together they embraced, their nude chests and arms intertwined, their bodies melting as one. Josh and Sam's mouths met and they again shared their breaths. Both knew it was time to bring this to the next level. Josh made the first move as he reached down to Sam's pants and undid the clasp. Slowly, Josh pulled down Sam's pants while his tongue still danced in his lover's mouth. Breaking away, Josh began to move downward on his lover's body, his tongue tracing a line of saliva down Sam's torso.

Sam's breath became shallower in anticipation of the pleasuring his lover would soon provide. As Josh reached his destination, he slowly teased Sam's cock head , absorbing the crown into his mouth and allowing his tongue to play with the opening. Sam moaned softly as Josh excited his manhood beyond words. With a slow and steady motion, Josh brought the rest of his lover into his mouth as Sam ran his fingers through his companion's soft brown hair.

The taste of his lover's hard and sensuous cock was leaving Josh breathless as the shaft went further down his throat. As he reached the base, Sam paused to breathe in his lover's scent. The scent of a man. Of his man. Of the one person in the world he wanted to please more than any other. And pleasure was provided as Sam vocalized his delight. Josh began to piston on his lover and he was soon rewarded for his efforts as the hot juice of the man he loved erupted into him. The taste and smell of the bounty was overwhelming. More than feeding his body, Josh felt as though his soul was being nourished by the meal Sam provided. After allowing his lover's spunk to flow down his throat, Josh arose to face Sam again. Their passions met as Sam's mouth covered Josh and they shared his seed.

Slowly, Sam moved to undo his lover's pants and, after pausing first to enjoy the erect brown nipples he coveted, he soon found his mouth on Josh s tool. He serviced dutifully and was soon rewarded with the outpouring from the orgasm that ripped through Josh s body.

. Rising again, Sam guided Josh down on the bed, both still breathing heavily from the orgasms that had ripped through them. They lay together side by side, their nude bodies tangled together. They were one as they lay there, a single entity formed from two separate beings. An entity that was greater than the sum of its parts. Their breathing soon became more relaxed as the experience became more distant. Their kisses were now sweeter and more delicate, pink tongues lapping at reddened lips. Their tools may have been less engorged, but their fervor -- their love for one another -- was as intense as ever.

"Josh ," said Sam softly as he held his lover close to him.

"Um hmm," responded Josh trying to touch ever part of his lover as they lay together.

Sam's face lit up with a smile.

"You know you taste like secret sauce," said Sam with a laugh.

"Well, you taste like bernichelli," responded Josh joining in the laughter.

Again, their lips met as they held each other close. Snuggling ever closer, Sam and Josh drifted slowly to sleep. Once again, both were where they wanted to be, in each other's arms. As good as the morning had been, the afternoon had been even better.


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